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Forever 21

Wow.. just W.O.W

I really don’t know how to start this entry. I am very overwhelmed with everything that’s been happening to me every minute (literally) since the eve of my birthday and I couldn’t wait to share the wonderful things that I was and will be blessed with.

21 years of existence. Aaaah how do I even start? This overwhelming feeling leaves me clueless (in a good way).

So start of the series of my “Forever 21” entries, here’s a…BIG BIG BIGGGG

to each and everyone who has made me smile in every way and reminded me about ; joy,love and faith. πŸ™‚


Me: Where are you na po, Dy? I’m waiting here at Zara

Daddy: Nak, park muna ako.Buy tayo cake mo in Sinfully.

Me: Β Why?

Daddy: It’s your birthday!! *In his very perky tone* CUUUUTE!!!

Daddy: Nak, ano gusto mo gift?

Me: Dinner on my birthday.

Daddy: What else?

Me: Nothing else. Yun lang po,Dy.

Daddy: Buy tayo dress,bag and shoes mo.

Me: I already bought those last Saturday,Dy. Remember?

Daddy: Ano ba yan, baby ko.. Papi wants to give you something special *in his cute cute cute tone*

Me: Ma, jogging tonight.

Mama: Di pwede, grocery ako tonight with Chella

Me: *hangs up*

Me: Chella, tell Mama jogging kami wag na kayo grocery.

Chella: No!

*Little did I know they conspired to do something sweet for me today…awww*

So there, I really don’t know how to put everything in a sentence..all I know is, I couldn’t ask for anything more cause I already have more than what I need, more than what I could dream of,and more than what I could wish for. πŸ™‚

Thank you Lord for another year!!! πŸ™‚ <3 You’re the best and you have always been the main reason behind every smile,joy and love! πŸ™‚ <3


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