Para kay Jetro.


I love to eat out and try new dishes. My friends have been raving about Van Gogh is Bipolar since I came back from Cebu. Our first VGB encounter was hapless. The restaurant was full so we had to go to Gayuma ni Maria instead. Jetro was still kind enough to entertain us for a while. He must have sensed our destitute auras that night.

It was a Sunday when we went there for the second time. We arrived there 10 minutes before their closing time. Yikes! They were still congenial to accommodate us. We had the whole restaurant all to ourselves!  Just imagine our comfort of almost running around VGB, with no footwear and some silly headgears! :))

VGB and Hausbesetzer is on top of my list —so far for the most unique restaurants that I’ve been to. Both restaurants are self-service and owned by Jetro.



Tea area

Our table was beside Jetro’s asylum. And yes, he was really there. We were all got shocked when he came out. He told us that he is sick that’s why he stayed in his “asylum” the whole day!

You get to choose your own teapot

Jetro’s asylum

This dark room was turned into a restroom.

Virginia Woolf’s Wild Turkey Soup for appetizer

My favorite ingredient in the soup is the banana chip!

Courtney’s love potion

his drink is really good! Too bad I was already full that I was not able to finish this tall glass.

I ordered Napoleon Bonaparte’s Wild Turkey Pasta with Cranberry Sauce

If only I didn’t eat 2 empanadas for my afternoon snack..and lunch in Mercato. I would’ve finished the whole course! It was so delicious!

Jho, Miggy, E and Frances all ordered President Clinton’s Aussie Lamb with Black Rice.

They all loved it!!!

Bian, ordered President Roosevelt’s Norwegian Salmon Belly with Black Rice.

We were already full that we didn’t manage to finish our dessert.

Beethoven’s Sweet Opus.

Absolute self-service! 🙂

All-in-all, it was a wonderful dining affair with some lovely people who never forget to laugh over good food 🙂


I fancy reading blogs, especially food related. One of the things that always tickle my interest is restaurants, I’ve bookmarked a lot already and I’m elated every time I get to visit one.

My friend and I were thinking of eating out after our agenda in school. He suggested that we visit this place after I showed him the link. Luckily, I was craving for some avocado tea after visiting VGB.

I was so hyped before going here! I’ve seen the pictures and gaaah it looks amazing.The fact that it is also owned by Jetro made me really excited!

It’s just a simple abode—one server,which I think also looks after the furniture and antique shop.

Tea is priced reasonably. (PHP99)

If you opt for a colder drink, you can choose from the lonely backpacker’s grub

Microwave beside the grub.



You can choose from pastas or sausages

Since we already ate lunch, we favored the sausage instead of the pasta.

I asked the server to put some cheese on top since I was really craving for it!

They have biscuits and sweets that you can choose from.

Our tray

This caught my eye. Its so exquisite!

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