Inday’s Day Off: Girl friends and a surprise :)

September 26,2011 (Monday)

When I started working, I told myself that I wouldn’t put my day-off to waste. I should spend it wisely,productively and “lively”. I already made plans for the morning that day, but due to unlikely happenings it didn’t push through. I was glad that my day-off was not just a normal day because of my girl friends 🙂

We seldom see each other due to our busy schedules, most of us are already working and busy trying to have a piece of enjoyment and life combined into one.

My girlfriends picked me up at home. It was raining hard. Hence,the jacket.

Putting us all in a car will make your ride insanely mad. There will be screaming,laughing,torturing and even a concert!

I love car rides with my girl friends! I always find it the second best part of our day together 🙂

The surprise that made us all wet. LOL

“teeeenkyuuzoooowmuch Mathuuur”.

Zion fancies taking candid pictures of us. That’s how labo she is.

Ruth ordered pizza (c/o Jake) for everyone! You already! Effort kung effort!

Mathhhurrr and I <3

This seldom happens – us,5!

Bian,Mari,Jayce and Chelsey…you are missed!!

I really hope all of us could get together on February!!

Anyway, my girls and I went to Ersao for some milk tea fix. While the boys were left drinking booze.

ze birthday boy and ze effort queen.

Kudos to you,Kang!! 🙂

It was a lovely day-off. That was what I needed, my girl friends,crazy laughter with them and hugs:)

As I write this blog,I can’t believe that it has been a week since this happened,and a almost a week has passed since my night shift week, time flies..after this week,I’m saying hello and goodbye to night shift again 🙁 🙂

I’m getting nearer and nearer on where I want to be.

One step closer to the things that I have planned out.

..and one by one,they are being held by my hands.



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