backlog: 10.26.2011 – 10.27.2011

One thing that I love about our home is its location. We are near most shopping malls and restaurants that we like going to. As a kid, I used to think that Makati is very far. My parents would always take my siblings and me to Gloriettaea or Greenbelt every Saturday. I used to dread the word “Makati” every time I hear it due to the very bad traffic resulting in long car rides. It was until my Dad drove me to work that I’ve realized that Makati is not really far from us, cause it only took him 25 minutes to get me there.

When I was still in culinary school, I would always curse the bad traffic cause I know it would only take me less time to get to school without all the road congestion. Working in Makati made me miss my life as a student and how “easier” things were. Much more when I saw the newly constructed Regis Building along Katipunan.Seeing the restaurants and Fullybooked would always leave me saying “sayang”.

I asked my family to have dinner in Katipunan on my day-off. I wanted to try the restaurants that I haven’t been to but my family still opted to go to Bon Chon even if they like Chicken Charlie better. Just because they were really hungry and too timid to check the new restaurants.

Speaking of, they also have Chicken Charlie in Katipunan..and Manang’s Chicken as well! Talk about chicken overload in one location! SARAP!

I decided to try Saint Alps Tea House, being the milk tea lover that I am, I just couldn’t let this pass.

Most of the restaurants there has this policy of not bringing outside food to their establishment so my brother Renzo and I had to get our milk tea fix first before heading to Bon Chon.

This place is very cozy!! Perfect for chill date nights or quick night out with friends.

I love matcha tea 🙂 I became a certified matcha lover because of Akiba Cafe <3 🙂

Though Akiba’s better, I still loved this! It’s the same price as Bubble Tea’s but Saint Alp’s  is way bigger! Definitely worth it! 😀

My brother Renzo ordered their Taro Milk Tea. It was one of the best taro milk teas I I have tried!

Matcha Toast

I’m a fan of toasts! Thanks to Singapore and Toast Box! :d

I was exoecting a powdered flavoring for the toast. This was way better than what I was thinking of! The spread was thick so it’s worth every penny.

Thinking of pairing this with a strongly flavored drink the next time.. hmm

Bon Chon chicken.

Jap Chae.

 I stand by my Dad when he told us that Bon Chon’s food is either too sweet or too spicy. Their jap chae was okay, just a little too sweet for me!

My brother Remo ordered a burger fromBrother’s Burger! It looked so good!!

We decided to go to Red Mango for dessert. I remember being addicted to their froyo when I started in Culinary School! I would always ask my Dad to drive me to Trinoma after class just to grab a cup of Froyo + Almonds + Grahams and peaches! 😀 <3

“Treat yourself well”. – always!


Shinrou and I had an early appointment to process our NBI clearance. We were so lucky because we finished in less than 2 hours! If you live in the Philippines, you would know that doing things like this could take allll day.

CLEARED! 1 paper down 😀

My sister wanted to have lunch in Banapple so my Mom and I followed my Dad and my sister in Il Terazzo.

I got excited when I saw Tea.Ology. I opted to buy my drink there instead of having the usual Iced Choco in Banapple 🙂

Matcha!! 😀

I loved this so much!!! I swear I’ve been craving for this ever since! 🙂

My perfect matcha milk tea with extra pudding!

Banapple’s Caesar Salad

My sister orders the BBQ ribs whenever we go to bannaple.

Penne in pesto sauce

..and of course! Daddy’s Asian salad! 😀


My Dad wanted us to have a soup so he ordered this for my sister and I..which ended up to me just tasting it and my Dad finishing the bowl of soup! :))

Pecan Pie

I’ve been wanting to make pecan pie for so long but time just wouldn’t permit me  🙁

I find their pecan pie’s filling too sweet I felt guilty with every bite/



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