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Ear candy: Valentine by Kina Grannis (this song explains the title of my blog)

My day started unlikely! Bad weather plus heavy traffic = an insanely pissed off mood! Its just so unbearable! Next thing I know I was hopping off my car with no umbrella, running in the rain with my driver calling my name in the background! After a few disappointing phone calls, I found myself sitting in my car, with a warm apple pie beside me, wishing I didn’t leave my umbrella in my other bag!

My outfit: Top – Zara ; Skirt – Forever21 ; Wedge – Forever21

I am so crazy with the word peace and everything that comes with it since I was in high school!

The dress that I bought for our graduation pictorial 🙂

After buying our drinks in Akiba, I immediately called my driver to take us to Shang! I was super excited to eat! I didn’t know that they don’t have Italianni’s there! E was bugging me to eat there the night before! I was craving for pasta ever since he mentioned Italianni’s! I was so hungry that I couldn’t bear to walk anymore! We decided to eat in CPK instead. And boy, I’m glad we ate there! 🙂

We ordered 3 pastas!

Baby Clam Linguini in Tomato-Basil Sauce

Portobello Mushroom Ravioli with Garlic-Parmesan Sauce

Definitely one of my favorite pasta dishes!

Our third pasta: Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce with Mushroom

We did a little shopping too!

I love Yhansy! It’s the Philippine version of Diva (an accessory shop that I love in Singapore!)! I was so hyped that I was able to choose 4 accessories in less than 10 minutes!

I love this color so much!! I’m so crazy about it!

Lovin’ my feather earrings!

LOVE rings!! Need I say more? <3

My favorite amongst the accessories that I bought 🙂

..then the sweetness overflows!! <3

My day ended with a sweet bang!

Skinny Sweets!

I wasn’t the only unfortunate one you know! He was insisting to meet up in Eastwood instead the night before but I kept on saying no, just because! Long story short, he wants to surprise me by giving this! He ordered it online after I shared the link with him.

Thank you 103248082 times! :))

Royce choclate!! I love love Royce! Forevaaaah! <3

Grbe this guy is making me fat!!!

I always tell him that his penmanship is REALLY REALLY UGLY! I’ve been showing him how to write…better lol

At the back it says:

“To the girl that motivates me to write more legibly”

I love reading letters! Mainly because it gives you an idea of how a person feels about you 🙂

My favorite lines from the letter were:

“To  the girl that trimmed my nipple hair”


“your fugly feet”






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  1. so cute! I’m so happy for you! 🙂

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