Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

I would give anything just to do everything that I love now.Everything that I was used to before I worked. But getting my priorities straight and accomplished is far more better than just wasting my time,resources and opportunities. This is what I needed as of this moment – DIRECTION.

Most of my goals have a “time frame”, and I am just glad that I am on the right track. I am positive that I will fulfill most of it in my desired time. I can’t say “all of it” just yet cause life is a beautiful definition for the word – CHANGE.

I used to think (just about 2 years ago) that I have already planned out what I want to do with my career, I remember my Chef instructor asking our class about this certain question (this part right here is very vague, but stating the question would give out what I am aspiring to do in he future – and I would just want to keep silent about this until it pushes through). Anyway, I did not raise my hand to her question..BUT now,if someone asks me again that same question, I’d say otherwise. I am pleased with how my life flows with His plans. More than gratified,and more than blessed. 🙂

Working is goal that I’ve just scratched off my list a month ago. I’ve always wanted to work after graduating and before “flying” 🙂 Most of the time I miss my “old-carefree-stress free” life. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Just like what my good good good and funny friend Carlos said “we all have to make sacrifices”. I don’t know why but everything seems funny when he says it, but I must agree, to get where I want to be,I have to make a small sacrifice..sacrifice called night shift!! 😐 oh babyyyyy. 🙁

I had my day-off from work yesterday (09/22). My friend and I met up for lunch and watched a movie afterwards.

We had lunch in Mary Grace.

My family and I loves to eat in Mary Grace. My Mom and Sister spoils their selves with Mary Grace’s grilled ensaimada and cheese roll. While my Dad and I tries something new from he menu every time we pay a visit.

Wild Mushroom Pate

We ordered this for appetizer

..but the sequence of food to us is actually not evident since we just order everything that sounds good to us from the menu.

I find it “okay”. No really something that I would look forward to and will order again when I go there.

I was expecting a pate,that has a “pate” like texture and consistency,but this is quite far from what I am expecting it to be.

Tomato and Herb Pasta

I loved this! Can’t put into words how much I want to eat this right now :))

 he ordered:Spaghetti and Meatballs

I have a feeling that he misses Itaianni’s spaghetti and meatballs :))

The tomato sauce is too runny 😐 Add another ladle,and its good as a tomato soup.

I loved the taste though, really wish the sauce was thicker.

The meatballs were…blah 😐 It lacks taste. #justsaying

A little something something on our table 🙂

After having lunch in Mary Grace,we bough tickets for Contagion. I loved the movie, he didn’t :)) I love how it scared,and still scares me of the fact that a disease could kill millions of people. Stuff like that affects me,in all sorts of way. My being OC has just been upgraded to another level 😐 :))

I decided to go to the grocery just to wind up and make my day-off worth it :))

Before going to the grocery, we grabbed some sugar-free carrot cake first…which made me miss Craving’s.

I would do anything jusy for that carrot cake,anyone? :))




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