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One thing I like about this year’s summer vacation is getting to spend a lot of time with the people I love. I welcomed my summer vacation with the best girl friends ever,MZATC 🙂 1st piging(03.29.2011): Ruth’s Graduation Dinner

Most of us graduated/will graduate this year. I am so proud of my girlfriends and I. This night made me feel a little older than the usual. It was a night full of laughter..and food. We’ve missed each other so much,like we haven’t seen each other in weeks due to our busy schedules! So glad we were able to welcome our summer vacations together! 🙂

I spent the day with my bestfriend Maricor! She graduated the day before and I deliberately missed out on her graduation dinner due to my busy schedule 🙁 Aaah 🙁 I am fortunate though to have a bestfriend who gladly saved some food for me.I went to her abode the next day to make up for my absence. Tita Mary,Mari’s Mom spoils me every time I’m there. Funny thing is, I don’t knock anymore when I go there, I just go straight to her room and wake her up (every time) then next thing I know, Tita Mary is already cooking something! I am such a lucky lass. We had steak,eggs,carbonara,sausage,asado and potato salad for lunch! Talk about,PIG out. I resorted to green tea after that heavy lunch! Tita Mary asked me to drink this authentic Japanese green tea,which I fell in love instantly! Gaaahd.Hopefully, I could find one soon, which I think is quite impossible as of the moment.

The day was filled with Tita Mary “lecturing” us about LOVE again while Maricor is playing wih my iPhone,and I watching My Princess (..just because I’m so hooked.Shocks!!! I miss watching it.Part 2 please) Anyway, we then went home and made some sushi! :)) Maricor,is such a good “student” :))

Talking to someone while lying on Ruth’s tummy. It took my girl friends 3 minutes to convince me to sleepover. It was an impulsive decision, and I would definitely regret it if I said no. I am so glad I took the liberty to do so without me asking for my parent’s permission. :))

I got so addicted in drinking green tea! Had 4 mugs in just a span of 18 hours.And you do realize where I ended up going to,right?:))

This is me hugging my friend Ruth. Believe it or not,we were sill awake in that picture. We decided NOT to sleep,but obviously our sleepyheads Maricor and Diane couldn’t do it! Weird thing is,Diane was the one who convinced us to sleepover! Jho,was the “last one standing”! :)) I don’t even know if she slept or what..I am glad to have at least an hour and a half of sleep though.

We had to wake up early for our classes! I woke up with the sound of Ruth’s voice still telling us the same thing that she has been telling us before she finally slept. We decided to have a quick breakfast in Mcdo,and damn WE were OVERDRESSED. :)) We looked like we just came from a club with our heels on! I went home at around 9:30AM, and to my delight,my parents didn’t know that I slept over at Ruth’s! Ha ha ha.

This,definitely started our awesome week!

2nd Piging (03.31.2011) – So Japanice!

My girls and I decided to have dinner again,we wanted to do it the next evening after our sleepover, but we realized that our parents would kill us, so we decided to take a break for a day.

I picked up Jho and Bian after my class and went to the grocery.Then hurried to go home to start prepping for our dinner.

We all agreed to have a Japanese dinner,since we are all trying our best to have a slimmer figure this summer. TRYING.

We made,Kani Salad,Sushi,and Battered Fish. YUM

The night was basically filled with our plans for our UberWeekend! Night out then Subic Escapade! 🙂

3rd piging (04.02.2011) – 7th LOW LOW LOW

Bian and I.

Partners in tragedy! Gaaaah. An unfortunate event happened to the both of us. But it did not stopped us from having fun!After a few hours of despondency,I was able to get my feet back together,while Bian on the other hand was so distressed that she left a mark in a parking lot. LOL.

We ended the night by meeting up with Diane at around 4AM and picking up Ruth at 5AM! What a night I must say. I WOULDN’T FORGET IT,I JUST COULDN’T! Hurried to get home cause my driver will pick us up at around 6AM for our Subic trip. Panicked cause I haven’t packed yet,but glad to be able to finish in just 15 minutes,that was definitely a first! :))

4th piging (04.03 – 04.04.2011) – Subic 2011

Talking to that someone who made me feel better 🙂

Had breakfast in Mister Kebab before heading to Subic! Yum.

Slept for almost 30minutes only during our car ride going to Subic!

We arrived in Zambales at around 10AM. We had to wait for almost 2 hours for our room.

As a result, we recorded some uber silly videos! Which I am begging Jho not to post! :))

While the girls were sleeping, I curled my hair. I don’t know what’s with me and curling my hair nowadays,I just feel so girly every time, and oh it was a first that I went out with curled hair,excluding the events that I went to of course.

Anyway, I slightly harassed Bian to wake up. Luckily, Jho did too. So while Ruth and Diane were sleeping we decided to hit the bar and have some drinks.

Diane and I

The beach was so horrible. It wasn’t clean at all. Very disappointing.

We went to the resort’s pool instead..which was way better since we had it all by ourselves and a lot cleaner!

My girls and I opted to have dinner in a Korean Restaurant. We all love Korean food, just because we are fond of using their spoon! :))

We were so full! So we decided to walk to the beach,with our long dresses and bloated tummies! :))

I’ve always wanted to go in a local carnival.I am so glad I was able to try a ride with my girls.

This ride..this! How can I even start? There’s so much to tell! All I know is, at some point I prayed for my life,and the most of the remaining 13124363seconds wishing my clothes wouldn’t fall off or something. We won’t forget this ride,5 minutes of hell like experience! Bian and I are out of words after riding this TAGA DISCO shizz!

Visiting this carnival definitely made our trip extra memorable 🙂

Us after that horrible ride! :)) Everything was blurry…really :)) chos

Heavenly!! OMGG! I swear, I ate these 3 korean ice creams in just one sitting. What a pig!!! 😐

Kuya Gerry,my driver! 🙂 I will definitely miss him once I’m in Cebu already!

Ate Baby, was with us too! My Dad wants us to have a hassle free trip! haha 🙂

These two are so patient, I swear!!! If only I could bring them in Cebu and NJ!!! 😐

Ended our Subic rip by eating lunch in Lagoon. Saruuuup! 😀

5th Piging (04.08.2011) – Happy 21st,D!! <3

Diane celebrated her 21st and graduation dinner in Chef’s Bistro. I can’t wait to go back! 🙂

I had to leave early to go to Rockwell’s summer bazaar – Coachella 🙂

7th Piging (04.11.2011) – Seoulful Korean dinner 🙂

Had a lovely dinner in one of our favorite restaurants, Seoul Barbecue! 🙂

awesome awesome awesome night! 🙂


Experience:FIERCE. “A Taste of Hollywood”

This is the main reason why I haven’t updated this blog for more than a month. It was a great privilege to be appointed to head this event.I learned and experienced things that definitely molded me as person. This definitely made my last term in CCA unforgettable.

I am fond of organizing get together’s or small parties. My girls and I (MZATC) would usually plan one every time our schedule permits us. Organizing an event is not easy,it will never be – especially when time constrained. So just imagine how stressed I was for the past month.


The first week was tough since I really don’t know where to start.We had to present to our instructors twice cause the first one is not appealing at all. I am fortunate that I have 37 people beside me, no wonder this event became a success.

The theme was “Old Hollywood”. It really exercised our creativity and skills. This theme enabled us to step out of our comfort zone and believe in ourselves. I am glad that our instructors pushed us to our limits and trusted our capabilities. It was super hard to find a venue, I remember looking for one for a week. So it was overcoming to be able to rent a venue that is favorable to our theme.

During the second week of planning, our biggest dilemma was how to minimize our expenses. It was really draining.

Last week – organizing&props making. See for yourself.

Stage mother mode! ha ha ha 🙂

It was really fun to be a organizer/hairdresser/make-up artist/stylist

Doing ate Joanna’s hair! 🙂

Day 2

“echos” mode.

My favorite shots from the 2 day photoshoot

Karen Dela Cruz

I did her make-up and styling! 🙂

(c) Aaron San Luis

Anya Abainza

Make-up. Hair and styling

(c) Aaron San Luis

Rochelle Uy

Rochelle was the last on the set. I was so happy when I finished doing her hair and make-up! There’s Old Hollywood” written all over her! I love it! 🙂

(c) Aaron San Luis

Choi Capinding

My favorite shot of Choi! 🙂 He had 3-4 sets! lol


(c) RJ Bernabe

*RJ is really great with photoshoots! 🙂

John Michael Carandang


Favorite!!!! 🙂

(c) RJ Bernabe

Luis Lim & Joanna Ong

Ate Joanna’s hair.

(c) RJ Bernabe

Rovie Policina & Shinrou Jundana

This picture makes me smile! I was super hands on with Shinrou! 🙂 I did her make-up, hair and styling! I remember running to her just to fix her again in the middle of their photoshoot! hahah 🙂 Shinrou will always be a little baby to me!! <3

(c) RJ Bernabe

Thank you Rochelle, Ate Cza and Karen for doing my hair! 🙂

(c) Eldrin Arangorin


Best PA (Prend Always) ever!! My friend Aaron San Luis, I think I tortured him verbally and physically during the whole planning stage! Hahaha! 🙂

We made a fake Oscar standee. But it turned out to be an “Audrey” hahaha! But hey, we did this for 2 sleepless nights!

I’ll miss roaming around Capitol Hills with my friend Aaron until midnight! 🙁

EVENT DAY. 03.19.2011

credits to Aeron Olvina/Aaron San Luis/Eldrin Arangorin for the pictures 🙂

The Venue.

I only had 2 hours of sleep, and the first thing that I did when I woke up was to finish the contracts of the 27 people that I love!

We worked immediately upon arriving the venue. Late lunch in Mister Kebab with Enrico and Aaron! Gahd I was so elated! Kebab fever! :))

Centerpiece. Forgot to put the masks and roses 🙁 bummer.

Kuks did my hair and make-up!I asked him to do make up in less than an hour! It was nice to see him again after 2 years. My girl friend Diane introduced him to me when I was looking for a make-up artist for my pre-debut shoot. I fell in love with him instantly the minute he held that umbrella and saved me from the sun’s heat! He was responsible for making me look like a lady on my debut. Will definitely get him in the future. But not on my wedding though! I would love to hire that famous make-up artist..which I won’t name just yet cause I don’t want to jinx it :))

I was so stressed and nervous before the event started. I looked like a weirdo running in my heels. Nyay!

Carlo and I 🙂

I am not a host,and never will be! Gaaaahd. I SUCKED! hahahaha.

I hid in the back kitchen during the video presentation! Worst acting ever! Thank God Carlo saved my A. He did a great job being a host and an actor on our presentation! hahaha

Ms. Kate Borja and I

Best instructor ever! I swear. She definitely motivated and inspired me. She is one of the reasons why I was able to stand up firm during the event.

Too bad I don’t have a picture with Mrs. Liza. I gained 2 mothers in CCA. I swear. My last term in CCA was very memorable because of these 2 instructors who made a better version of us. Who believed that we could organize an event like this. Who made learning fun.

The hug that I got from them was gratifying. That was the best reward that I got after all the hard work. The minute my instructors hugged me, I knew that the 3 weeks that I spent for the event was worth it.

My siblings and their dates (minus Renzo and his friends)

My family was all out in supporting me! My Dad lent me his employees for a week,his truck and service vehicle plus last minute sponsorship of some that we used during the event! 🙂

MZATC + Caloy and LA was there to support me! 🙂 I was so glad to see my friends,though I know they’ve been laughing at me while I was hosting. Booo. hahaha

Eldrin and Lea’s dance performance was really entertaining!

I am in love with all of them! I swear I am going to miss everybody! Best classmates ever!

Ate Joanna, Leloy and I

I love everyone to pieces! I can’t find the right words on how I could translate my happiness and gratitude 🙂

Ended the night by eating out with PPG and Jeff. Went home at 4AM in the morning with a sore ugly feet. Woke up the next morning wondering what to do and missing the whole class already! I am just so damn emotional after the event. The meeting that we had after the event was not enough.

Such a lovely learning experience it is. 🙂 So glad it was a success! 🙂

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