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Since I really miss my good friend Shinrou, I’ve decided to post this first amongst the n blogs that I have piled up.

It was a long day for us, literally. Cliche to hear I know. When Shinrou texted me that morning that she’ll be buying an SLR, I couldn’t be any happier for her. It was so sudden that she even did not expect that she’ll be having one already. It just took her an apple to get her hands on that Nikon D90 šŸ™‚

We went to Hidalgo and purchased her camera in Henry’s. I’ve bought 3 out of the 6 cameras that I owned in Hidalgo,2 was from Henry’s. You’d be surprised to know the difference between the prices in Hidalgo and in the malls. What made me more excited about going there is that fact that I’ll get to eat my favorite hopia again. It has been no secret that my family and I goes to Quiapo church every Friday, and eating this freshly baked hopia never fails to make our trip more special. šŸ™‚

Camera lovin’

We went to Rockwell and had lunch inĀ Kulinarya Kitchen

I drink a lot. Water. Juice. Milk Tea. I take lots of liquid everyday.

Fruit Punch

Red Snapper in Madeira

with potato gratin and julienne of vegetables.

I swear,I fell in love with this dish. The sauce still haunts me until now, and theĀ juicinessĀ of the fish plus the perfectly seasoned and gratinated potato just took me to heaven!! Couldn’t wait to go to Rockwell and eat this again!

Tomato Basil Pizza

I want my pizza simple and thin – this was perfect. We all loved this!!

I don’t have pictures of what they ordered..but I remember Shin,not loving what she ordered =))

We were quiteĀ devastatedĀ cause the dessert fair was not there,since it was a weekday. After grabbing lunch, we bough movie tickets for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was a feel good movie, but he apes scared me, almost everyone that’s around me knows how afraid I am of any animal in this planet!

One ape was found in Powerplant last August 8,2011! She was caught munching on some cheese popcorn with an unladylike manner!

We went to Tiendesitas to buy some important stuff for Shinrou and I.

We had these for dinner.

I literally did not notice he ime until my Dad called and asked me what time I was going home. I was surprised to see that it was already 10PM!

It was a long day,indeed! šŸ™‚



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