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backlog: 11.02.11

The month of November officially hit my soul on its second day. Since I had work on November 1st, night shift if I may say, I was quite bummed out of the fact that (1) I was not able to join my family and relatives in visiting my late grandmother in the cemetery (2) I’m on night shift (3) I want to welcome my birthday month with a joyous soul (4) I’m on night shift (5) I’M ON NIGHT SHIFT!

To compensate the bad feeling..

Dad bought me a yogurt with peaches and almond jellies before heading to work <3

..and when I got home,

These welcomed me 🙂

Cutesy stuff from my Sissy 🙂 The lovely side of having a sister and a bestfriend combined into one!

My sister knows me well! 😀

My day-off was scheduled on the second day of November. Of course, I did not put it to waste and planned to spend the whole day with my family like its a Sunday! I am glad that my siblings are still on their sem-break,and much more elated cause my Lola visited us. Indeed,it was a blessing 🙂

After visiting the venue for my Sister’s debut, we decided to head to Eastwood. We had dinner in MoMo Cafe, one of my favorite restaurants because of their family-style menu! 🙂

Tower Power

It still feels like the first time I tried this!

Lovely lovely lovely piece of heaven!

Everyone loved this baby! 😀

Taba (Remo) couldn’t resist the desserts behind him any longer that he decided to order this baby right away!

Plus we have a movie to catch so it was a good call 🙂

My Lola and my Dad loved this!

The raspberry-vinaigrette’s flavor is well-balanced.

I decided to order this seafood casserole for all of us 🙂

Everyone who likes creamy food and loves seafood should try this! 🙂

The amount of creaminess and the flavor of the seafood are just perfect. Much more when it is squeezed with fresh lemon juice!

Knowing my sister, I know she would love this just as much as I did!

Nothing was left one the plate after dinner! <3

We watched Praybeyt Benjamin! My Dad,brother and I was opposed to it but we couldn’t win to my Mom and sister who conspired with my Lola 😐 :))


I started my Sunday with a spinach dip and a green tea dinner roll from Sinfully.

Aaaah <3 <3 <3

My family picked me up from work and we opted to watch a movie.

We had a few hours to kill so we decided to go to Mary Grace.

HAHAHAHA! Ogre with his peach flavored iced tea.

I am still craving for Akiba’s Lemon Squares.

This lemon square did not give me any satisfaction at all 🙁

My brother Renzo ordered Mary Grace’s Tiramisu.

While my sister who loves Mary Grace’s cheese rolls ordered 6..

..and a brownie a la mode that she made us all finish 😐

Best Mary Grace branch that I have been! Very homey! 🙂

Perfect for an afternoon delight! A book + coffee or hot chocolate + cheese rolls! aaah <3 <3 <3

Accessories that I wore with my outfit.

I love the colors on my skirt! Very chic! 🙂

Baby Blue + Pink peg for the day! 🙂

I love this ring very much!! <3 <3 <3

Wearing this elephant necklace made me realize that my outfit is more on the bohemian side 🙂

We watched In Time and boooooy this movie is one of the best this year!

JT and Amanda are perfect together and individually! No words can explain how much I loved this movie! <3

One reason why I love watching at Greenbelt is Chimara! 

Aside from the fact that they serve healthy snacks, their sour cream and white cheddar flavored snacks are very delish too!

I was able to finish 3 bags of tofu chips after the movie!! Insane!

Taters and Chimara are under the same company.

Since it was the Halloween season, I got this apple-cinnamon flavored finger shaped cookies!

Very very very yummy!!! <3 <3 <3

From all of the snacks that we ate,we do not have the appetite to have dinner anymore! We were so full and a bit tired already so we decided to have our milk tea fix at Tomas Morato instead.

My brother Renzo and I tried this quaint Milk Tea shop in Imperial.

We bother ordered their Taro Milk tea.

I had mine with coffee jelly and pudding.

The milk tea itself disappointed us. It was not the kind of taro milk tea that we want 🙁

So we decided to go to Teaology instead to have some real milk tea fix. 🙂

I can consume 2 large drinks consecutively in just one sitting!! Insane #again

I still have 20 minutes before I prep up for work,and boy I just couldn’t wait for this night shift to be over. Its making me l.a.z.y 🙁

..and just a few more days, I’ll be turning 21!! Aaaah 🙂 🙂 🙂

Food. Fashion. Family and Feelings… in an entry 🙂 F it!




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