Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Hassan Kabab and Steaks

Since I am craving for Hassan’s chicken kebab and keema pie, and I can’t go there today..I’ll just blab about it until this hungry stomach stops screaming for some.

It was the last week of July when my favorite food buddies (Shinrou and Enrico) and I visited Hassan. I was so elated when we went there because its a Persian restaurant. I was so happy that I visited it twice that week.

Shinrou browsing Hassan’s menu.

Hassan serves 6 sauces.

I died.

My personal favorite are their garlic,pesto,and cheese sauce.

Being a sauce freak that I am, it felt like I was floating the whole time I was there..seriously!

Beers for Shinrou & Enrico.

Yogurt shake for me.

I find Mister Kebab’s yogurt shake better.

Ox Brain


Not that we don’t like it but..being the health conscious that we are,we won’t be ordering this again. :))

Chicken Kebab 

I ordered another set of this and 2 extra orders of grilled tomatoes!

I smothered it with the sauces of course,and floated my way out of Hassan!

P.S. I am seriously craving for some right now!

Keema Pie

We all loved it!

The crust is very crunchy..smoher it with more sauce and you’ll die happy =))

My second visit was with my family. I just can’t get over Hassan that I had to drag them to Katipunan!

My siblings ordered the steak, while I as usual stuffed my hungry mouth with chicken kebab.

They all loved the keema pie! 🙂

Can someone please take me to a Persian Restaurant now….. 🙁


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