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10 days ago, I was blessed with something that I’ve been praying for. It was something that definitely helped me figure out what I should do next in my life. Knowing that there is something bigger waiting for me in a couple of months is what keeps me inspired right now.

backlog: 10.22.2011

Have you ever hesitated to answer a call? But something in your heart said you should take it? I was in deep in my sleep when I heard my phone go off. I was so exhausted from work that the last thing I wanted to do is to grab my phone and see who it is. For some reason, I answered the call and I am glad I did. It’s an early birthday present for me! That call changed my future.

My Dad picked up Shinrou and me in the hotel. I really don’t know how to break the news to him. How is it possible that I could break his heart and make him proud at the same time?

I waited for him to ask how my day went. I told him that we got accepted and informed him about the timeline. I could tell that he is proud of me, but his eyes say otherwise… I know he is going to be sad… just like me.

I love shabu-shabu. I’m glad that my Mom loves it too cause every time I feel like having one, no heavy convincing is needed cause I know my Mom will be on my side :))\

My brother Remo and I shared this seafood shabu-shabu platter.

The youngsters, Chella and Renzo is not a fan at all! So they opted to order some boring stuff! Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, and Gyudon. #lame lol

We all LOVE Banana Leaf! Lucky for us BL is just beside Thousand Cranes so we were able to order their roti. YUM!

We were supposed to watch The Three Musketeers! But unfortunately the next airtime would be 11PM 🙁 Too late since I have an early schedule the next day! I wanted to rush to Glorietta from Greenbelt instead just to catch the 9PM movie schedule but my Mom dislikes long walks so NVM :))


Our night is not complete without going to a Cafe! For some reason, this has become a tradition for our family. I guess it’s because the traffic in Manila is so bad so we always end up sitting in the car for way too long. My parents made sure that we are not going to complain about being thirsty! lol

We indulged in Sinfully’s desserts I swear it is my little haven!

It still feels surreal that in just a few months I’ll be achieving another big goal. Knowing the date gives me excitement and sadness both at the same time. I couldn’t wait to experience the new life that awaits for me next year, but I am not ready to leave things behind either, most especilly my life with my family. Counting the days until I get there. 🙂

Today is the first day of the 11th month of my almost 21 years of existence here on earth.

I’ll be counting the days until I get this plight over with. I’ll move forward and start a new chapter,again. Spend the most out of everything while there’s some blessed time.

I’ll be counting the days until I turn 21! I am very excited for my birthday month. I have already planned out all of the exciting stuff that I will be doing to make it joyous and awesome!

Counting the days, counting each day. To learn and to live. To laugh and love. All for life and for Him 🙂



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