Forever 21: Hey, birthday girl!

“Commit to God whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3)

Took another step towards achieving a dream next year. It still gives me the same feeling at the end of the day, you know – of wanting to fly but holding back on leaving. There’s just too much to accomplish for this goal, but what amazes me about this phase is that how God embraces me with the warmth of His guidance.

A month before my birthday, I’ve planned on pampering myself and leave my stressful workaholic mind for a while. So after my wonderful morning. I asked my Mom to go with me and spend the rest of the afternoon to relax and regale.

Kylie Minogue’s song “Get Outta My Way” is on repeat for almost a week.

So yeah, that’s my birthday song for this year 🙂 The song is uber F-U-N to the point that it can make my mind and soul dance! Also, it reminds me to be fearless and not let anything or anyone get in my way in achieving my goals and dreams.

Bruno Mars’ song “Today My Life Begins’ was my birthday song during my 20th 

I had a pretty rough year before I turned 20. The situations that I was in were unthinkable, this song helped me pick up the pieces one by one! And yeah, one of the best gifts that I received during my 20th was the realization of how blessed I am to be in pain and how I can turn things around by seeing the beauty in my life.

P.S. And yes, I’m that kind of girl. The girl who puts soundtracks in her life.

I learned to focus on myself more and learned new things that made me happy. One of which, dressing up! 🙂 Here’s what I wore for my birthday dinner with family.

Ring on the left I found at a bazaar. I am currently obsessed with double rings!! Right ring is one of my favorites that I bought from S.O.A.

Necklace: Forever21

It’s hard not o fall in love with this! I just love how classy it looks up close! 🙂

I bought this gorgeous dress from Soiree! I love how classy it is! I finally wore the pair of heels I bought in Singapore.

I am crazy in love with “nude” shades. I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it!

New hair color is a WIN!

<3 R

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