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Forever 21: T Love

Today is the first day of the last month of the year (yay)!! 😀 One thing that I like about my birthday is that, its just 2 sleeps away from December. 2 sleeps that I can consider as 1 since I usually spend the 30th of November still hyped about my birthday and still celebrating since its a holiday!.Plus.. I can still feel my birthday when December hits cause that’s when I usually celebrate my birthday with friends! 🙂 So HAPPY DECEMBER everyone! I know this month will be awesome just like the previous months! Having an awesome December will make my 2011 epic for sure! 🙂


I officially welcomed my birthday week with my college friends from UST, LA and Caloy. We would always meet on Tuesday or Thursday way back, hence the “T love” title that we would always say. Unexpectedly, after gazillion months, we were able to see each other again..on a Thursday!  T love T  love T love! 😀

We agreed to meet in Greenbelt at 6:30PM! But knowing this two, I know they would be late! Hehehe :)) We chose to dine in John and Yoko.

LA arrived 30 minutes after our call time. I was starving to death so I ordered this chicken teriyaki roll before she arrived.

I find it “okay”. Your ordinary sushi roll with mangoes and chicken teriyaki. Nothing exciting,thinking that we are dining in John and Yoko: A Cosmopolitan Japanese Resaurant..

LA wanted a roll that has cheese,so the server recommended this to us. I was expecting something that would surpass Teriyaki Boy’s Philadelphia Rolls..but this was a huge disappointment! Again, we are in John and Greenbelt 5! But upon seeing the size of the rolls and tasting this..I can’t help but say that Teriyaki Boy’s are waaaaay better!

Mango Yakult and Green Apple Yakult.

LA’s mango yakult = <3 should’ve ordered that instead!!! Craving.Right.Now!!

I always order yakisoba every time I’m in a Japanese Restaurant!

Finally, a dish that I can truly say worth the price,location and the name of the restaurant.

Seafood Yakisoba <3

I loved their chicken teriyaki too!And the salad that goes with it! The dressing is very Asian. Yum! <3

I wanted to try their dessert with nutella, but it’s not available so we ordered this instead.

Crepe with Mangoes and Creme Anglaise.

La and Caloy <3 🙂

This made up for Caloy’s tardiness! :))))

So sweet of them to surprise me with my loooove!!! <3 🙂 🙂 🙂

We headed to Classic Confections.

I waned something that is not too heavy and sweet so I opted for this Mango Bar instead of having a slice of cake 🙂

LA ordered this heavenly delight!! Cheesecake Obsession! My new obsession indeed! I am very excited to visit CC again for this!

I find this better than their Oblivion! 😛

Hi Caloy!! 😀

LA and I

Forgive my very stressed fezz!! #WorkIsKillingMyCells CHOOOOT

Gelato my loooove!!! <3

To make our bonding perfect, we went to Gelatissimo to end the night!

LA’s chocolate rum was the best amongst the 4 flavors that we ordered!! 😀

Us, 3 years ago 😛

Happy December everyone!!




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  1. Sinful night ba? Lovit!

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