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Forever21: Her red outfit

Today, I will rest,blog,rest,watch,rest some until I feel well.Don’t you just hate it when you get sick during the holidays? ughh. I am wishing that I’d be better on the 30th!! This illness is causing me to put off my plans for 2 days already 🙁 One of which is to..burn some cals!! Ayayay 🙁

Anyway, I had a very simple dinner with a few of my girl friends last 12.9.11. We weren’t complete so it’s hard to do something extra fun. 🙁

Jho loves the salabat drink in Tsoko.Nut so I decided to treat them there 🙂

Tsoko.Nut is located in Eastwood Excelsior. Jho would always buy her salabat drink there before we go swimming :))

I am very glad to see that they now offer Pandan Milk Tea.

Tsoko.Nut is known for their batirol chocolate and Filipino desserts! 🙂

I loved their pandan milk tea! 🙂

Jho’s salabat drink comes in a “ala fish bowl” sized glass! :))

Jho ordered Bicol Express 🙂

I swear it was so good!!! 🙂 A must try when you’re in Tsoko.Nut 🙂

It was a cold evening so I opted to order this molo soup.

It’s such a shame that I underestimated this because of the price lol.

It was so good!! Well seasoned and perfect for the cold weather!! 🙂

Chelsey’s chicken wrap.

Mother and Jho 🙂

Us, in EE’s lobby 🙂

White Christmas? :))

We originally planned to watch New Year’s Eve..but the last full show was too late for us. Considering that we have an early call the next day.So we decided to watch Immortals instead. It was super worth it!!

I can’t get over Freida Pinto’s red dress! :))

Actually, I cannot get over her “getting naked” scene!! I am not a fan of Freida,so seeing her A was not all! LOL.

Seeing her on the big screen reminds me of the “boulder” scene in Slumdog Millionaire.

And yeah..Immortals was awesome because of Henry Clavill. Another pretty boy added on my list. LOL

This is my last birthday post! Yay or nay? 🙂




Forever21: Green and White

This was taken last 12.9.11. Another late post 😐 (..and there will be more overdue entries in the weeks to come, or maybe months.yikes!)

Before I start this entry, I would like to thank everyone who submitted their entry for my blog giveaway! 🙂

For those who haven’t yet, you still have until the 31st of December 2011 (10PM) 🙂 I am very excited to give it to one lucky reader!!:)

This is what I wore during my simple birthday dinner with Jho,Chelsey and Zion 🙂

Christmas vibes! 🙂 I love love love the set-up in EE’s lobby! <3

Top:  i.candy

White skinny jeans: Zara

I super love this feather earrings that I bought from the owners of style breaker 🙂


New Year in just a few days!! 🙂



Material Girls


Last Thursday, I spent my day with my sister Chella (and our Ate Inday and driver Kuya Gerry too lol ). I reserved tha day to run some errands and for shopping. I’m fortunate to be surrounded with these people! 12.21.11 was very awesome!

It was an uber fun ride with Kuya Gerry and Ate Inday.

Ate Inday’s vinegar mishap became an entertainment to all of us. :))

My hair is getting longer already! Yaaay <3 🙂

P.S. What is dry?

Finally tried Cha Dao in Kapitolyo! 🙂

Cha Dao’s centerpiece 🙂

The whole place smells of tea leaves! Mmhmm

As usual, I ordered Matcha Milk Tea with Egg Pudding.

I loved the egg pudding but Akiba’s Matcha drink is still better! Their matcha milk tea is okay 🙂

P.S. I like this photo! I didn’t have to edit this picture 🙂

Used my iPhone in taking the pictures in Cha Dao 🙂 LIKE!!!

After our Kapitolyo adventure,we headed to Shang to pick-up the shoes that I reserved 🙂

My sister requested to eat in Cibo 🙂

Ate Inday

Chella’s chocolate shake

My sister was craving for a tomato based pasta so we decided to try their Spaghettini Alla Pescatora

It could have been perfect if there were good serving portions for the seafood. We felt like we were eating a plain tomato pasta cause the seafood was too small and few 🙁

Ate Inday’s mango shake.

I ordered their grape shake only amongst my 3 favorite menu items. My sister is not the ideal person that you would want to be with when dining out. She’s too picky and she eats with too much leftover so I decided not to order.

Funghi Trifolati

We find the crust too chewy 😐 But we all loved he simplicity of this pizza 🙂

This is where they serve their parmesan cheese. kyots!

We saw Klariz and Remo shopping. We had no idea that my brother will be in Shang too. Lol

So glad that they joined us! 🙂

Meet my new babies!! AAAAH!!! Don’t you just love them?

They are very perfect for the holidays!! Aaaah! <3 So in loooove!! <3

Mi love <3 <3 <3

My sister bought a pair too!! Just like I, she was very kilig with her new babies too!! 🙂


Just a few hours till Christmas Eve! 🙂 I just love this Christmas season!! Its overflowing with peace and love <3 🙂

Save room for dessert tonight y’all,

R <3

Forever21: The Wish List

Every year, I come up with a “birthday wish list”. The number of wishes corresponds with my age. Before I turned 20 last year, I’ve decided to post my wishes on my Tumblr ,and to keep my self inspired, I posted each wish with a picture (cuuutesees!). Anyway, 14 out of the 20 “wishes came true” (yay!!) 🙂

Here are my 21 wishes this year (

I actually had a hard time completing my list. Being blessed this much and having extreme happiness made me feel that I don’t need to wish for anything anymore. Though change is inevitable and “is the only constant thing in this world” as we all say, the contentment that I am feeling is just too much for me to want for something more than these. But, I have to squeeze every kaartehan in me to finish my wish list cause I don’t want to break this mores and put it to grave LOL. The fun thing about having a wish list is that, it reminds me of how beautiful a year has passed when I look back to my list. Plus, it makes me realize on how life keeps on getting better every time. 🙂

I always go “all out” on myself during my birthday month. I don’t rely my happiness on someone else cause I don’t want to get disappointed in the end.

One of my birthday rituals, shop alone and treat myself like a princess. And so I did!

Since I’m turning 21,I’ve decided to shop in Forever21. To my delight,they have this gift box already which looks cutesees and perfect for me!! 🙂

I originally wanted to wear red on my birthday, but this black dress caught my attention so  I went for this instead! 🙂

One of the best treats I have given myself! 🙂

The day after..

The day after my birthday is a holiday so my siblings and I planned to go out with our parents and Lola 🙂

Before heading to Newport Mall we dropped by at my Dad’s job site in PAL to check his workers and he projects that they were doing. It was nice to see my brothers observe with my Dad.

The best part of being tagged along my Dad when he goes to work is that I get to see airplanes and my happy place – the airport! Aaah <3 Such a beautiful scene to see..every time! 🙂

Above is the picture of one of the projects that they did 🙂 So proud of him!!

Aside from getting excited when I ride an airplane, seeing some projects that my Dad did being used gives me joy and makes me realize that I am fortunate to have a very hard working Dad! 🙂

After our visit to my Dad’s job site,we headed to Newport Mall..

One of the perks of being 21 – RWM Membership. LOL

My RWS membership card 🙂

Got this during our family trip in Singapore last June 2011. My Dad was inquiring about a hotel room availability in RWS but they were already fully-booked. His friend was kind enough to ask him if he wants to sign-up for a free membership. My Dad took the opportunity and asked if we (my siblings and I) can sign up too. We were under-aged so I thought she was going to turn us down. LOL

Shame on me 😐 I was supposed to finish this entry 3 days ago but I was too preoccupied 🙁 Anyway, 10 days to go and I’ll be 21 years and 1 month young. Life amazes me everyday! Its as if it’s my birthday everyday! <3 So far, 8 wishes have been crossed out already from my list! Yay 🙂

Christmas is already around the corner and as person who is blessed this much.. I am planning to give back 🙂

Watch out for December 25 dear reader,

R <3

Forever 21: Hey, birthday girl!

“Commit to God whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3)

Took another step towards achieving a dream next year. It still gives me the same feeling at the end of the day, you know – of wanting to fly but holding back on leaving. There’s just too much to accomplish for this goal, but what amazes me about this phase is that how God embraces me with the warmth of His guidance.

A month before my birthday, I’ve planned on pampering myself and leave my stressful workaholic mind for a while. So after my wonderful morning. I asked my Mom to go with me and spend the rest of the afternoon to relax and regale.

Kylie Minogue’s song “Get Outta My Way” is on repeat for almost a week.

So yeah, that’s my birthday song for this year 🙂 The song is uber F-U-N to the point that it can make my mind and soul dance! Also, it reminds me to be fearless and not let anything or anyone get in my way in achieving my goals and dreams.

Bruno Mars’ song “Today My Life Begins’ was my birthday song during my 20th 

I had a pretty rough year before I turned 20. The situations that I was in were unthinkable, this song helped me pick up the pieces one by one! And yeah, one of the best gifts that I received during my 20th was the realization of how blessed I am to be in pain and how I can turn things around by seeing the beauty in my life.

P.S. And yes, I’m that kind of girl. The girl who puts soundtracks in her life.

I learned to focus on myself more and learned new things that made me happy. One of which, dressing up! 🙂 Here’s what I wore for my birthday dinner with family.

Ring on the left I found at a bazaar. I am currently obsessed with double rings!! Right ring is one of my favorites that I bought from S.O.A.

Necklace: Forever21

It’s hard not o fall in love with this! I just love how classy it looks up close! 🙂

I bought this gorgeous dress from Soiree! I love how classy it is! I finally wore the pair of heels I bought in Singapore.

I am crazy in love with “nude” shades. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it!

New hair color is a WIN!

<3 R

Girls Night Out in Manila

Adding another year to our age is like adding another reason for us to get busier. I was used to seeing my girlfriends ALL THE TIME. Since we are all working now, it’s a challenge to find time to meet. Before, the only thing that’s stopping us from seeing each other is our different schedules in school. Fast forward to now, we are career women who have to go through hoops and loops just to have coffee.

Here are some of our adventures since September.


My sister’s class organized a party at one of the clubs in Eastwood. My girls came to support her! Just another reason why I know I have the bests.



Much needed “welch night”. We are obsessed with Welch Sparkling LOL! when we were still in high school, we would buy a bottle (or two) of Welch sparkling. We pretended it was wine because obviously, we were not allowed to drink yet!

To make things funnier, we use mugs! LOL

Picnic style dinner.

My girls <3

Tostitos + Tomatoes = my favorite!!

Cause we are over 18 and allowed to drink now! HAHA Upgrade from Welch Sparkling.

Jho’s favorite 😉

Cause we never stop eating when we are together!


Came out on a work night to support Bian’s first performance as a fire dancer!


dolled up for our high school reunion! 😛

Just because I cannot tolerate smoking. HAHAHA

Butterfinger shake made my night.

My mains! <3 We definitely love supporting each other, even if it means only getting 3 hours of sleep. Can’t wait to see my girls again!


R <3


Hello, 21!


Sometimes I feel like I have a death sentence with the way I live my life nowadays. Knowing that I won’t get to spend and celebrate my 22nd birthday with my family already saddens me so I promised myself that I should make my 21st memorable. I am fortunate to have a family who shares the same sentiments in regards to this. They made me feel like I am the only birthday girl on November 29.

After an 8 hour sleep that I’ve been longing for almost 3 weeks already, I woke up to our maid’s voice saying “Ma’am gising na po si Ia”. I could’ve slept longer but I wanted to accomplish a lot on my birthday. My Mom greeted me with a kiss and asked me to wait a little longer before eating. The thought of my Mom cooking excites me every time so I patiently waited.

My first surprise was from my Sister! 🙂

Having a sister who knows me well leaves my closet very happy! :))

This note was under my plate. Definitely the cutest thing ever!!! <3

I know I have yet to earn the title “Chef”. My Dad calling me that is a great reminder that he will always love and support me.

We all love my Lola’s spaghetti, and I’m glad that my Mom can cook it just like her. We always expect that on our “special days” so I was already waiting for a big plate of delicious spaghetti. To my delight, my Mama cooked something different and special for me <3

Her first pesto was really a smash hit! I swear, it tasted like she’s been doing it for years already! Her plating did not surprise me cause it wasn’t the first time that she experimented in the kitchen. I remember her cooking korma and couscous one night, a memorable dinner for my tummy indeed 🙂 <3

I am seriously craving for her pesto NOW!!!

My Dad knows I love shrimp so he woke up early to go to the market so we can have the freshest steamed shrimp for brunch.

My Dad picks the best bouquets. I am not a “flower” kind of girl, I would rather get a box of chocolates. My Dad is the exception.

My family surprised me with 21 pink balloons! <3

And as if the surprises earlier were not enough…

I received 9 mini cakes from Sinfully by Makati Shang during our dinner. They ordered all of the flavors for me to try..and for them to help me finish everything. lol

With my family’s efforts and sweetness,it’s hard not to say these words! 🙂

The grateful birthday girl 🙂 <3

Now 21,


Forever 21: T Love @ John and Yoko Philippines


I officially welcomed my birthday week with my college friends from UST, LA and Caloy. We would always meet on Tuesday or Thursday way back, hence the “T love” title that we would always say. Unexpectedly, after gazillion months, we were able to see each other again..on a Thursday!

We agreed to meet in Greenbelt at 6:30PM! But knowing this two, I know they would be late! Hehehe :)) We decided to have dinner at John and Yoko. 

LA arrived 30 minutes after our call time. I was starving to death so I ordered this chicken teriyaki roll while I was waiting.

I find it “okay”. Your ordinary sushi roll with mangoes and chicken teriyaki. Nothing exciting, considering that we are dining in John and Yoko: A Cosmopolitan Japanese was kind of blah.

LA wanted a roll that has cheese,so the server recommended their version of Philadelphia Rolls. I was expecting something that would surpass Teriyaki Boy’s Philadelphia Rolls..but this was a huge disappointment! Again, we are in John and Greenbelt 5! But upon seeing the size of the rolls and tasting this..I can’t help but say that Teriyaki Boy’s are waaaaay better!

Mango Yakult and Green Apple Yakult.

LA’s mango yakult was rally good!!! I should’ve ordered it instead!!! Craving.Right.Now!!

Seafood Yakisoba

I always order yakisoba every time I’m in a Japanese Restaurant!Finally, a dish that I can truly say worth the price, location and the name of the restaurant.

The chicken teriyaki was really good too. The chicken was juicy and the sauce was on point.

I wanted to try their dessert with Nutella, but it’s not available so we ordered the mango crepe instead.


This made up for Caloy’s tardiness! :))))

So sweet of them to surprise me with my favorite!! <3

We went to Classic Confections for more dessert. I ordered this mango bar since it’s technically our second round of desserts! 

LA ordered this heavenly delight!! Cheesecake Obsession! My new obsession indeed! I am very excited to visit CC again for this!

Dessert Round 3!! What better way to make the night more memorable?? Get gelato cause it’s my favorite <3

Throwback to 3 years ago.



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