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I officially welcomed my birthday week with my college friends from UST, LA and Caloy. We would always meet on Tuesday or Thursday way back, hence the “T love” title that we would always say. Unexpectedly, after gazillion months, we were able to see each other again..on a Thursday!

We agreed to meet in Greenbelt at 6:30PM! But knowing this two, I know they would be late! Hehehe :)) We decided to have dinner at John and Yoko. 

LA arrived 30 minutes after our call time. I was starving to death so I ordered this chicken teriyaki roll while I was waiting.

I find it “okay”. Your ordinary sushi roll with mangoes and chicken teriyaki. Nothing exciting, considering that we are dining in John and Yoko: A Cosmopolitan Japanese was kind of blah.

LA wanted a roll that has cheese,so the server recommended their version of Philadelphia Rolls. I was expecting something that would surpass Teriyaki Boy’s Philadelphia Rolls..but this was a huge disappointment! Again, we are in John and Greenbelt 5! But upon seeing the size of the rolls and tasting this..I can’t help but say that Teriyaki Boy’s are waaaaay better!

Mango Yakult and Green Apple Yakult.

LA’s mango yakult was rally good!!! I should’ve ordered it instead!!! Craving.Right.Now!!

Seafood Yakisoba

I always order yakisoba every time I’m in a Japanese Restaurant!Finally, a dish that I can truly say worth the price, location and the name of the restaurant.

The chicken teriyaki was really good too. The chicken was juicy and the sauce was on point.

I wanted to try their dessert with Nutella, but it’s not available so we ordered the mango crepe instead.


This made up for Caloy’s tardiness! :))))

So sweet of them to surprise me with my favorite!! <3

We went to Classic Confections for more dessert. I ordered this mango bar since it’s technically our second round of desserts! 

LA ordered this heavenly delight!! Cheesecake Obsession! My new obsession indeed! I am very excited to visit CC again for this!

Dessert Round 3!! What better way to make the night more memorable?? Get gelato cause it’s my favorite <3

Throwback to 3 years ago.



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