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Girls Night Out in Manila

Adding another year to our age is like adding another reason for us to get busier. I was used to seeing my girlfriends ALL THE TIME for the past n years since we are all working now, it’s a challenge to find time to meet. Before, the only thing that’s stopping us from seeing each other is our different schedules in school. Fast forward to now, we are career women who have to go through hoops and loops just to have coffee.


Anyway, here are some snippets with my girls since September! 😀




We use different cutesy mugs every time my girls and I eat here at home.

Feeling picnic style dinner

D and Z


Tostitos + Tomatoes = my favorite!!



Popcorn my love!!!

Bian’s first burn!

Sorry Bi!! My camera is no the kind of camera that you would like to use in events like this..nonetheless, glad to witness your awesome performance that night!! 🙂

The very proud family of Bian!! <3

Mother and I

Jho and Bi

Guess who’s older?

You already Gelay, red lips <3

Hi :))

Just because I cannot tolerate smoking. HAHAHA

Did this to Zion’s cigs!!

Butterfinger shake!!Aaaah very very yummmy!!

Photobooth snaps! 🙂

Happy happy happy birthday, Kang!! Hope these photos made you miss MZATC!! 🙂 Wishing you all the best in life! There’s just too much to tell about our friendship that a single post wouldn’t be enough. You are the root of my kakikayan and love for fashion! Without you..I’ll be a boring housewife lng for the rest of my life.CHOT!! I love you so much my white beach A!! <3 <3 <3 🙂


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  1. nag smoke ka ba ate? 🙂 sana wag ka po ma offend sa tanong ko po 🙂

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