Hassan Kabab and Steaks

/*-9-I LOVE Persian food! I am lucky because there are a lot of Persian restaurants in Manila.It is definitely one of the best cuisines ever! Persian food is straight forward and simple. One of the things I would break my diet for — keema with lots and lots of white sauce!

I really liked Hassan so much that I went there twice in one week. My first time was with my favorite food buddies. The second time, I told my family about it and told them that we should go for our family dinner.

Hassan has 6 different sauces.My 2 most favorite sauces are garlic and pesto & cheese.Being the sauce freak that I am, I was so happy to indulge.

Shinrou and Enrico ordered beer while I enjoyed my glass of yogurt shake. Mister Kebab’s is still better but this one is good enough to enjoy our Persian dinner even more.

Ox Brain

fat.fat.fat. — that’s what we were saying the whole time! We ordered it because we were so interested in the taste and texture.

Chicken Kebab 

I ordered 2 plates of this — cheat day to the highest level!! It was soooo good!!!! Definitely hit the spot.

Keema Pie

We all loved it! This is something that Mister Kebab doesn’t have so we were all excited to try it. The crust was very crunchy and the toppings were just enough — not too heavy! Smother it with more sauce and you’ll be very satisfied!

My second visit with my family. I couldn’t get over Hassan so I forced them to go to Katipunan.

Can someone please take me to a Persian Restaurant now….. 🙁

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