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we are spreading out.

Hello Friday and Saturday! You’ve been great!:)

Friday: 01.14.2010

Met up with the craziest girlfriends ever, Zion and Jho! 🙂  Went to Hidalgo for some camera lovin’. I think Jho’s frustration of having a DSLR just skyrocketed when we got there :)) Don’t worry Gelay, you’ll have yours soon! Just be a good kiddo to Mama Gins and you’ll be having that Canon D500 (OMG not sure with the model) in no time 🙂 We then went to Quiapo Church, I am used to going there every Friday or every time there’s an opportunity for me to visit. My Dad would usually bring us there on a Friday and eat afterwards, so I kind of adapted it from him.We had to wait for my driver in this cellphone shop for almost 15 minutes.Boo. He was parked somewhere far.I had a hard time contacting my driver due to some network difficulties,so we had to walk and huddle with a bunch of people.. not that I’m complaining. Lastly, we went to Trinoma to meet up with Zion’s lover. Heehee! 🙂 All in all, it was such a fun-filled day with TF3 <3

Saturday: 01.15.2010

PPG: My day started with ze lovely people in my life. I arrived later than our call time coz..first,I slept reaaaally really late.second,I had to wait for my driver to pick me up and third,I hate arriving first..just like Choi. HAHAHA :)) Anyway, we conducted an interview in a restaurant in Binondo,Manila for our Human Resource Management class. It went pretty well 🙂 Afterwards,we went to Greenhills to accompany Choi. And as expected, I couldn’t resist not buying anything. :)) Heehee. If only I have enough time to shop,I would. I had a great time talking to Leigh, I actually miss our heart to hearts. <3 I had to leave early to pick up Jho and Bian. I dropped by to National Bookstore to buy a book and get my BIR-ID laminated. I remember being there for only 10 minutes, but upon reaching the exit door, it’s already raining hard. Lucky for me, I have a driver who acts like a bodyguard and yaya combined! Heehee! He was already waiting for me with an umbrella, but to our dismay the rain was so hard that a huge umbrella can’t even save me from getting wet. Boohoo.

Bian, doing my nails 🙂 I love it when my girlfriends pamper me. I have the best girlfriends ever! <3

Our only complete picture 😐 🙂

Dropped by at Fullybooked,High Street first to check some books and cutie notebooks! Will definitely go back next week with the girls 🙂 We just couldn’t resist books, well at least for some of us. Hahaha 😀

Thank God,there were only a few people around. :))

@ 7th HIGH 🙂

We made it happen Gelay!! <3 So glad we did!! 🙂

HAHAHAH! We were imitating this guy, I think he’s an Arab or something (if you know me so well, you would probably know what I felt when I saw this guy. I feel so EVIL LOL ). Anyway, we were mocking him the whole night because of 2 things.First,he is “he”.Second,his dance moves. He attempted to dance with us, but instead, we made this silly dance moves to make him leave :)) As in I was surprised he did not get mad or something coz what we did was really offending. :))

“there’s no other way but to move forward” – Choi 🙂

Streetlights baybeeeeh! <3

Went to Mister Kebab to grab some yoghurt shake and special chelo kebab!! <3

I just love eating there! Mega GVs!! 🙂

My girls slept over at home. Heart to hearts <3

Woke up…ALONE! hahaha. They all went home na when I woke up 🙂 Today, is such a relaxing day. Was supposed to go out with ze family today but I decided to just stay at Laguna Beach (again..just because), listen to some music,Tumblr and wallow in (insert that something that can’t be mentioned just yet).

Anyway, all in all it was a great weekend <3

I know of someone who had a better one. Hahaha (I hate myself for mentioning this,but I realized someday this will come out handy)

..and just in case you’re wondering where Zion is? Well, the bitch ditched us! Thanks a lot. So I’m kind of giving him a hard time right now. Go,eff yourself DITCHER.

Hope you had a great weekend too, loves! <3



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