Everybody’s fine.

I was supposed to blog about this movie last January 17,2011. But since I had to give way to some other entries first, I had to put this on hold.

The first time I watched this movie, I wrote a note to my Dad saying “please watch this <3”.

The second time, I got the same feeling — the heaviness that I felt watching this as a daughter of a great man and seeing the possibility of the future kind of scared me. I ended up in tears and a heart wanting to hug her Daddy.

I can’t put into words how heartwarming this movie is. I could hold back my tears for an entire movie, but this movie got my entire pillow soaked in tears.

The cast was exceptional, of course! You can’t expect anything else from Robert De Niro.

I am very sentimental when its family related. Much more if I could relate to it.

“A million feet of wire to get them today”

This line really touched my heart. I know how my Dad worked hard to get where we are today. Just thinking about how we attained everything that we have is galvanizing. He is my inspiration. It brings me back to the joy that we had when I graduated. He still mentions it to me up to this day. How he is so proud of me in achieving my goals, in becoming a responsible lady and believing in my passion.

The part where his children calls to cancel their family dinner after him buying and preparing loads of stuff for them already put me into tears. Mind you that I’m only at the first 10 minutes of the movie. So just imagine my eyes when the movie ended.

Robert De Niro taking pictures all the time is so like my Dad. My Dad likes to document everything ever since he got his own camera. It actually makes us laugh. At the end of the day, when I look at his photo roll, I am touched by the moments that he was able to capture.

There are scenes where in Robert de Niro would see his sons and daughters as their younger version. My Dad, too, sees us as a young kid still. It makes want to not grow up actually. I want to be my Daddy’s baby forever, so I will be.

When Robert de Niro’s children shuts him off one by one, it scared me a little cause I know for a fact that it is possible for that to happen in real life. But when I thought of how my Dad has been instilling the values that we are learning now, I am complacent that we will still see each other regularly even if we already have our own families or busy with work. We will always find time for each other. 🙂

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