backlog: 11.02.11

I was feeling upset about my schedule. I missed a lot of family events this month because of work. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful I have a job. Being a newbie in this industry, it’s still challenging for me to grasp the fact that I have to devote most of my time to work now. My family must have sensed how I’ve been feeling because I came home to a couple of surprises that definitely made me smile.

The lovely side of having a sister and a best friend combined into one!


Our main agenda for the day was to visit the venue for my sister’s debut. After our ocular visit, we went to Eastwood to have dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Manila, Momo Cafe.

Tower Power

Everyone’s favorite appetizer <3

Remo couldn’t resist the desserts behind him any longer that he decided to order this baby right away!

My Lola and my Dad loved this!

The raspberry vinagirette was really good!

I decided to order this seafood casserole for all of us. Everyone who likes creamy food and seafood should definitely try this.

The amount of creaminess and the flavor of the seafood are just perfect. The touch of lemon juice gives a fgresh touch to the dish.

Knowing my sister, I know she would love this just as much as I did! Nothing was left on the plate after dinner! <3

We watched Praybeyt Benjamin! Me, my brother, and my Dad was opposed to it but we couldn’t win to my Mom and sister who conspired with my Lola 😐 :))


I started my Sunday with my housemade spinach dip and  green tea dinner roll from Sinfully.

Aaaah <3 <3 <3

My family picked me up from work and we opted to watch a movie.

We had a few hours to kill so we decided to go to Mary Grace.

I wass craving for Akiba’s lemon square so I decided to get this.

My brother Renzo ordered Mary Grace’s Tiramisu.

While my sister who loves Mary Grace’s cheese rolls ordered 6..

..and a brownie a la mode that she forced us to finish 😐

Best Mary Grace branch that I have been! Perfect for an afternoon delight! A book + coffee or hot chocolate + cheese rolls! aaah <3 <3 <3

We watched In Time and boooooy this movie is one of the bests this year!

JT and Amanda are perfect together. The movie was breathtaking! I can’t stop thinking about it even the next day.

One reason why I love watching at Greenbelt is Chimara. 

I finished 3 bags of tofu chips after the movie. Ooops!

Since it was the Halloween season, I got this apple-cinnamon flavored finger-shaped cookie.

My brother Renzo and I tried this quaint Milk Tea shop in Imperial.

We bother ordered their Taro Milk tea.I had mine with coffee jelly and pudding.The milk tea itself disappointed us. So we decided to go to Teaology instead to have some real milk tea fix. 🙂



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