Drama queen no more.

I choose life over drama. I admit, I used to be the biggest drama queen,but not anymore. When I envisaged that a life with no drama is better,I hastily left the complicated life that I was trying to live in. Choosing life over drama is not my way of escaping to reality, its my way of appreciating that life goes hand in hand with opportunities – opportunities to rise,and to fall.

Life realizations for the week.

1. I can’t live my life trying to please everyone and prove them wrong – especially those who dislikes me. I can’t live my life just trying to please somebody. I have to get up and make the most out of my blessed life. There’s more to life than just please and and prove them all wrong. I’ve realized that in God’s own time,you will be accepted and appreciated by those people who will really matter to you in life. You don’t live to please them. I will live my life according to his plans,and as much as possible, stay away from all the wrongness that would come my way. I live for him,not for someone else. 🙂

2. I have already cried about this for 3 nights,  and I am now on the edge of completing this torment – 2 (or maybe 3) days to go and I’m off this hook! Night shift was not bad after all. Being surrounded with co-workers that makes my work place less stressful is a blessing. I just can’t wait for this to be over,cause I couldn’t fathom the fact that my Dad has to pick me up from work in the middle of the night anymore.

3. “I tried” – believe it or not I did. Maybe one day – maybe.

4. I am trying all my might to stall this departure,but stalling should not coincide with abrogating – and I wouldn’t let that happen. As much as I hate to leave the life that I am used to, I have to move forward and embrace my dream,for it is already in the palm of my hands.

5. Chasing dreams is not the way to go. I don’t chase my dreams. I grab them and make those happen, one by one. Dreams don’t run,they wait until you do something and make them come to reality.

6. I deserve these blessings, and that’s the only thing that I have to prove to someone. And that someone is my only One – Him 🙂

<3 R

P.S. I am now on my way to 2,200 hits since I’ve publicized this page last January 2011! I know this is quite a small number for some of you,but it really warms my heart every time I see a hit every day! 🙂 I don’t know the main reason and intention why you guys check my blog but nonetheless, you make this crazy girl happy 🙂

(c) Mark See

“to be young and carefree” 🙂 <3

5 thoughts on “Drama queen no more.

  1. You are no longer IA-ken Rianna. I guess you’re a stronger woman now. And I’m glad that you are living your life happily. IMY:)

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