Hello, 21!


Sometimes I feel like I have a death sentence with the way I live my life nowadays. Knowing that I won’t get to spend and celebrate my 22nd birthday with my family already saddens me so I promised myself that I should make my 21st memorable. I am fortunate to have a family who shares the same sentiments in regards to this. They made me feel like I am the only birthday girl on November 29.

After an 8 hour sleep that I’ve been longing for almost 3 weeks already, I woke up to our maid’s voice saying “Ma’am gising na po si Ia”. I could’ve slept longer but I wanted to accomplish a lot on my birthday. My Mom greeted me with a kiss and asked me to wait a little longer before eating. The thought of my Mom cooking excites me every time so I patiently waited.

My first surprise was from my Sister! 🙂

Having a sister who knows me well leaves my closet very happy! :))

This note was under my plate. Definitely the cutest thing ever!!! <3

I know I have yet to earn the title “Chef”. My Dad calling me that is a great reminder that he will always love and support me.

We all love my Lola’s spaghetti, and I’m glad that my Mom can cook it just like her. We always expect that on our “special days” so I was already waiting for a big plate of delicious spaghetti. To my delight, my Mama cooked something different and special for me <3

Her first pesto was really a smash hit! I swear, it tasted like she’s been doing it for years already! Her plating did not surprise me cause it wasn’t the first time that she experimented in the kitchen. I remember her cooking korma and couscous one night, a memorable dinner for my tummy indeed 🙂 <3

I am seriously craving for her pesto NOW!!!

My Dad knows I love shrimp so he woke up early to go to the market so we can have the freshest steamed shrimp for brunch.

My Dad picks the best bouquets. I am not a “flower” kind of girl, I would rather get a box of chocolates. My Dad is the exception.

My family surprised me with 21 pink balloons! <3

And as if the surprises earlier were not enough…

I received 9 mini cakes from Sinfully by Makati Shang during our dinner. They ordered all of the flavors for me to try..and for them to help me finish everything. lol

With my family’s efforts and sweetness,it’s hard not to say these words! 🙂

The grateful birthday girl 🙂 <3

Now 21,


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