Sinfully by Makati Shagri La

Have you ever been in a situation so hard that you just feel like shutting down? I hate to question why I am in this situation right now. I do not want to doubt what the Lord has in store for me, I know it’s going to be something BIG. My mind tells me I am not okay,  but my heart knows that there is something beautiful at the end of this journey so the best way to deal with this is to be grateful.  This post might sound like my previous entries for the last n months and I feel this will go on for a very very very long time.I lost track of how long it has been since something desolate hit me and put me down. I thank God and the positive attitude that he blesses me everyday.Without it, I won’t be saying these words.

10.10.11: “Sometimes I wish I feel the same about you, maybe it would be better for the both of us. But those are just wishes and maybes.”

Someone surprised me with a box of my favorite treat last 10.10.11.He waited outside my workplace before 3PM, not knowing that I am scheduled to work at 6PM! It was a sweet gesture that made me smile before entering my own piece of “war zone”

I love how it is beautifully and elegantly packaged!

I’m a sucker for good packaging!! 🙂

They are all sinfully beautiful and delicious 🙂 <3

6 lovely macaroons <3


My day-off this week fell on a Tuesday which was yesterday. As expected, I did not waste any minute of it.

My day officially started in CBTL. I was interviewed by sophomore students from St. Paul. It was really humbling cause I never thought I’ll be doing so! I can’t help but get kilig!! <3 🙂 I felt like a real grown up being interviewed by these youngsters and talking about my future plans and all. 🙂

The best lemon bar that I have tasted was at Akiba’s. CBTL’s lemon bar is the closest to my best. Nom! 🙂

As a token of appreciation, they gave me this!! Sweet!!! 🙂 <3

They made my day! <3

My Mom, Sister and I went shopping. It was nice to spend the day with them, it’s been a while since the last time we did that.

Glad I was able to go to Santi’s. Finally got gelatin sheets for my next kitchen advadventure

My brother texted me asking me to buy him a chocolate cake. Being the sweet Ate that I am,I d id not buy him any.. lol

Instead, my sister and I went to a nearby pastry shop from our house. I was in heaven! looking at all of their sweet goodies made me drool. Our Kitchen’s chocolate chip cookie is to die for!!! So perfectly chewy and not too sweet! We maxed out the canister and small goodie bag in just a night! My oh my!!! Can’t wait to buy more SOON!

Something new on my bedside table <3 🙂

My sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet sister gave me this!! 🙂 <3 grbe super sweet!!! <3 🙂

I can’t go out the house without spraying some perfume on! My sister knows me well <3 🙂

Addition to my collection!! <3

I get more hate comments on my Formspring than good ones. This comment DEFINITELY made my entire year!! I really hope this person was not an anon! I seriously want to thank this person in so many ways <3 🙂

..and this too!! 🙂

Didn’t know my blog would end up in someone else’s page someday 🙂

God is really awesome! He never fails to make my day sweeter and sweeter in ways that I can’t even think of 🙂 Thank you Lord!!! <3 🙂


Today, there are 3 things that God blessed me with again. Blessings that I will never get tired of 🙂

1. Family – having breakfast with my Dad, being picked up by him from work, having an afternoon snack with the family, and ending the day with a dinner with them is a blessing that I am truly grateful for 🙂

2. Girlfriends that never fail to pick you up, or just lay down with you when you’re feeling down 🙂

3. And everyone who views this page! 🙂 I’ve just reached my 2,500 hit! It’s been only 10 days since my 2,200 hit! Thank you!!!! <3 🙂

the grateful girl,

R <3

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