Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM


Since I was n years old, I would always want to go home with something for my siblings,up until now I still do that,seeing them excited and happy to see me come home with a present always leaves me sentimental and fulfilled. When I was in high school, I sarted listing down the things that I want to achieve in life. One of which is to eat out and treat my family. I have a very looong list, and I would love to share it in this blog as I attain it one by one 🙂

It has been almost 3 years since I had a decent breakfast. Me- taking my time at the dining table,savoring my food and contemplating on how my day will turn out. One of the things that I love about being scheduled to morning shift is being able to eat breakfast. Anyway, that’s how I started my day,Sunday breakfast.

It was a busy Sunday at my workplace, seeing families being seated at the tables made me more excited to meet up with my family and spend the rest of the day with them.

When I asked my siblings what they want to eat when I treat them, my sister told me she wants to have “pizza”. I wanted to eat in a Mexican restaurant,but knowing my sister and her very picky character when it comes to food, I decided to go by her request.

We headed to White Plains and ate in Sandy’s Pizza.

My first treat for my family was inexpensive but what transpired throughout the day was more than what money can buy 🙂

My sister chose Sandy’s pizza because of this, happy fries.

I thought it would be like a fast food type fries, but to my delight it wasn’t! My sister was able to finish 2 orders of this 🙂

I love how not oily it is. Plus, you can actually munch on real potatoes! Yay! 🙂 Happy Fries indeed! 🙂

Onion Rings

My sister requested for this.

Upon serving our food, my sister kept on wooing.

My Dad told her “lakas mo naman sa Ate Ia mo” :))

She really is!

Creamy Pesto Pasta

My Mom ordered this.

We all liked this, it was really creamy! 🙂

The two things that disappointed me in Sandy’s was the interiors and how they plate their food. For a great food and location like that,they should definitely improve their interiors and presentation. I felt like half of the pleasure was taken away from us when our pasta was served in a disposable container.

18″ Filipino Sampler

– Margherita

I loved this! We actually all did! 🙂 Simple but very delicious! 🙂

Renzo even told me that it tastes like the Mozzarella dip that I did a few months back 🙂

Spanish Sardines with capera

My Dad liked this, we didn’t. I was supposed to order the garlic tuyo with olive oil! Too bad I got mistaken by this 🙁


For the kiddos! My sister loved this so much that when she saw that there’s only a slice left,she hastily told my brother to get another flavor instead! Damot alert! HAHAHA

– Mexican Taco Pizza

My brother Remo chose this and I’m glad he did!! I loved this so much!! Oh la la!! 🙂 <3

According to Sandy’s Pizza Facebook information tab “We use only wheat flour and lower fat content mozzarella, making our pizza’s less greasy but yet still full flavored (indulge without guilt)!”. I really hope they do!!! 🙂 <3

We all loved the pizza!! I asked them if they wanted to order another round,but they were already full. And since we know we are bound to Powerplant Mall after our pizza trip,we wanted to save room for dessert 🙂

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings

My brother wanted to have buffalo wings, but it tartness kills us all every time, so I persuaded him to change it to this instead. I’m really glad my persuasion worked cause this was a hit! Being a chicken wing lover,this definitely took me happy land!! It actually took us all there!! 🙂 <3

My Dad is a food lover,so hearing him say that he loved the food is very gratifying! I don’t want him to get disappointed with my first treat! 🙂

I don’t want to just satisfy our appetite,I want us to start our family day with great food that can set up our moods 🙂


We went to Powerplant after 🙂

My jeje brother took a picture of himself once again. Hi nose!!! =)) *oink oink* :@)

I proposed to watch a movie! Glad they all agreed 🙂 What made me more excited about watching a movie is that I get to munch on a tumbler of cheese popcorn!! I really love the popcorn from PP’s cinema!! 🙂 <3

I suggested to watch Real Steel

OMG HUGH JACKMAN!! Once again you made me fall of my seat with your vavavoooom biceps and pretty boy face!!!!! Plus, the trailer of The Avengers awakened my kilig and malandi bones upon seeing Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth!! Why must be the 2 Chris’ in my life be so hotttt! They make being a girl so hard!! Dayumn.

Anyway,enough with my kalandian.

I’m glad that my Dad loved the movie! My Dad is quite hard to please when it comes to those kind of stuff! Its either he falls asleep in the movie house or keeps silent and gives a bad remark after the show! He can’t stop blabbing about the movie until we got home! So happy! 🙂

Joyce’s Rum Cake is responsible for my butter rum cake addiction! I swear her rum cake is so good!!! <3

I support organizations that give social awareness to the youth and extends their hand to the people who needs attention and support.

This organization caught my attention because it is an advocacy for women 🙂

Every time I go to Fullybooked, I can’t go out without a plastic bag on my hand.

I’ve been eyeing on this book for months now,but since I made way for books that was more interesting back then,I had to put this on my “buy me” list for a while.Glad I was able to purchase this last night 🙂

This reminded me of the newly opened Fullybooked in Katipunan. Habubu. Passing by Katipunan made me miss my life as a student. Why must they open Fullybooked,Peanutbutter & co and the like when I’m already out of that place! 🙁

It was another Sunday well spent with the family.

I couldn’t translate into words how deeply overwhelmed I am for the blessing I have received since, God knows when!

Also, it was like an answered prayer,but only that I did not ask for it. I only have one tormenting day this week! Yehey!! Dinner with the family next Sunday! 🙂 <3 3 Sundays in a row!! Thank you Lord!! <3 🙂




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