Subic Weekend Trip

One thing I like about this year’s summer vacation is getting to spend a lot of time with the people I love. I welcomed my summer vacation with the best girlfriends ever,MZATC 🙂

1st agenda (03.29.2011): Ruth’s Graduation Dinner

Most of us graduated/will graduate this year. I am so proud of my girlfriends and I. This night made me feel a little older than the usual. It was a night full of laughter..and food. We’ve missed each other so much,like we haven’t seen each other in weeks due to our busy schedules! So glad we were able to welcome our summer vacations together! 🙂

I spent the day with my best friend Maricor! She graduated the day before and I deliberately missed out on her graduation dinner due to my busy schedule 🙁 Aaah 🙁 I am fortunate though to have a bestfriend who gladly saved some food for me.I went to her abode the next day to make up for my absence. Tita Mary, Mari’s Mom spoils me every time I’m there. Funny thing is, I don’t knock anymore when I go to he rhouse, I just go straight to her room and wake her up (every time) then next thing I know, Tita Mary is already cooking something! I am such a lucky lass. We had steak, eggs, carbonara, sausage,asado and potato salad for lunch! Talk about, PIG out. I resorted to green tea after that heavy lunch! Tita Mary asked me to drink this authentic Japanese green tea,which I fell in love instantly! Gaaahd.Hopefully, I could find one soon, which I think is quite impossible as of the moment.

The day was filled with Tita Mary “lecturing” us about LOVE again while Maricor is playing with my iPhone, and I watching My Princess (..just because I’m so hooked.Shocks!!! I miss watching it.Part 2 please) Anyway, we then went home and made some sushi! :)) Maricor,is such a good “student” :))

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Old Hollywood Themed Party

This is the main reason why I haven’t updated this blog for more than a month. It was a great privilege to be appointed to head this event.I learned and experienced things that definitely molded me as a person. This definitely made my last term in CCA unforgettable.

I am fond of organizing get together’s or small parties. My girls and I (MZATC) would usually plan one every time our schedule permits us. Organizing an event is not easy, it will never be – especially when time constrained. So just imagine how stressed I was for the past month.


The first week was tough since I really don’t know where to start. We had to present to our instructors twice cause the first one is not appealing at all. I am fortunate that I have 37 people beside me, no wonder this event became a success.

The theme was “Old Hollywood”. It really exercised our creativity and skills. This theme enabled us to step out of our comfort zone and believe in ourselves. I am glad that our instructors pushed us to our limits and trusted our capabilities. It was super hard to find a venue, I remember looking for one for a week. So it was overcoming to be able to rent a venue that is favorable to our theme.

During the second week of planning, our biggest dilemma was how to minimize our expenses. It was really draining.

Last week – organizing&props making. See for yourself.

Stage mother mode! ha ha ha 🙂

It was really fun to be an organizer/hairdresser/make-up artist/stylist

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