Treff (Cebu, Philippines)


It was in the middle of May 2011 when my friend and I went to this awesome lounge in Waterfront Cebu. Most of the people around me know that I am not fond of drinking anything that has alcohol in it. I could only down a glass or two (tops) of a drink that is in a nice glass (preferably in a martini glass)- and that is enough to get me going through the entire night. If there’s anything that could keep me going all night…that would be desserts!

One of my favorites? Gelato!

We went to my all-time favorite gelateria at Ayala Mall then Waterfront Cebu for our “date night”.

Treff is Ayala Mall’s rooftop bar. After living in Cebu for a couple of weeks, I really miss anything urban.

I love how cozy this place is!! Was thinking about my girls the entire time <3

My view that night made me miss Manila more.As much as I was enjoying my adventure in Cebu, my life in Manila is so different and I honestly couldn’t trade it for anything else.

Mojito is my go-to drink so this was my “one and only” lol

We also tried other drinks — tried meaning I literally just took a sip and he finished everything else 😛

Unfortunately, I was not able to take notes! I can’t remember what the drinks are called…ugh bummer!

Thinking about it now….this green drink seems to be a bad idea 😛

Caesar Salad

I spent the night eating more than drinking…like of course!

Fried Calamari


I was really disappointed with the salsa. It tasted like it came out of a jar. The texture was not fresh at all.


Mozzarella Balls

They served it with 3 sauces — barbecue, marinara, and cream sauce.

We watched Thor to end the night! What a great Saturday <3

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