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Forever21: Sugar High


I was extra excited for my birthday this year.I want to put that little “extra” on everything so I made sure that I plan or at least think of ways for my: birthday month;personal birthday gifts; birthday celebrations; and birthday wishes to be extra special! Sometimes I feel like I have a death sentence with the way I live my life nowadays. Knowing that I won’t get to spend and celebrate my 22nd birthday with my family already saddens me so I promised myself that I should make my 21st memorable.

I am fortunate to have a family who shares the same sentiments with mine in regards to this. A family who made me feel that I’m the only birthday girl last November 29,2011 in the whole wide world! <3

I was planning to post an entry on the eve of my birthday, but unfortunately our internet connection made a scene by taking a night off which made my siblings and I sleep early :)) The birthday greetings that I received through text when the clock stroke 12 did not wake me up. My good friend LA’s phone call after an hour of sleeping reminded me that it’s already my birthday! :))

After an 8 hour sleep that I’ve been longing for almost 3 weeks already, I woke up to our maid’s voice saying “Ma’am gising na po si Ia”. I could’ve slept longer but I wanted to accomplish a lot on my birthday. My Mom greeted me with a kiss and asked me to wait a little longer before eating. The thought of my Mom cooking excites me every time so I patiently waited.

My first surprise for the day was from my Sister! 🙂

Having a sister who knows me well leaves my closet very happy! :))

It’s so cute that my sister and my Dad surprised me on my seat at our dining table! :))

Upon turning my plate, I saw this note! 🙂 Awww <3 <3 <3

I know I have yet to earn the title “Chef”. But my Dad calling me that, reminds me of his love and support to my decisions..every time.

I readied myself for a delighting spaghetti indulgence! We all love my Lola’s spaghetti, and I’m glad that my Mom can cook it just like how her. We would always ask them to cook that every time there’s a celebration.

But mine seemed to be rather special cause my Mom really made an effort by making this delicious lunch for us.

Her first pesto was really a smash hit! I swear, it tasted like she’s been doing it for years already! Her plating did not surprise me cause it wasn’t the first time that she experimented in the kitchen. I remember her cooking korma and couscous one night, a memorable dinner for my tummy indeed 🙂 <3

I am seriously craving for her pesto NOW!!!

I am not saying hese because she’s my Mom, but I swear she surprises us with her cooking every time! 🙂

My Dad knows I love shrimps so he asked my Mom to cook some for lunch 🙂

I swear I can finish a kilo of shrimps in one sitting! 😐 :))

My Dad fancies giving his favorite ladies a bouquet of really beautiful flowers! I swear, my Dad can choose his flowers well!

I am not fond of receiving flowers, I’d rather have a box of chocolates than a bouquet of flowers. But,receiving it from the perfect man made me realize that I wouldn’t have it any other way! 🙂

My family surprised me with 21 pink balloons! <3

So cuuuuute! I really love balloons! <3 🙂 <3 🙂 <3 🙂

And as if the surprises earlier were not enough…

I received 9 mini cakes from Sinfully by Makati Shang during our dinner! 🙂

They ordered all of the flavors for me to try..and for them to indulge with. Hahaha :))

With my family’s efforts and sweetness,it’s hard not to say these words! 🙂

The grateful birthday girl 🙂 <3

Now 21,



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