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Drama queen no more.

I choose life over drama. I admit, I used to be the biggest drama queen,but not anymore. When I envisaged that a life with no drama is better,I hastily left the complicated life that I was trying to live in. Choosing life over drama is not my way of escaping to reality, its my way of appreciating that life goes hand in hand with opportunities – opportunities to rise,and to fall.

Life realizations for the week.

1. I can’t live my life trying to please everyone and prove them wrong – especially those who dislikes me. I can’t live my life just trying to please somebody. I have to get up and make the most out of my blessed life. There’s more to life than just please and and prove them all wrong. I’ve realized that in God’s own time,you will be accepted and appreciated by those people who will really matter to you in life. You don’t live to please them. I will live my life according to his plans,and as much as possible, stay away from all the wrongness that would come my way. I live for him,not for someone else. 🙂

2. I have already cried about this for 3 nights,  and I am now on the edge of completing this torment – 2 (or maybe 3) days to go and I’m off this hook! Night shift was not bad after all. Being surrounded with co-workers that makes my work place less stressful is a blessing. I just can’t wait for this to be over,cause I couldn’t fathom the fact that my Dad has to pick me up from work in the middle of the night anymore.

3. “I tried” – believe it or not I did. Maybe one day – maybe.

4. I am trying all my might to stall this departure,but stalling should not coincide with abrogating – and I wouldn’t let that happen. As much as I hate to leave the life that I am used to, I have to move forward and embrace my dream,for it is already in the palm of my hands.

5. Chasing dreams is not the way to go. I don’t chase my dreams. I grab them and make those happen, one by one. Dreams don’t run,they wait until you do something and make them come to reality.

6. I deserve these blessings, and that’s the only thing that I have to prove to someone. And that someone is my only One – Him 🙂

<3 R

P.S. I am now on my way to 2,200 hits since I’ve publicized this page last January 2011! I know this is quite a small number for some of you,but it really warms my heart every time I see a hit every day! 🙂 I don’t know the main reason and intention why you guys check my blog but nonetheless, you make this crazy girl happy 🙂

(c) Mark See

“to be young and carefree” 🙂 <3



Cebu: May 2011

It was a rainy day and night meant for food and movie. We passed by this interesting restaurant and told myself I wouldn’t go back to Manila without eating here.

The restaurant is being headed by an Australian Chef and his Filipina wife. We were seated beside their son who I think was studying. Looking at him made me miss home, where in I will go home and see my siblings studying in our living room.


Canvas’ open kitchen

I always get inquisitive on how my food is being prepared.So dining in an open kitchen restaurant makes me elated the whole time.

Mango Shake to have a refreshing start o our dinner.

Canvas is a bistro bar and gallery.

Mushroom Pate

I loved this! Just the kind of pate that I want to munch on 🙂


Pollo something something. I forgot what this dish is called

Chicken served with brown sauce,sauteed veggies and mashed potato.

Since I’ve been devouring myself in quesadillas during my stay in Cebu, I couldn’t resist not ordering this.

It was one of the best quesadillas that I have eaten in Cebu 🙂


Buffalo Wings.

I remember only having a bite and giving this to my friend. I am not a fan of this.


Apple Strudel

I loved this so much! Apple + Cinnamon are so perfect together 🙂 Eating this with vanilla ice cream is really mouth watering. 🙂



After watching a movie, we still have the urge to roam around the mall. But malls in Cebu closes earlier compared to our malls here in Manila, so we ended up eating a salad in CBTL.

I seriously miss my pig out days in Cebu. Weeks that I spent trying new restaurants. 😐 🙂



Dessert overloaded weekend in preparation for my upcoming “not-so-favorite-week”.


One thing that I love about having a morning schedule is that I get to do almost everything that I love after my shift. One of those is eating out. I see to it that I get to try out at least two restaurants that I haven’t visited yet in a span of 10 days.

I was glad that it only took me 20 minutes to get to Eastwood from Greenbelt 5. Knowing that it was a Saturday,and already 5PM, I was quite surprised. I met up with my friend in Nail-a-Holics. I didn’t know how he managed not get bummed out after him waiting for me to get done with my treatment.

After shopping,and a quick walk through the mall,we decided to try Momo. It is of the same group with M Cafe, that I love so much! Their Sunday brunch is something that I’ve been dying to visit again (hopefully this week with the fambam)

Complimentary Bread

The bread was too hard 🙁 It felt like it just came from the fridge and was warmed in the microwave for 5 seconds! But seeing that they have a bread and soup station did not give justice to this poor bread 🙁

I liked the cheese pimiento, I could have indulged myself with this,but I just can’t fathom eating a hard COMPLIMENTARY bread.

He said,it tastes like Cheese Wiz’s cheese pimiento..only that they mixed it with grated cheese.

I say, if its not good enough.don’t serve it!

Chocnut Varlhona

It was a battle between Chocnut Varlhona and Chocnut Sansrival. I was having a hard time deciding since they both look delicious.

I asked the trainee from CSB which is better from the two and she said they are both their bestsellers and she couldn’t choose amongst the two cause they are both good. She told me that their Chocnut Varlhona is flourless,so I chose that.

The chocnut butter cream in this cake is so thin that I would rather omit the word “chocnut” from the name tag and replace it with “flourless varlhona cake” hahaha

But all in all it was a good dessert and I would definitely come back for this! 🙂

P.S. I love how dense/moist this cake is!!

P.P.S. If you would remember from my previous post,I mentioned that the sequence of food is not really evident to me when I eat out :)) We had our dessert first before eating our appetizer and entree! :))

3 Layer Nacho Pizza – “Tower Power”

I was thinking of ordering a salad or anything that has fresh greens in i since I was craving for some. But seeing this on the menu made me drool and excited for I will be eating something on the Mexican side!! 🙂

I loved this so much! It was so big that we only ate half of this! 🙂 nomnomnom

Southern Style Deep Friend Cereal Crusted Chicken

Most of Momo’s dishes are good for sharing and are priced reasonablly..compared to some of the food chains here in the Metro, you’ll know that your money is worth it when you see their servings.

I loved this too! It was juicy and deep fried to perfection 🙂

The portions were big,the gravy was flavorful but the mashed potato was too bland! But nonetheless, I would say that…you could take me to Momo now and feed me this…PLEASE!

After having dinner, we bought movie tickets for Horrible Bosses. We had 2 hours to kill so we roamed around the weekend bazaar which was heavenly. Most of the stalls were desserts,and as a result we tried all of them. I bought some for my breakfast the next day and made him try this organic balut. hahaha.What made me happier that night is the chilled taho that he bought for me.. I am so mababaw like that but I love taho so much that I would do anything just to have it right NOW.

At my prettiest 🙂

Had a late night movie fix with him. Since I am already working, I felt like this movie would awaken me from the excruciating thoughts that I’ve been bearing with. I know for a fact that my misery is nothing compared to those who suffers more than I am when it comes to their job. My only problem at work is the shifting schedules every week that will lead me to going home at 12MN. Other than that,all is well and I just can’t wait to fly! 🙂

Inday’s Day-off: Mary Grace + Contagion

I would give anything just to do everything that I love now.Everything that I was used to before I worked. But getting my priorities straight and accomplished is far more better than just wasting my time,resources and opportunities. This is what I needed as of this moment – DIRECTION.

Most of my goals have a “time frame”, and I am just glad that I am on the right track. I am positive that I will fulfill most of it in my desired time. I can’t say “all of it” just yet cause life is a beautiful definition for the word – CHANGE.

I used to think (just about 2 years ago) that I have already planned out what I want to do with my career, I remember my Chef instructor asking our class about this certain question (this part right here is very vague, but stating the question would give out what I am aspiring to do in he future – and I would just want to keep silent about this until it pushes through). Anyway, I did not raise my hand to her question..BUT now,if someone asks me again that same question, I’d say otherwise. I am pleased with how my life flows with His plans. More than gratified,and more than blessed. 🙂

Working is goal that I’ve just scratched off my list a month ago. I’ve always wanted to work after graduating and before “flying” 🙂 Most of the time I miss my “old-carefree-stress free” life. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just like what my good good good and funny friend Carlos said “we all have to make sacrifices”. I don’t know why but everything seems funny when he says it, but I must agree, to get where I want to be,I have to make a small sacrifice..sacrifice called night shift!! 😐 oh babyyyyy. 🙁

I had my day-off from work yesterday (09/22). My friend and I met up for lunch and watched a movie afterwards.

We had lunch in Mary Grace.

My family and I loves to eat in Mary Grace. My Mom and Sister spoils their selves with Mary Grace’s grilled ensaimada and cheese roll. While my Dad and I tries something new from he menu every time we pay a visit.

Wild Mushroom Pate

We ordered this for appetizer

..but the sequence of food to us is actually not evident since we just order everything that sounds good to us from the menu.

I find it “okay”. No really something that I would look forward to and will order again when I go there.

I was expecting a pate,that has a “pate” like texture and consistency,but this is quite far from what I am expecting it to be.

Tomato and Herb Pasta

I loved this! Can’t put into words how much I want to eat this right now :))

 he ordered:Spaghetti and Meatballs

I have a feeling that he misses Itaianni’s spaghetti and meatballs :))

The tomato sauce is too runny 😐 Add another ladle,and its good as a tomato soup.

I loved the taste though, really wish the sauce was thicker.

The meatballs were…blah 😐 It lacks taste. #justsaying

A little something something on our table 🙂

After having lunch in Mary Grace,we bough tickets for Contagion. I loved the movie, he didn’t :)) I love how it scared,and still scares me of the fact that a disease could kill millions of people. Stuff like that affects me,in all sorts of way. My being OC has just been upgraded to another level 😐 :))

I decided to go to the grocery just to wind up and make my day-off worth it :))

Before going to the grocery, we grabbed some sugar-free carrot cake first…which made me miss Craving’s.

I would do anything jusy for that carrot cake,anyone? :))



Hassan Kabab and Steaks

Since I am craving for Hassan’s chicken kebab and keema pie, and I can’t go there today..I’ll just blab about it until this hungry stomach stops screaming for some.

It was the last week of July when my favorite food buddies (Shinrou and Enrico) and I visited Hassan. I was so elated when we went there because its a Persian restaurant. I was so happy that I visited it twice that week.

Shinrou browsing Hassan’s menu.

Hassan serves 6 sauces.

I died.

My personal favorite are their garlic,pesto,and cheese sauce.

Being a sauce freak that I am, it felt like I was floating the whole time I was there..seriously!

Beers for Shinrou & Enrico.

Yogurt shake for me.

I find Mister Kebab’s yogurt shake better.

Ox Brain


Not that we don’t like it but..being the health conscious that we are,we won’t be ordering this again. :))

Chicken Kebab 

I ordered another set of this and 2 extra orders of grilled tomatoes!

I smothered it with the sauces of course,and floated my way out of Hassan!

P.S. I am seriously craving for some right now!

Keema Pie

We all loved it!

The crust is very crunchy..smoher it with more sauce and you’ll die happy =))

My second visit was with my family. I just can’t get over Hassan that I had to drag them to Katipunan!

My siblings ordered the steak, while I as usual stuffed my hungry mouth with chicken kebab.

They all loved the keema pie! 🙂

Can someone please take me to a Persian Restaurant now….. 🙁

C to the third power.


First C- Cafe Mediterranean.

I was craving for chicken kebab for a couple of days now. We were not sure where to eat in Rockwell — kebab was in my head but I wasn’t sure if there was any restuarant that we could go to for that.  Until we realized, we could go to Cafe Mediterranean. 


These meatballs were really savory. It was very juicy so plus points!!

P.S. I consider May-July 2011 as my “those were the days” diet time. I limited my food intake and ate healthier food. BUT those were the days, I can now eat everything that I want! Yay :)) IN MODERATION.


We both love Moussaka. Every time we see it on the menu, we order it! My hopes were high when we ordered this since we’re in Cafe Med. It was okay. It had more bechamel than eggplant and meat.

Grilled Chicken Kebab

I loved their chicken kebab! It wasn’t dry and the spices were right on.

P.S. He is responsible for the blurry slash unappetizing food photos. HAHAHA

Second C – Captain America

We bought movie tickets for Captain America after.

I love watching in Rockwell. I am not fond of huge cinemas and watching in malls that are crowded. My most favorite part of watching a movie in Rockwell is their cheese popcorn, I’m a popcorn freak, I can eat it everyday!

We brought in Spamu as one of our snacks — BAD IDEA. The smell was too strong I had to force him to finish it right away.

After the movie, we went to two of our favorite shops –Muji and Fullybooked!

Third C – Cibo

We decided to have early dinner in Cibo. Since we were already eating the whole day, we decided to have light dinner instead of ordering a meal.

Spinaci Zola

My all-time favorite Cibo dish! I would literally eat 2 servings of this!

Mozarella Tegameno

We liked this too! I loved the thin Sardinian bread. Perfect for the grilled cheese.

After finishing the plate, we both realized that this is so easy to make.So we made it over the weekend. 🙂



Everybody’s fine.

I was supposed to blog about this movie last January 17,2011. But since I had to give way to some other entries first, I had to put this on hold.

The first time I watched this movie, I wrote a note to my Dad saying “please watch this <3”.

The second time, I got the same feeling — the heaviness that I felt watching this as a daughter of a great man and seeing the possibility of the future kind of scared me. I ended up in tears and a heart wanting to hug her Daddy.

I can’t put into words how heartwarming this movie is. I could hold back my tears for an entire movie, but this movie got my entire pillow soaked in tears.

The cast was exceptional, of course! You can’t expect anything else from Robert De Niro.

I am very sentimental when its family related. Much more if I could relate to it.

“A million feet of wire to get them today”

This line really touched my heart. I know how my Dad worked hard to get where we are today. Just thinking about how we attained everything that we have is galvanizing. He is my inspiration. It brings me back to the joy that we had when I graduated. He still mentions it to me up to this day. How he is so proud of me in achieving my goals, in becoming a responsible lady and believing in my passion.

The part where his children calls to cancel their family dinner after him buying and preparing loads of stuff for them already put me into tears. Mind you that I’m only at the first 10 minutes of the movie. So just imagine my eyes when the movie ended.

Robert De Niro taking pictures all the time is so like my Dad. My Dad likes to document everything ever since he got his own camera. It actually makes us laugh. At the end of the day, when I look at his photo roll, I am touched by the moments that he was able to capture.

There are scenes where in Robert de Niro would see his sons and daughters as their younger version. My Dad, too, sees us as a young kid still. It makes want to not grow up actually. I want to be my Daddy’s baby forever, so I will be.

When Robert de Niro’s children shuts him off one by one, it scared me a little cause I know for a fact that it is possible for that to happen in real life. But when I thought of how my Dad has been instilling the values that we are learning now, I am complacent that we will still see each other regularly even if we already have our own families or busy with work. We will always find time for each other. 🙂

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