backlog: August 27,2011

Whistlestop, Jupiter St.

I don’t know why we ended up eating here, but my experience here was unlikely. Maybe, we should’ve ordered something else to fully enjoy this restaurant…

One of the few restaurants that’s open 24/7

Spaghetti Bolognese

Again, we were craving for Ialianni’s spaghetti meatballs, so every time we go to a restaurant that offers pasta, we try their red sauce.

I was already feeling a little down, and since Miss B’s is just a few establishments away, he bought me my favorite milkshake in the entire milkshake world (so far) Roasted Marshmallow Shake. I sweaaaaaar, I die every time I drink this!!! <3 🙂


They were very generous with the cheese but honestly felt overpriced because of the small portion!

We headed to Ayala Avenue after. Went to SM Makati for Forever 21, and Glorietta for some sweet fix and a movie trip 🙂

Ever since I was in high school, I would always let my Dad drive me to Lord Stow’s in Banawe just to have a tart or two. I passed on that addiction to my Mom,which later brings home a box..or two.

I recently “influenced” someone to this addiction again, him.

I love the “freshly-baked” vibe that you get when you order this from any stall that they have in the malls. <3

If you’re watching HIMYM, you have probably watched the Burger episode.

Well, I have a little Marshal-ish episode in my tummy as well.

Someone used to give me this super delicious cake,I have no words for it..i leaves me breathless all the time. Two years ago, we went to the patisserie shop  where he orders the delicious cake,but sadly it was already closed. I really broke my heart cause I really love that cake! I couldn’t even describe how good it was!

So every time I see a cake that looks similar to that, I try it. This was 50% close to that,almost the same..but still wasn’t what I was yearning for.

So yeah, I’m still a “Marshal with a burger dilemma”.

We watched the movie Trust. Can I just say,that Annie girl was so annoying and folish to even think Charlie was really her. Can’t get over!!

Bea’s Birthday in Jollibee

my cousin Bea celebrated her 3rd birthday in Jollibee. It was my brother Remo and Tito Ricky’s birthday too, so just imagine the celebrations that we have during August! 🙂

We did not eat out anymore since there’s a party reserved for Bea in Jollibee. Kudos to my Tita who upgraded her package, we had a feast over Jollibee’s chicken joy. I hink it was already 2 years since I last ate a chicken joy. And yes, that’s how much I dislike eating in fast foods, but kiddie parties are an exception 🙂

Mi fat jeje brother. =))

I always tell someone to touch my brother’s humongous tummy! =)) And I always roll out of laughter every time they do so!!

Mi boys <3

They all wore grey :))

Daddy’s favorite pose! HAHAHA :))

top and skirt from Forever21 🙂

Saw the hosts’ vest..and of course we wouldn’t go home without making fun of it! :))

My Dad loves to kid around,so as expected,he joined us while fooling around! :))

Mi bebi boy is so big already!!!

My brother’s girlfriend Klariz,gave him this Captain America cake. Its so kyooooots!!

photo from Klariz

We always have Estrel’s cake during celebrations!! One of my favorite cakes!! <3 🙂

Remo’s birthday ended with a drinking session with our Mom,his girlfriend,some of our cousins plus 2 microphones. They sang heir hearts out and drank the night away.

It was nice seeing my brother happy,and everybody else 🙂



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