Where to Eat in Powerplant Mall


First C- Cafe Mediterranean.

I was craving for chicken kebab for a couple of days now. We were not sure where to eat in Rockwell — kebab was in my head but I wasn’t sure if there was any restuarant that we could go to for that.  Until we realized, we could go to Cafe Mediterranean. 


These meatballs were really savory. It was very juicy so plus points!!

P.S. I consider May-July 2011 as my “those were the days” diet time. I limited my food intake and ate healthier food. BUT those were the days, I can now eat everything that I want! Yay :)) IN MODERATION.


We both love Moussaka. Every time we see it on the menu, we order it! My hopes were high when we ordered this since we’re in Cafe Med. It was okay. It had more bechamel than eggplant and meat.

Grilled Chicken Kebab

I loved their chicken kebab! It wasn’t dry and the spices were right on.

P.S. He is responsible for the blurry slash unappetizing food photos. HAHAHA

Second C – Captain America

We bought movie tickets for Captain America after.

I love watching in Rockwell. I am not fond of huge cinemas and watching in malls that are crowded. My most favorite part of watching a movie in Rockwell is their cheese popcorn, I’m a popcorn freak, I can eat it everyday!

We brought in Spamu as one of our snacks — BAD IDEA. The smell was too strong I had to force him to finish it right away.

After the movie, we went to two of our favorite shops –Muji and Fullybooked!

Third C – Cibo

We decided to have early dinner in Cibo. Since we were already eating the whole day, we decided to have light dinner instead of ordering a meal.

Spinaci Zola

My all-time favorite Cibo dish! I would literally eat 2 servings of this!

Mozarella Tegameno

We liked this too! I loved the thin Sardinian bread. Perfect for the grilled cheese.

After finishing the plate, we both realized that this is so easy to make.So we made it over the weekend. 🙂



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