My first tormenting week fell on the last week of September. It is no secret that I dislike working the night shift. I’ve been blabbing about it even before it happened because I wanted to prepare myself — emotionally. Instead of sulking at work and bursting in tears when at home, I tried my best to find the beauty in the situation that I am in. I spent my week thinking of ways on how to turn my sadness around. Leaving work at 12MN is no joke! My sleeping schedule is totally messed up until now 🙁

My first Bon Chon experience.

My family and I are Chicken Charlie lovers so it’s hard not to compare. Bon Chon is good, but we think Chicken Charlie is better.

Is Bon chon worth it? YES! The chicken was very crispy and the soy garlic sauce is not too sweet.

Mogu Mogu Grape is the best!!!!

Had my Blackberry fixed at Greenhills and tried YogiBerry for the first time 🙂

Went to the grocery with my family. Going to the grocery is therapeutic for me. Great way to spend my day off.

My Dad and my sissy 🙂 <3

We all love s&r’s pizza!! I swear its just as good even the next day (of course when reheated properly) 🙂

The only thick crust pizza that I can indulge every day!!! 🙂

Met up with my friend after my trip to the grocery with my family. We grabbed a bite at Taco Bell, I ordered my 2 favorites of course! Chips and cheesy potatoes.


Dark Chocolate cake at Parvati before heading to work! 🙂

I loved this!! Very moist and not too sweet! My kind of chocolate cake 🙂 <3

It was a Friday night when my friend and I planned to watch a movie after my 11PM shift. Eastwood’s last full shows are usually scheduled at 11PM-12MN, so we chose to watch there.  I immediately punched out and headed to Eastwood. We arrived there at 11:15PM, just in time for Friends with Benefits but to our dismay, the ticket booth was already closed 🙁

We did not want our night to end so we decided to go to Cafeccino.

Chocolate drink to boost my energy! lol, we decided to go to Something Fishy and try their “breakfast buffet”.

Up until now, I still ask myself why I ate there for the second time when I know it will only disappoint. Ugh I have to keep on reminding myself to stay away from that place! lol

It was already 2AM, and we both felt that the night is still young and as if our breakfast indulgence is not enough,we decided to go to Mister Kebab! 🙂

I wanted Yogurt Shake, but they were out already 🙁 It’s like the world conspired against me, I was so stressed, we did not make it in time for Friends with Benefits, bad food at Something Fishy and no yogurt shake in MK!! Aaah 🙁

Which lead me to order this dessert! I was craving for banoffee pie, so I tried this.

I was surprised to see a glass chiller full of desserts in MK! I’m assuming that most of their desserts are supplied by Pastry Passion! It was similar to the cakes that I’ve ordered when I visited PP! 🙂

It was a night meant for me to vent about the stress and unhappy thoughts that’s been corrupting my entire soul. I just needed someone to listen and understand what I’m going through, and I’m glad I had someone to confide in 🙂

My Dad picks me up at work every time I am scheduled for night shift. One of the sweetest surprises that he did for me was this 🙂 <3

He must’ve noticed the stress and my tiresome aura that when he picked me up one Saturday night, he surprised me with my favorite yogurt shake and a chocolate bar! These definitely swept away all the wearisome feeling that I’ve been having and left me sentimental before I called it a night!

I am now in my second week of torment! Can’t wait to embrace Sunday with my family!!! 🙂



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