A 3 course meal for 60PHP

..sounds dubious I know,but CCA made it possible for all of us.

We had lunch in Andale today, a Latin-American-Pinoy Breakfast and Lunch Operation regulated by aspiring professional Chefs of CCA. Upon entering Andale’s 20 seater abode, you could already feel the festive vibes from the colorful interiors,jocund background music and eye-catching uniform of the servers.

Courteous servers of Andale

Andale’s menu changes everyday. Again, for 60PHP..with a menu like that,it is enough to feed your appetite and curiosity.

Cheese N Salsa Nachos for Appetizer.

Their amiable server was kind enough to give me some additional cheese.

It was a battle between Breakfast Burrito and Menudo Tacos. I opted for Breakfast Burrito since their Sisig Tostada yesterday was piquant! We really ate our heart out on that one.

This gratifying burrito is filled with ham,eggs,black legumes and RICE! Yes, RICE. With he portion size,I think this one’s good for sharing.

It is accompanied with salsa and roasted jalapeños.

Fresh Melon Shake for 20PHP

Churros con Chocolate for dessert. A light dessert with a heavenly taste. If I only I could request for a round 2… :))

Anyway, all in all it was a fun lunch time with my favorite people. Andale is really worth visiting! For 60PHP, you might even come out rolling! And where else could you find a 60PHP 3 course meal prepared by skilled Chef aspirants in the Metro?

Check: http://foodblvd.blogspot.com for more reviews about Andale 🙂

Andale is located in CCA,Katipunan. 🙂

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