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Counting the days.

10 days ago, I was blessed with something that I’ve been yearning for almost n months. It was an agony that I needed an answer with – for my current situation and for my big leap next year. As vague as it sounds, I really don’t know how to openly talk about it until I I get the most dreading requirement of all. I am still overjoyed and grateful for being this blessed.

backlog: 10.22.2011

I received a call from someone unexpected. That certain someone woke Shinrou and I from our sleep. It was so early that I would just want to hug my bed all day.The fact that I’ve been working for 10 days already is just too draining that I planned to spend my day-off resting and just have dinner with the family. I even thought of ditching that important matter just to catch on my sleep and rest well. Looking back, I’m glad I did not, it was more than just a last minute agenda, it was an answered prayer and a box waiting to be opened.

My Dad picked up Shinrou and I in the hotel. I really don’t know how to break the news to him. So just as always, I’ve waited for him to ask how my day went.

After telling him Shinrou and I got accepted, I couldn’t help but contemplate about my life next year.

It was a cold day, and all I wanted was to sip a bowl of steaming soup. We passed by Thousand Cranes and decided to eat there.

I love shabu-shabu. I’m glad that my Mom loves it too cause everytime I feel like having one, no heavy convincing is needed cause I know my Mom will be on my side :))

Mi parents 🙂

My brother Remo and I shared with this seafood shabu-shabu platter.

The youngsters, Chella and Renzo is not a fan at all! So they opted to order some boring stuff! Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki and Gyudon. #lame HAHAHA

My Dad and mi Sissy loves Banana Leaf’s roti and curry dip (?). Luckily, Banana leaf was just beside Thousand Cranes.

We were supposed to watch The Three Musketeers! But unfortunately the next airtime would be 11PM 🙁 Too late since I have an early schedule the next day! I wanted to rush to Glorietta from Greenbelt instead just to catch the 9PM movie schedule but my Mom dislikes long walks so NVM :))

My second time of wearing this dress, which reminded me that my entry about the first time that I wore this is not yet published. *yikes*

Anyway, I accessorized it with a belt this time and used my pink chained bag. Paired it with this cutesy heels from my friend to give it a different feel this time ;))

After having a family stroll in the mall, we decided to grab a drink in CBTL before heading home.

My brother ordered this. Cherry flavored tea, filled it with ice to make it cold abd smothered it with lots of sugar. The disadvantage of trying new stuff!;))

We indulged in Sinfully’s items! I swear it is my little haven! Loved everything so much that I just want to live there!!!;)

It still feels surreal that in just a few months I’ll be achieving another big goal. Knowing the date gives me excitement and sadness both at the same time. I couldn’t wait to experience the new life that awaits for me next year, but I am not ready to leave things behind either, most especilly my life with my family. Counting the days until I get there. 🙂

Today is the first day of the 11th month of my almost 21 years of existence here on earth.

I’ll be counting the days until I get this plight over with. I’ll move forward and start a new chapter,again. Spend the most out of everything while there’s some blessed time.

I’ll be counting the days until I turn 21! I am very excited for my birthday month. I have already planned out all of the exciting stuff that I will be doing to make this month joyous and awesome! 🙂 Will unfold it one by one until my birthday comes 🙂

Counting the days, counting each day. To learn and to live. To laugh and love. All for life and for Him 🙂


P.S. I used the WordPress app for iPhone to finish half of this blog. I just love how I got to finish this entry even if I am away from my laptop.

World, don’t hate me for finishing this entry while I’m at work. And yes, I have work even if its November 1st! Worked from 10am to 11pm yesterday, which was a holiday and caused me not to visit my late grandmother in the cemetery with my family and relatives 🙁 . Talk about being fully restless today 🙁 Enjoy your holiday breaks everyone! Jealous girl over here!;(


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