Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM


Cebu: May 2011

It was a rainy day and night meant for food and movie. We passed by this interesting restaurant and told myself I wouldn’t go back to Manila without eating here.

The restaurant is being headed by an Australian Chef and his Filipina wife. We were seated beside their son who I think was studying. Looking at him made me miss home, where in I will go home and see my siblings studying in our living room.


Canvas’ open kitchen

I always get inquisitive on how my food is being prepared.So dining in an open kitchen restaurant makes me elated the whole time.

Mango Shake to have a refreshing start o our dinner.

Canvas is a bistro bar and gallery.

Mushroom Pate

I loved this! Just the kind of pate that I want to munch on 🙂


Pollo something something. I forgot what this dish is called

Chicken served with brown sauce,sauteed veggies and mashed potato.

Since I’ve been devouring myself in quesadillas during my stay in Cebu, I couldn’t resist not ordering this.

It was one of the best quesadillas that I have eaten in Cebu 🙂


Buffalo Wings.

I remember only having a bite and giving this to my friend. I am not a fan of this.


Apple Strudel

I loved this so much! Apple + Cinnamon are so perfect together 🙂 Eating this with vanilla ice cream is really mouth watering. 🙂



After watching a movie, we still have the urge to roam around the mall. But malls in Cebu closes earlier compared to our malls here in Manila, so we ended up eating a salad in CBTL.

I seriously miss my pig out days in Cebu. Weeks that I spent trying new restaurants. 😐 🙂




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