Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Renewed and ready.


I received this package last September 30,2011.For some,this post may seem irrelevant.But,to me it matters.

I love how my eyes got “warmed up” with the pink packaging. 🙂


My renewed passport! 🙂

I am so happy that I am now a maroon passport holder!

While signing the delivery form, I just can’t let the feeling of me wanting to fly ASAP evade my entire soul.

Also,I couldn’t wait to see my horrible passport photo! So yet again,just like my old passport photo, I have to deal with it for 5 years! – again! Good luck with all the immigration officers who will be “inspecting” it..

“Ma’am gagamitin nyo pa ba ito o punch ko na?”

The question that made my world stop for a minute and broke my heart. I want him to give me another minute to decide if I want my green passport to be “punched” with 2 holes already or not..I wanted to think more if I can manage to travel again before my green passport expires on May 2012 (I know, I renewed my passport early cause I know I was bound to be busy after that week,so I took care of all the stuff that I can do during my “free month”)

Anyway, I blurted “okay kuya,punch it na”.

It broke my heart cause I still wanted to use it,to have every page stamped in every immigration that I will cross.


4 pages,with stamps of different counries and signatures of different people.

One of my goals in life is to have all pages in my passport stamped. Haha =)) Who knows? I know it sounds dubious but it’s possible!

I took this photo last June 6,2011 while waiting to board for my Cebu trip. I was alone so I don’t want to look berserk by taking pictures of myself.. HAHAHA

Anyway, I can’t wait for December to come 🙂

And welcome 2012 and make another goal come true 🙂 <3




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