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Ear candy: Valentine by Kina Grannis (this song explains the title of my blog)

My day started unlikely! Bad weather plus heavy traffic = an insanely pissed off mood! Its just so unbearable! Next thing I knew I already hopped off my car with no umbrella, running in the rain with my driver calling my name in the background! After a few disappointing phone calls, I found myself sitting in my car,with a warm apple pie beside me, wishing I didn’t leave my umbrella in my other bag!

My outfit: Top – Zara ; Skirt – Forever21 ; Wedge – Forever21

Something wretched happen upon arriving in Megamall! I’ve said this a couple of times already – I really dislike going to SM Malls just because its jam packed with.. “jejemons” and the only exception to that rule is Megamall and SM Makati because of Forever 21! I can’t even stand staying there after having a gratifying time in Forever21 and a quick stop in Akiba Cafe! Anyway, what I really hate is going to public restrooms, they stink and they are always crowded! I always opt for the paid ones.

Its like an episode in the movie “A Series of Unfortunate Evens”. After getting soaked, ruining your outfit and hair, plus waiting for an hour and a comes the unthinkable! Your period with no warnings at all. I am not abashed to be vocal about it just because!! =)) Anyway, long story short after spending almost 5 minutes in the cubicle I heard an undomesticated woman shout “TAGAL NAMAN” with a matching growl! All eyes were on me when I exited the cubicle! I was so pissed off!! Like hello, it’s a public CR!! What if someone is taking a dump pala! You can’t expect her to be in that cubicle for a few minutes, so one golden rule! When entering a public restroom and when you see a long line, expect the worst! It was maybe my hormones that cause me to fume like that! I was feeling extra bitchy at that moment so when I got out of the restroom I immediately told E about the RUDE GIRL! When our paths crossed I heard her say “ayan o ang arte arte”. OMG Miss, I am really maarte! I don’t deny that I’m a bitch and I’m maarte. #justsaying. If I were in an Ayala Mall or anywhere that has a higher sphere, I wouldn’t have experienced that!!

That incident made me realize that, the cliche recognition of people being judgmental of one another because of the visuals are aggressive. We should really extend our understanding and knowing in every situation. Think and observe before you react.

To top off my opposing day, I haven’t eaten anything for almost 19 hours during that time! So just imagine my feeling.

I opted to go to forever21 first before eating, I didn’t know where I got my energy, but all I know is I came out like nothing unfortunate happened! I was even happier cause I was able to buy my favorite drink from Akiba 🙂 <3

I am so crazy with the word peace and everything that comes with it sine I was in highschool! Especially its logo!!

The dress that I bought for our graduation pictorial 🙂

OMG!! Take me to Akiba now!! nomnomnom

3 huge drinks for the 2 of us!!

Too bad they don’t have lemon bars when I came! They have the best lemon bars that I have ever tasted!!

After buying our drinks in Akiba, I immediately called my driver to take us to Shang! I was super excited to eat! I didn’t know that they don’t have Italianni’s there! E was bugging me to eat there the night before! I was craving for pasta ever since he mentioned Italianni’s! I was so hungry that I couldn’t bear to walk anymore! We decided to eat in CPK instead. And boy, I’m glad we ate there! 🙂

We ordered 3 pastas!

Baby Clam Linguini in tomato-Basil saice

I loved it!! I”m a tomato lover! So this really elated my mood

Portobello Mushroom Ravioli wih garlic-Parmesan sauce

OMG! This is definitely ze boooomb!! I swear I coulde eat it forevaaaah!

I felt unsatisfied with 2 pastas so I asked him to order another one. We gave their spaghetti a try and ordered some extra sauteed mushrooms on top.

We were not able to finish it cause I don’t know…HAHAHA! =))  Carb overload 😐 :))

I love love love House of Silvanas!! hey have the best Silvanas I have tasted so far!! I asked him to give it a try and he loved it!! Yaaay 🙂

We did a little shopping too!

I love Yhansy! Its like a mini Diva store! I was so hyped that I was able to choose 4 accessories in less than 10 minutes! #saruuuup

I love this color so much!! I’m just so crazy about it!

Lovin’ my feather earrings!

LOVE rings!! Need I say more? <3

My favorite amongst the accessories that I bought 🙂

..then the sweetness overflows!! <3

My day ended with a sweet bang! He is so ajdhakfjhl!! waaaah!

He treated me like a Queen! MWHAHAHA! =))))))))) He treats me like a Princess everyday! But he promised to treat me like a Queen on my dreadful days, especially the first bloody day! After he said that, I can’t stop telling him that I couldn’t wait for next month already! HAHAHAH! =))

The cutie wedge that he bought for me!!! ASASDSFGA!!!!!!! Just a few more pairs, then I’ll be hitting my 30 heels mark na! Wooot

Skinny Sweets!

I wasn’t the only unfortunate one you know! He was insisting to meet up in Eastwood instead the night before but I kept on saying no, just because! Long story short, he wants to surprise me by giving this! He ordered it online after I shared the link to him.

Thank you 103248082 times! :))

Royce choclate!! I love love Royce! Forevaaaah! <3

Grbe this guy is making me fat!!!

I always tell him that his penmanship is REALLY REALLY UGLY! During summer, I taught him how to write legibly :))

At the back it says:

“To the girl that motivates me to write more legibly”

HAHAHAHAH!!! Kyots!! :))

I love reading letters! Mainly because, it gives you an idea of how a person feels for you 🙂

My favorite lines from the letter was:

“To  the girl that trimmed my nipple hair”


“your fugly feet”


He is so gay ha he made a hear origami pa! The other night, he told me he was watching a video in YouTube about heart origamis. I just said “GAY” =))

Didn’t know it will lead to this!!


This guy is just so amazing!! He never fails to surprise me everyday! But this definitely is the cherry on top out of everything, so far!! 🙂




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  1. so cute! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

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