Today, I will rest,blog,rest,watch,rest some more..rest until I feel well.Don’t you just hate it when you get sick during the holidays? ughh. I am wishing that I’d be better on the 30th!! This illness is causing me to put off my plans for 2 days already 🙁 One of which is to..burn some cals!! Ayayay 🙁

Anyway, I had a very simple dinner with a few of my girl friends last 12.9.11. We weren’t complete so it’s hard to do something extra fun. 🙁

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Before I start this entry, I would like to thank everyone who submitted their entry for my blog giveaway! http://riannagalvez.wordpress.com/2011/12/25/merry-christmas/ 🙂

For those who haven’t yet, you still have until the 31st of December 2011 (10PM) 🙂 I am very excited to give it to one lucky reader!!:)

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Material Girls


I spent my day off with my sister last week (and our Ate Inday and driver Kuya Gerry too lol ). I reserved that day to do some errands and for shopping and I am so happy that I got to have solo time with my sister.

The traffic was pretty bad but lucky for us Ate Inday entertained us! lol

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Forever21: The Wish List

Every year, I come up with a “birthday wish list”. The number of wishes corresponds with my age. Before I turned 20 last year, I’ve decided to post my wishes on Tumblr. To keep my self inspired, I posted each wish with a corresponding picture (cuuutesees!). Anyway, 14 out of the 20 “wishes came true” and I can’t wait to “work” on the other 6 until I am ready to come up with next year’s list!

I actually had a hard time completing my list. Being blessed this much and having extreme happiness made me feel that I don’t need to wish for anything anymore. Though change is inevitable and “is the only constant thing in this world” as we all say, the contentment that I am feeling is just too much for me to want something more than these. But, I have to squeeze every kaartehan in me to finish my wishlist cause I don’t want to break this tradition.. The fun thing about having a wishlist is that it reminds me of how beautiful a year has passed when I look back to it — it makes me realize how life keeps on getting better every time. 🙂

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Forever 21: Hey, birthday girl!

“Commit to God whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3)

Took another step towards achieving a dream next year. It still gives me the same feeling at the end of the day, you know – of wanting to fly but holding back on leaving. There’s just too much to accomplish for this goal, but what amazes me about this phase is that how God embraces me with the warmth of His guidance.

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Girls Night Out in Manila

Adding another year to our age is like adding another reason for us to get busier. I was used to seeing my girlfriends ALL THE TIME. Since we are all working now, it’s a challenge to find time to meet. Before, the only thing that’s stopping us from seeing each other is our different schedules in school. Fast forward to now, we are career women who have to go through hoops and loops just to have coffee.

Here are some of our adventures since September.


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Hello, 21!


Sometimes I feel like I have a death sentence with the way I live my life nowadays. Knowing that I won’t get to spend and celebrate my 22nd birthday with my family already saddens me so I promised myself that I should make my 21st memorable. I am fortunate to have a family who shares the same sentiments in regards to this. They made me feel like I am the only birthday girl on November 29.

After an 8 hour sleep that I’ve been longing for almost 3 weeks already, I woke up to our maid’s voice saying “Ma’am gising na po si Ia”. I could’ve slept longer but I wanted to accomplish a lot on my birthday. My Mom greeted me with a kiss and asked me to wait a little longer before eating. The thought of my Mom cooking excites me every time so I patiently waited.

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John and Yoko Philippines


I officially welcomed my birthday week with my college friends from UST, LA and Caloy. We would always meet on Tuesday or Thursday way back, hence the “T love” title that we would always say. Unexpectedly, after gazillion months, we were able to see each other again..on a Thursday!

We agreed to meet in Greenbelt at 6:30PM! But knowing this two, I know they would be late! Hehehe :)) We decided to have dinner at John and Yoko. 

LA arrived 30 minutes after our call time. I was starving to death so I ordered this chicken teriyaki roll while I was waiting.

I find it “okay”. Your ordinary sushi roll with mangoes and chicken teriyaki. Nothing exciting, considering that we are dining in John and Yoko: A Cosmopolitan Japanese Resaurant..it was kind of blah.

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