Where to Eat Before Watching a Movie in Trinoma

I woke up on a beautiful morning today.It’s the first time in 5 days that I slept for 8 hours, I am no longer stressed and I’ll be embracing the only day of the week for a night shift. Upon seeing my schedule yesterday, I couldn’t help but to smile and jump out of joy inside. I’ll be spending 2 Sundays with my family in a row, which is very important to me. Last week was a different kind of hell, having dinner with my family is a blessing that I don’t want to miss, but for 7 days straight,I was not able to do so, just imagine my frustration and dismay.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing my friends tomorrow, and I couldn’t wait! It’s been a while since I last saw them. Missing them reminded me of some of the few food trips that Shinrou and I had before our graduation. Trinoma is the most convenient and less stressful place to meet up with her. There are a few “hole-in-the-wall” food establishments that we tried this summer.

July 28,2011

I love Mexican Food! I won’t get tired of saying it and mentioning it on my blog :))

We had a late lunch feast in Mexicali. The food was good. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures. Ugh

After ordering,I can’t take being starved for so long anymore,so I bought a Jamaican patty which is only a couple of stores away from Mexicali..

The cheesy beef is my all-time favorite <3

Garden Burger with Cheese

I got intrigued with their veggie burger so I gave it a try. If you are a health buff, this is perfect! They used chickpeas for the burger so it’s protein packed ūüėČ

What’s a Mexican food fest without salsa and chips?

This was okay……the salsa was very watery so I was very disappointed.

Our friend ordered the BBQ Chicken Burrito.  

Cheese Quesadilla

I love quesadillas! I am so sad that this was not up to par. The cheese was not melted all the way and tortilla was not crunchy at all.

California Chili Dog

My favorite movie snack. I always get this to go whenever I see a movie (yup!I am that person who brings in smelly food! lol).

Chili Con Carne

I loved the chili on the bun so I ordered a cup of chili! It was sooooo good!

After our Mexican feast, and 2-hour bonding, I headed to Chicken Charlie in Banawe to meet up with my girlfriends <3

August 4,2011

It was raining all day so we were craving for something that would warm our stomachs. We ended up eating at Chicken Mami House. It was the perfect lunch!



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