2011,so far,is beautiful. I couldn’t translate into words how glad and overwhelmed I am for all the blessings that have come my way. A lot has happened since my last entry. Here’s a recap of the past 3 months.

March to April 2011

One thing that I really miss is being able to see my happy place every day!

Since I didn’t want to be a bum for a long time, I took an internship program in an in-flight catering. The experience was awesome!! A month-long experience in one of the most influential companies in the Philippines was very rewarding. Too bad I had to move on to reality and finish my internship early because I got offered a job…like a real job 😛

I must say my summer was productive. I spent the first two months,waking up early to go to the cleanest kitchens I’ve ever been to, punch out lunchtime and eat inside the car with my driver and yaya while on our way to school for some SA duties :))

I spent my afternoon with a bunch of cuties! 🙂

I’ve always wanted to teach, especially  the little ones. I was so elated to go to school everyday just because I’ll get to be an SA for these adorable babies! 🙂

Just another goal that has been fulfilled! Hopefully, I’ll get to do this again! 🙂

May 2011

I spent my apprenticeship outside MNL, but that’s a long story and I’d rather keep it in a folder (hidden somewhere deep) for the mean time.

I went back to MNL in the last week of May for 2 reasons. First, for our family trip in Singapore.Second, for the launch of Elba’s Pasta Cookbook which my friends and I are a part of.

I arrived late (I came straight from the airport and my only rest time was when I was in the car).

My friend Eldrin and Rochelle told me that they showed my pictures during the photoshoot! I really wish I saw it cause I didn’t know what I look like in those pictures, plus I don’t have a copy. All I remember was the photographer asked me to look happy and fake laugh while holding a pan while standing in front of an Elba gas range!

My recipe was also demonstrated at the event. 🙂 Salmon with Rosemary and Cream Sauce.

I stumbled upon a blog and saw this –

I couldn’t translate into words how honored I am to be part of this! Seeing my name together with Shinrou, Eldrin, Karen, Rochelle and Anya’s really touched my heart 🙂 As in, SARAP NG FEELING!

I was fortunate to have a copy of some of my recipes before they launched it! I wanted to use it for my graphical CV!

Salmon with Rosemary and Cream Sauce

Chocolate Ravioli with Strawberry Jam filling a la mode.

After the event, Enrico, Arthur and I had dinner in Mr. Kurosawa.



We surprised Shinrou with a delicious cake and  Jap Chae! 🙂

This day is definitely worth remembering 🙂

June – Gayuma Ni Maria

First night out with girlfriends after I came back from my apprenticeship.

Marry Me Moussaka

Grape Shake

I love grape shake! I always order it every time I see it on the menu.

My Kind of Mushy

Cream of Mushroom with SKY FLAKES.

This soup disappointed me. The consistency is just so bad! And I really hope that the next time that they serve this to their guests with some cheap biscuit, make sure it’s still crisp! Didn’t enjoy this at all. I even had to force it down E’s throat.

I love you cross my heart

I loved this dish! Simple yet very flavorful 🙂

We went to The Fort after and ended the night in Burger Project! 🙂 Cause we are fatties like that! lol


Bought a new camera! :)) 5th in 2 years.  aksdhafkhsg!!!

Went to Forever 21 and bought this set! Some twizzies and curlers!! <3 How cute is this?

A random photo with my favorite brats! 🙂

<3 R

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