Girls Night Out in Manila

Adding another year to our age is like adding another reason for us to get busier. I was used to seeing my girlfriends ALL THE TIME. Since we are all working now, it’s a challenge to find time to meet. Before, the only thing that’s stopping us from seeing each other is our different schedules in school. Fast forward to now, we are career women who have to go through hoops and loops just to have coffee.

Here are some of our adventures since September.


My sister’s class organized a party at one of the clubs in Eastwood. My girls came to support her! Just another reason why I know I have the bests.



Much needed “welch night”. We are obsessed with Welch Sparkling LOL! when we were still in high school, we would buy a bottle (or two) of Welch sparkling. We pretended it was wine because obviously, we were not allowed to drink yet!

To make things funnier, we use mugs! LOL

Picnic style dinner.

My girls <3

Tostitos + Tomatoes = my favorite!!

Cause we are over 18 and allowed to drink now! HAHA Upgrade from Welch Sparkling.

Jho’s favorite 😉

Cause we never stop eating when we are together!


Came out on a work night to support Bian’s first performance as a fire dancer!


dolled up for our high school reunion! 😛

Just because I cannot tolerate smoking. HAHAHA

Butterfinger shake made my night.

My mains! <3 We definitely love supporting each other, even if it means only getting 3 hours of sleep. Can’t wait to see my girls again!


R <3


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