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The good in the bad

My first tormenting week fell on the last week of September. It is no secret that I dislike working the night shift. I’ve been blabbing about it even before it happened because I wanted to prepare myself — emotionally. Instead of sulking at work and bursting in tears when at home, I tried my best to find the beauty in the situation that I am in. I spent my week thinking of ways on how to turn my sadness around. Leaving work at 12MN is no joke! My sleeping schedule is totally messed up until now 🙁

My first Bon Chon experience.

My family and I are Chicken Charlie lovers so it’s hard not to compare. Bon Chon is good, but we think Chicken Charlie is better.

Is bon chon worth it? YES! The chicken were very crispy and the soy garlic sauce is not too sweet.

Mogu Mogu Grape is the best!!!!

Had my Blackberry fixed at Greenhills and tried YogiBerry for the first time 🙂

Went to the grocery with my family. Going to the grocery is therapeutic for me. Great way to spend my day off.

My Dad and my sissy 🙂 <3

We all love s&r’s pizza!! I swear its just as good even the next day (of course when reheated properly) 🙂

The only thick crust pizza that I can indulge every day!!! 🙂

Met up with my friend after my trip to the grocery with my family. We grabbed a bite at Taco Bell, I ordered my 2 favorites of course! Chips and cheesy potatoes.


Dark Chocolate cake at Parvati before heading to work! 🙂

I loved this!! Very moist and not too sweet! My kind of chocolate cake 🙂 <3

It was a Friday night when my friend and I planned to watch a movie after my 11PM shift. Eastwood’s last full shows are usually scheduled at 11PM-12MN, so we chose to watch there.  I immediately punched out and headed to Eastwood. We arrived there at 11:15PM, just in time for Friends with Benefits but to our dismay, the ticket booth was already closed 🙁

We did not want our night to end so we decided to go to Cafeccino.

Chocolate drink to boost my energy! lol, we decided to go to Something Fishy and try their “breakfast buffet”.

Up until now, I still ask myself why I ate there for the second time when I know it will only disappoint. Ugh I have to keep on reminding myself to stay away from that place! lol

It was already 2AM, and we both felt that the night is still young and as if our breakfast indulgence is not enough,we decided to go to Mister Kebab! 🙂

I wanted Yogurt Shake, but they were out already 🙁 It’s like the world conspired against me, I was so stressed, we did not make it in time for Friends with Benefits, bad food at Something Fishy and no yogurt shake in MK!! Aaah 🙁

Which lead me to order this dessert! I was craving for banoffee pie, so I tried this.

I was surprised to see a glass chiller full of desserts in MK! I’m assuming that most of their desserts are supplied by Pastry Passion! It was similar to the cakes that I’ve ordered when I visited PP! 🙂

It was a night meant for me to vent about the stress and unhappy thoughts that’s been corrupting my entire soul. I just needed someone to listen and understand what I’m going through, and I’m glad I had someone to confide in 🙂

My Dad picks me up at work every time I am scheduled for night shift. One of the sweetest surprises that he did for me was this 🙂 <3

He must’ve noticed the stress and my tiresome aura that when he picked me up one Saturday night, he surprised me with my favorite yogurt shake and a chocolate bar! These definitely swept away all the wearisome feeling that I’ve been having and left me sentimental before I called it a night!

I am now in my second week of torment! Can’t wait to embrace Sunday with my family!!! 🙂




Love, Iaken

When I stayed in Cebu for almost 3 months, the thing that I missed the most about MNL was having Ate Inday and my driver Kuya Gerry around. Chos! lol .It was actually hard to live away from my family, aside from the obvious fact that I can’t do all of the chores that I have to deal with every day, commuting around Cebu was not easy at all. I spent my first week wishing that I should’ve listened to my Dad and brought Ate Inday with me to attend to my needs, but being the risk taker that I am and a person who wants to grow, I took the liberty of living independently (or so I’ve thought HAHA) and learn how to stand on my own.

It was a decision that I had to do to somehow ready myself and my family in my plan of taking a bite into a bigger apple in 2012. I remember crying myself to sleep cause I miss my family so much,most especially my Dad. There are days that I would want to go home and eat dinner with them,go out – watch a movie, come home late and be overwhelmed with another day well spent with the family. I have to put all of those behind for a while to let myself grow. I can’t fathom the idea of dealing with this again next year, so as early as now I am actually prepping myself emotionally.

My Dad sent me care packages while I was in Cebu. It would always leave me One of the things that is always in his care package is tikoy because he knows I love it so much! <3 (more…)

Three Cheese Spinach Dip

I a, honestly not sure how to start this entry. My head is bombarded with decisions and doubts that I have to attend to. The heaviness of these thoughts is making my heart sink slowly. *sigh*

Last month, I tried doing Cibo’s SpinaciZola. I fell in love with it so much that I wanted to try it on my own. To my delight, it came out of the oven just as flavorful and how I wanted it to be. It’s definitely one of the easiest things I’ve done in the kitchen!

Everyone that tried the spinach dip said they loved it!! This is definitely a hit! Perfect for when we have people over.

Feel free to tweak the quantity of each ingredient depending on your preference.


1/2 Onion

1 tbsp Garlic

Butter & Flour for Roux (about 1 tbsp)

2 cups skim milk

1/4 cup gorgonzola

1/2 cup cream cheese

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

2 handfuls of spinach

  1. Pre-heat oven to 375F
  2. Saute onion and garlic.
  3. Add a tbsp of roux (I like to do this before I add the liquid to make sure there will be no lumps. It’s also easier to adjust when you do it this way, you can just add more after the milk OR add more milk if it gets too thick.)
  4. Pour skim milk and let it boil for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Add all cheese and stir until melted.
  6. Add spinach and let simmer for 3-4 minutes.
  7. Add more parmesan cheese on top and put it in the oven until top becomes golden brown.

I incorporated 3 kinds of cheese for this recipe – gorgonzola, parmesan and cream cheese. Instead of using cream, I used skim milk and thickened it with roux instead. I did not want to feel super guilty after eating this! lol

I love how spinach and cheese go well together! 🙂

Spinach (Life). 3 kinds of cheese (situations). How can I even put these in a sentence? I am mentally and physically drained already 🙁

1. Gorgonzola – This is the heaviest decision that I have to make. Stage 1 has already been accomplished and I don’t know if I did the right thing. I found myself the day after, which is today doubting if I chose the right medium for my dream. I know all my worries will turn around with His guidance. Maybe, my frustration of knowing “when” and “where” lead me to this – over-thinking, over-worrying, over-over-over!

2. Parmesan – Slowly, I am being corrupted with thoughts of ending another chapter in my life. Most of the time I feel like I am taking this blessing for granted for thinking in such way, but like what most of us say – don’t do things that don’t make you happy. That is my driving force in starting and living another chapter before everything changes.

3. Cream cheese – Knowing that you’ve hurt someone is also painful. Leaving and rejection go hand in hand. I’ve been rejected by someone before, and it was the worst feeling that I’ve ever had in my 20 years of existence. I can’t say that it is okay for me to leave someone and reject him, BUT its a decision that I had to make. It’s not easy to turn around things for someone. Most of the time I find myself saying hurtful words that I don’t want to say but had to. This situation is turning me into an evil monster and I don’t like it.

It is a hot sunny afternoon. I feel like my life is being baked like a Spinach dip. Waiting for the right time to be gratinated. Waiting and yearning.

Driving slow on a Sunday morning


When I was younger,  I would always bring something home for my siblings. It’s a good habit that I still love to do. Seeing them excited and happy to see me come home with a present always leaves me sentimental and fulfilled. When I was in high school, I started listing down the things that I want to achieve in life. One of which is to take my family out for dinner when I get my first paycheck. I have a very looong list, and I would love to share it on this blog as I cross it off one by one 🙂

It has been almost 3 years since I had a decent breakfast. Me- taking my time at the dining table,savoring my food and contemplating on how my day will turn out. One of the things that I love about working morning shift is being able to eat breakfast — that’s how I started my Sunday and I am so happy!

It was a busy Sunday at my workplace, seeing families being seated at the tables made me more excited to get off work, meet up with my family and spend the rest of the day with them. When I asked my siblings what they want to eat when I treat them, my sister said “pizza”. I wanted to eat in a Mexican restaurant,but knowing my sister and her very picky character when it comes to food, I decided to go by her request.

We headed to White Plains and ate in Sandy’s Pizza.

My first treat for my family was inexpensive but what transpired throughout the day was more than what money can buy 🙂

My sister chose Sandy’s pizza because of this, happy fries.

I love how not oily it is. You can actually munch on real potatoes! Happy Fries indeed! 🙂

Onion Rings

My sister requested for this.Upon serving our food, my sister kept on wooing.My Dad told her “lakas mo naman sa Ate Ia mo” :)) She really is!

Creamy Pesto Pasta

We all loved this! It was super creamy and very flavorful!

18″ Filipino Sampler

– Margherita

I loved this! We actually all did!Simple but very delicious. My brother Renzo even told me that it tastes like the mozzarella dip that I did a few months back 🙂

Spanish Sardines with Capers

My Dad love this! I have to say this flavor is perfect for him because it has 2 of his favorites — sardines and capers… well duhh! lol


For the kiddos! My sister loved this so much that when she saw that there’s only a slice left,she hastily told my brother to get another flavor instead! lol

– Mexican Taco Pizza

My brother Remo chose this and I’m glad he did!! I loved this so much!!  If you’ve read my previous posts you would notice how much I love Mexican food. So I am kind of biased about this lol

According to Sandy’s Pizza’s Facebook information tab “We use only wheat flour and lower fat content mozzarella, making our pizza’s less greasy but yet still full flavored (indulge without guilt)!”. This made me the happiest customer.

We all loved the pizza!! I asked them if they wanted to order another round,but they were already full and since we know we were bound to Powerplant Mall after our pizza trip,we wanted to save room for dessert 🙂

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings

My brother wanted to have buffalo wings, but the tangy taste puts us off every time, so I convinced him to change it to this instead. I’m really glad my persuasion worked cause this was a hit! Being a chicken wing lover,this definitely hit the spot!

My Dad is a food lover,so hearing him say that he loved the food is very gratifying! I don’t want him to get disappointed with my first dinner treat. I did not want to just satisfy our appetite,I want us to start our family day with great food that can set up our moods 🙂

We went to Powerplant after 🙂

I suggested to watch a movie and I am glad they all agreed. My favorite part when going to the movies? POPCORN, of course 😉

I suggested to watch Real Steel

I’m glad that my Dad loved the movie! He is quite hard to please when it comes to those kind of stuff! Its either he falls asleep in the movie house or keeps silent and gives a bad remark after the show! He can’t stop blabbing about the movie until we got home! It’s a great family movie.

Joyce’s Rum Cake is responsible for my butter rum cake addiction! I swear her rum cake is so good!!! <3

I support organizations that give social awareness to the youth and extends their hand to the people who needs attention and support.This organization caught my attention because of their advocacy for women.

Every time I go to Fullybooked, I can’t leave without a new book. I’ve been eyeing on this book for months now,but since I made way for books that was more interesting back then,I had to put this on my “buy me” list for a while.Glad I was able to purchase this last night.

This reminded me of the newly opened Fullybooked in Katipunan. Passing by Katipunan made me miss my life as a student. Why must they open Fullybooked,Peanutbutter & co and the like after I graduated??

It was another Sunday well spent with the family.

I couldn’t translate into words how deeply overwhelmed I am for the blessing I have received since, God knows when! It was like an answered prayer,but only that I did not ask for it. I only have one tormenting day this week! Next week is going to be another interesting week.



Before the worst.

I can already feel my dreadful week coming,so before sulking myself into another “I-don’t-want-to-see-my-Dad-get-tired-because-of-me” week, I will try to remember all the things that made me happy to at least compensate for this kind of situation and feeling.

When I get too stressed out because of my job, I always try to think about the feeling that I had when I got it. I felt blessed and excited because I knew I wouldn’t be a bum for so long. I was already imagining how will I look like as an employee even if I still had a week until my graduation. The words that were said to me during the interview overwhelmed me,it really uplifted my inner being. It was one of my goals to land a job after I graduate, I’m glad that God lead me to it. When I feel like I am taking my job for granted, I always remind myself that it is more of a blessing than a job.

I know my heart and my mind are contradicting each other right now because of this big adjustment in my life. *sigh* “It’s not so bad”, that’s what I will tell myself for the next n days.


My friend and I started our day in Newport mall! I love going there cause its just right in front of my happy place — the airport.

Top: Forever21, Bandage skirt: Zara

We had our lunch at Parmigiano 🙂

I fell in love with the restaurant. The friendly staff welcomed us.

Chicken Cacciatore

This was spot on! The chicken was very tender and the saice was flavorful. Worth every penny!

Risotto Al Funghi

The main reason why we ate in an Italian restaurant. I was craving for risotto and couldn’t let another week go by without having one.

Parmigiano resurrected my soul with this dish. I swear it was how I want my risotto to be! I smothered it with more parmesan and it was heaven in every bite.

<3 <3 <3

We went to Taft after 🙂 I met up with a friend and waited for my brother Renzo.

We had our dinner in Army Navy since my brother wanted to eat there.

This was mouthwatering! I love how it did not taste like a fast food burger.


The only thing that made me sad that night was the salsa. I love smothering my quesadilla with salsa but theirs’ was no good! 🙁

Milkshake!! What better way to enjoy our food even more?

We passed by Machiavelli and of course, I couldn’t let that day pass without munching on some good ol’ chocos 🙂 <3

I love Belgian chocolates! Combine it with praline and I am in heaven!

My Dad would always buy us loads of Belgian chocolates and Ferreros! I blame my Dad for my weakness in chocolates!! <3

Heaven! <3 <3 <3

I also love how they are beautifully packaged.It was a long day indeed! I’m glad everything went smoothly 🙂

I went home with a good news for my parents that day, truly it was a day full of blessings 🙂



Gift of life.

Have you ever been in a situation so hard that you just feel like shutting down? I hate to question why I am in this situation right now. I do not want to doubt what the Lord has in store for me, I know it’s going to be something BIG. My mind tells me I am not okay,  but my heart knows that there is something beautiful at the end of this journey so the best way to deal with this is to be grateful.  This post might sound like my previous entries for the last n months and I feel this will go on for a very very very long time.I lost track of how long it has been since something desolate hit me and put me down. I thank God and the positive attitude that he blesses me everyday.Without it, I won’t be saying these words.

10.10.11: “Sometimes I wish I feel the same about you, maybe it would be better for the both of us. But those are just wishes and maybes.”

Someone surprised me with a box of my favorite treat last 10.10.11.He waited outside my workplace before 3PM, not knowing that I am scheduled to work at 6PM! It was a sweet gesture that made me smile before entering my own piece of “war zone”

I love how it is beautifully and elegantly packaged!

I’m a sucker for good packaging!! 🙂

They are all sinfully beautiful and delicious 🙂 <3

6 lovely macaroons <3


My day-off this week fell on a Tuesday which was yesterday. As expected, I did not waste any minute of it.

My day officially started in CBTL. I was interviewed by sophomore students from St. Paul. It was really humbling cause I never thought I’ll be doing so! I can’t help but get kilig!! <3 🙂 I felt like a real grown up being interviewed by these youngsters and talking about my future plans and all. 🙂

The best lemon bar that I have tasted was at Akiba’s. CBTL’s lemon bar is the closest to my best. Nom! 🙂

As a token of appreciation, they gave me this!! Sweet!!! 🙂 <3

They made my day! <3

My Mom, Sister and I went shopping. It was nice to spend the day with them, it’s been a while since the last time we did that.

Glad I was able to go to Santi’s. Finally got gelatin sheets for my next kitchen advadventure

My brother texted me asking me to buy him a chocolate cake. Being the sweet Ate that I am,I d id not buy him any.. lol

Instead, my sister and I went to a nearby pastry shop from our house. I was in heaven! looking at all of their sweet goodies made me drool. Our Kitchen’s chocolate chip cookie is to die for!!! So perfectly chewy and not too sweet! We maxed out the canister and small goodie bag in just a night! My oh my!!! Can’t wait to buy more SOON!

Something new on my bedside table <3 🙂

My sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet sister gave me this!! 🙂 <3 grbe super sweet!!! <3 🙂

I can’t go out the house without spraying some perfume on! My sister knows me well <3 🙂

Addition to my collection!! <3

I get more hate comments on my Formspring than good ones. This comment DEFINITELY made my entire year!! I really hope this person was not an anon! I seriously want to thank this person in so many ways <3 🙂

..and this too!! 🙂

Didn’t know my blog would end up in someone else’s page someday 🙂

God is really awesome! He never fails to make my day sweeter and sweeter in ways that I can’t even think of 🙂 Thank you Lord!!! <3 🙂


Today, there are 3 things that God blessed me with again. Blessings that I will never get tired of 🙂

1. Family – having breakfast with my Dad, being picked up by him from work, having an afternoon snack with the family, and ending the day with a dinner with them is a blessing that I am truly grateful for 🙂

2. Girlfriends that never fail to pick you up, or just lay down with you when you’re feeling down 🙂

3. And everyone who views this page! 🙂 I’ve just reached my 2,500 hit! It’s been only 10 days since my 2,200 hit! Thank you!!!! <3 🙂

the grateful girl,

R <3

Monday Sunshine

I woke up on a beautiful morning today.It’s the first time in 5 days that I slept for 8 hours, I am no longer stressed and I’ll be embracing the only day of the week for a night shift. Upon seeing my schedule yesterday, I couldn’t help but to smile and jump out of joy inside. I’ll be spending 2 Sundays with my family in a row, which is very important to me. Last week was a different kind of hell, having dinner with my family is a blessing that I don’t want to miss, but for 7 days straight,I was not able to do so, just imagine my frustration and dismay.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing my friends tomorrow, and I couldn’t wait! It’s been a while since I last saw them. Missing them reminded me of some of the few food trips that Shinrou and I had before our graduation. Trinoma is the most convenient and less stressful place to meet up with her. There are a few “hole-in-the-wall” food establishments that we tried this summer.

July 28,2011

I love Mexican Food! I won’t get tired of saying it and mentioning it on my blog :))

We had a late lunch feast in Mexicali. The food was good. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures. Ugh

After ordering,I can’t take being starved for so long anymore,so I bought a Jamaican patty which is only a couple of stores away from Mexicali..

The cheesy beef is my all-time favorite <3

Garden Burger with Cheese

I got intrigued with their veggie burger so I gave it a try. If you are a health buff, this is perfect! They used chickpeas for the burger so it’s protein packed 😉

What’s a Mexican food fest without salsa and chips?

This was okay……the salsa was very watery so I was very disappointed.

Our friend ordered the BBQ Chicken Burrito.  

Cheese Quesadilla

I love quesadillas! I am so sad that this was not up to par. The cheese was not melted all the way and tortilla was not crunchy at all.

California Chili Dog

My favorite movie snack. I always get this to go whenever I see a movie (yup!I am that person who brings in smelly food! lol).

Chili Con Carne

I loved the chili on the bun so I ordered a cup of chili! It was sooooo good!

After our Mexican feast, and 2-hour bonding, I headed to Chicken Charlie in Banawe to meet up with my girlfriends <3

August 4,2011

It was raining all day so we were craving for something that would warm our stomachs. We ended up eating at Chicken Mami House. It was the perfect lunch!



Renewed and ready.


I received this package last September 30,2011.For some,this post may seem irrelevant.But,to me it matters.

I love how my eyes got “warmed up” with the pink packaging. 🙂


My renewed passport! 🙂

I am so happy that I am now a maroon passport holder!

While signing the delivery form, I just can’t let the feeling of me wanting to fly ASAP evade my entire soul.

Also,I couldn’t wait to see my horrible passport photo! So yet again,just like my old passport photo, I have to deal with it for 5 years! – again! Good luck with all the immigration officers who will be “inspecting” it..

“Ma’am gagamitin nyo pa ba ito o punch ko na?”

The question that made my world stop for a minute and broke my heart. I want him to give me another minute to decide if I want my green passport to be “punched” with 2 holes already or not..I wanted to think more if I can manage to travel again before my green passport expires on May 2012 (I know, I renewed my passport early cause I know I was bound to be busy after that week,so I took care of all the stuff that I can do during my “free month”)

Anyway, I blurted “okay kuya,punch it na”.

It broke my heart cause I still wanted to use it,to have every page stamped in every immigration that I will cross.


4 pages,with stamps of different counries and signatures of different people.

One of my goals in life is to have all pages in my passport stamped. Haha =)) Who knows? I know it sounds dubious but it’s possible!

I took this photo last June 6,2011 while waiting to board for my Cebu trip. I was alone so I don’t want to look berserk by taking pictures of myself.. HAHAHA

Anyway, I can’t wait for December to come 🙂

And welcome 2012 and make another goal come true 🙂 <3



Remo’s 19th Birthday

backlog: August 27,2011

Whistlestop, Jupier St.

I don’t know why we ended up eating here,but my experience here was unlikely. Maybe,we should’ve ordered something else to fully enjoy this restaurant…

One of the few restaurants that’s open 24/7

Spaghetti Bolognese

Again,we were craving for Ialianni’s spagheti meatballs,so everytime we go to a restaurant that offers pastas, we try their red sauce.

Anyway,this was a bi disappointing. It tasted like what a small scale restaurant would offer.  Considering that they’re in Jupiter,they can do better than this.

I was already feeling a little down,and since Miss B’s is just a few establishments away, he bought me my favorite milkshake in the entire milkshake world (so far) Roasted Marshmallow Shake. I sweaaaaaar, I die every time I drink this!!! <3 🙂


I ordered this cause it sounds cute :))

They were very generous with the cheese and I kind of liked this..kind of.

We headed to Ayala Avenue after. Went to SM Makati for Forever 21, and Glorietta for some sweet fix and a movie trip 🙂

Ever since I was in high school, I would always let my Dad drive me to Lord Stow’s in Banawe just to have a tart or two. I passed on that addiction to my Mom,which later brings home a box..or two.

I recently “influenced” someone to this addiction again, him.

I love the “freshly-baked” vibe that you get when you order this from any stall that they have in the malls. <3

If you’re watching HIMYM, you have probably watched the Burger episode.

Well, I have a little Marshal-ish episode in my tummy as well.

Someone used to give me this super delicious cake,I have no words for it..i leaves me breathless all the time. Two years ago, we went to the patisserie shop  where he orders the delicious cake,but sadly it was already closed. I really broke my heart cause I really love that cake! I couldn’t even describe how good it was!

So every time I see a cake that looks similar to that, I try it. This was 50% close to that,almost the same..but still wasn’t what I was yearning for.

So yeah, I’m still a “Marshal with a burger dilemma”.

We watched the movie Trust. Can I just say,that Annie girl was so annoying and folish to even think Charlie was really her. Can’t get over!!

Bea’s Birthday in Jollibee

my cousin Bea celebrated her 3rd birthday in Jollibee. It was my brother Remo and Tito Ricky’s birthday too, so just imagine the celebrations that we have during August! 🙂

We did not eat out anymore since there’s a party reserved for Bea in Jollibee. Kudos to my Tita who upgraded her package, we had a feast over Jollibee’s chicken joy. I hink it was already 2 years since I last ate a chicken joy. And yes, that’s how much I dislike eating in fast foods, but kiddie parties are an exception 🙂

Mi fat jeje brother. =))

I always tell someone to touch my brother’s humongous tummy! =)) And I always roll out of laughter every time they do so!!

Mi boys <3

They all wore grey :))

Daddy’s favorite pose! HAHAHA :))

top and skirt from Forever21 🙂

Saw the hosts’ vest..and of course we wouldn’t go home without making fun of it! :))

My Dad loves to kid around,so as expected,he joined us while fooling around! :))

Mi bebi boy is so big already!!!

My brother’s girlfriend Klariz,gave him this Captain America cake. Its so kyooooots!!

photo from Klariz

We always have Estrel’s cake during celebrations!! One of my favorite cakes!! <3 🙂

Remo’s birthday ended with a drinking session with our Mom,his girlfriend,some of our cousins plus 2 microphones. They sang heir hearts out and drank the night away.

It was nice seeing my brother happy,and everybody else 🙂



Apes in the City.


Since I really miss my good friend Shinrou, I’ve decided to post this first amongst the n blogs that I have piled up.

It was a long day for us,literally. Cliche to hear I know. When Shinrou texted me that morning that she’ll be buying a SLR, I couldn’t be any happier for her. It was so sudden that even her did not expect that she’ll be having one already. It just took her an apple to get her hands on that Nikon D90 🙂

We went to Hidalgo and purchased her camera in Henry’s. I’ve bought 3 out of the 6 cameras that I owned in Hidalgo,2 was from Henry’s. You’d be surprised to know the difference of the prices in Hidalgo and in the malls. What made me more excited of going there is that fact that I’ll get to ea my favorite hopia again. It has been no secret that my family and I goes to Quiapo church every Friday, and eating this freshly baked hopia never fails to make our trip more special. 🙂

Camera lovin’

We went to Rockwell and had lunch in Kulinarya Kitchen

I drink a lot. Water. Juice. Milk Tea. I take lots of liquid everyday.

Fruit Punch

Red Snapper in Madeira

with potato gratin and julienne of vegetables.

I swear,I fell in love with this dish. The sauce still haunts me until now, and the juiciness of the fish plus the perfectly seasoned and gratinated potato just took me to heaven!! Couldn’t wait to go to Rockwell and eat this again!

Tomato Basil Pizza

I want my pizza simple and thin – this was perfect. We all loved this!!

I don’t have pictures of what they ordered..but I remember Shin,not loving what she ordered =))

We were quite devastated cause the dessert fair was not there,since it was a weekday. After grabbing lunch, we bough movie tickets for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was a feel good movie, but he apes scared me, almost everyone that’s around me knows how afraid I am of any animal in this planet!

One ape was found in Powerplant last August 8,2011! She was caught munching on some cheese popcorn with an unladylike manner!

We went to Tiendesitas to buy some important stuff for Shinrou and I.

We had these for dinner.

I literally did not notice he ime until my Dad called and asked me what time I was going home. I was surprised to see that it was already 10PM!

It was a long day,indeed! 🙂



Inday’s Day Off: Girl friends and a surprise :)

September 26,2011 (Monday)

When I started working, I told myself that I wouldn’t put my day-off to waste. I should spend it wisely,productively and “lively”. I already made plans for the morning that day, but due to unlikely happenings it didn’t push through. I was glad that my day-off was not just a normal day because of my girl friends 🙂

We seldom see each other due to our busy schedules, most of us are already working and busy trying to have a piece of enjoyment and life combined into one.

My girlfriends picked me up at home. It was raining hard. Hence,the jacket.

Putting us all in a car will make your ride insanely mad. There will be screaming,laughing,torturing and even a concert!

I love car rides with my girl friends! I always find it the second best part of our day together 🙂

The surprise that made us all wet. LOL

“teeeenkyuuzoooowmuch Mathuuur”.

Zion fancies taking candid pictures of us. That’s how labo she is.

Ruth ordered pizza (c/o Jake) for everyone! You already! Effort kung effort!

Mathhhurrr and I <3

This seldom happens – us,5!

Bian,Mari,Jayce and Chelsey…you are missed!!

I really hope all of us could get together on February!!

Anyway, my girls and I went to Ersao for some milk tea fix. While the boys were left drinking booze.

ze birthday boy and ze effort queen.

Kudos to you,Kang!! 🙂

It was a lovely day-off. That was what I needed, my girl friends,crazy laughter with them and hugs:)

As I write this blog,I can’t believe that it has been a week since this happened,and a almost a week has passed since my night shift week, time flies..after this week,I’m saying hello and goodbye to night shift again 🙁 🙂

I’m getting nearer and nearer on where I want to be.

One step closer to the things that I have planned out.

..and one by one,they are being held by my hands.



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