My last post for our week-long Singapore trip 🙂 I was not able to take pictures since we were too preoccupied with shopping and eating!

Third to the last day

We spent our day in Orchard ..what’s new! My Mom couldn’t sleep without getting her hands on that bag I guess.. so she dragged us to Orchard..again! Not that I am complaining :))

My siblings Chella and Renzo buying ice cream in Orchard.

I only have a few pictures from this day! We had dinner at the Mariott Hotel Yum!! 🙂

Second to the last day

This was in Bugis!

I ordered a hotdog that looks like a fake poop :))

After Bugis, we went o Orchard again. I really think this part right here is so effed up! Like we’ve gone back and forth to Orchard and Bugis! Good thing I have TWG’s macarons to indulge with 🙂

Finally..after 4 trains, she finally decided to buy ze bag! Congrats Mother!! You are a proud owner of another Gucci Bag!

She just purchased a LV bag a monh before our trip so she decided to Gucci nmn this time.

We roamed around Marina Bay.

I was our shoe day! We all bought a pair (or two) of shoes! Of course mine’s some killer heels! HAHA :))



We had dinner in “No Signboard”! I swear their chili crabs are to die for!! It was highly recommended to us so we gave it a try. We didn’t regret eating there at all! Mmmmhmm! Will def go back! 🙂

Last Day


My brother Renzo and I opted to spend our last morning in Singapore by shopping together.

Mom and Chella went somewhere too! And my Dad shopped alone. Remo on the other hand, had a nice bonding with his bed! Talk about FREEDOM :))

Renzo and I grabbed brunch in Burger King first. Then went to some shopping malls for some last minute shopping!

Upon arriving to our room, I was so stressed out cause I haven’t finished packing yet! Plus Renzo and I arrived late! And to my surprise, a taxi was already on its way to pick us up going to the airport! I sill can’t believe how I managed to pack up 2 luggage bags! Wonder woman mode lamang please! =))))

Upon arriving in Changi Airport, I took care of our GSTs. Damn we shopped so much hat we were able to purchase lots of chocolates,goodies and for my sister and I – accessories in Diva! :))

My brother Remo treated me in some coffee shop, that I will forever cherish! HAHAHA chos. He is super generous,really! Just a quick echos, when he comes home late from his gimiks, he always sees to it that he has something for me! So him treating me is nothing new, but still..it tickles my Ate bones every time! 🙂

In my honest opinion,  a Singapore trip is not fulfilled if you won’t be arriving and departing in Changi Airport! I swear, upon stepping foot in Chang Airport, your airfare is worth it already! 🙂


Baggage of 6 people. Dayumn.

If there’s one thing that I inherited from my Dad, its that my deep amour for shopping and tendencies of hitting the excess baggage line in the airports! Talk about my Cebu trip, 6K PHP was just ripped off my wallet due to excess baggage! :))

Our driver Kuya Gerry and Yaya, Ate Baby picked us up from the airport.

Ate Baby got locked up in the van cause she doesn’t know how to unlock the doors! I swear my siblings and I were laughing all the time! Kuya Gerry was so pissed off to Ate Baby cause she couldn’t do his instructions properly! :))

We arrived safely at home. I woke up in he morning wishing that I am still in Singapore.. crossing the streets with those fab Singaporeans, swiping my ez link, and shopping! 🙂

See you next year Singapore! 🙂

<3 R



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