Forever21: The Wish List

Every year, I come up with a “birthday wish list”. The number of wishes corresponds with my age. Before I turned 20 last year, I’ve decided to post my wishes on Tumblr. To keep my self inspired, I posted each wish with a corresponding picture (cuuutesees!). Anyway, 14 out of the 20 “wishes came true” and I can’t wait to “work” on the other 6 until I am ready to come up with next year’s list!

I actually had a hard time completing my list. Being blessed this much and having extreme happiness made me feel that I don’t need to wish for anything anymore. Though change is inevitable and “is the only constant thing in this world” as we all say, the contentment that I am feeling is just too much for me to want something more than these. But, I have to squeeze every kaartehan in me to finish my wishlist cause I don’t want to break this tradition.. The fun thing about having a wishlist is that it reminds me of how beautiful a year has passed when I look back to it — it makes me realize how life keeps on getting better every time. 🙂

I always go “all out” on myself during my birthday month. I don’t rely my happiness on someone else cause I don’t want to get disappointed in the end. One of my birthday rituals, shop alone and treat myself like a princess.  Since I’m turning 21, I’ve decided to shop in Forever21. To my delight, they have this gift box that is so perfect for me!

I originally wanted to wear red on my birthday, but this black dress caught my attention so  I went for this instead! 🙂

One of the best treats I have given myself! 🙂

The day after..

The day after my birthday is a holiday so my siblings and I planned to go out with our parents and Lola 🙂

Before heading to Newport Mall we dropped by at my Dad’s job site in PAL to check his workers and the projects that they were working on. It was nice to see my brothers observe everything with my Dad. The sense of responsibility that they impose is something that I will always be proud of.

The best part about visiting my Dad is that I get to see airplanes and my happy place – the airport! Aaah <3 Such a beautiful scene to see..every time! 🙂

After our visit to my Dad’s job site,we headed to Newport Mall..

One of the perks of being 21 – RWM Membership. LOL

My RWS membership card 🙂

Got this during our family trip to Singapore last June 2011. My Dad was asking about a hotel room availability in RWS but they were already fully-booked. His friend was kind enough to ask him if he wants to sign-up for a free membership. My Dad took the opportunity and asked if we (my siblings and I) can sign up too. We were under-aged so I thought she was going to turn us down. LOL

Watch out for December 25 dear reader,

R <3

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