Dora wants to go out..again.

A month and a week overdue post. Yikes. :)) Since I am yearning to get out with my girlfriends since we last saw each other, I’ve decided to work on  this post today! <3 🙂

Here’s how my girlfriends and I celebrated our annual Christmas dinner 🙂

c/o Jho

We booked a room in Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. The view from our room oversees the entire vicinity of Eastwood! We all fell in love with it!

Peeping out the window reminded me of my Singapore trip with Leigh. The city lights and our hotel room made me feel that I was in Singapore.

Diane made the night extra fun by suggesting to have a “costume party” with Disney as the theme. We only had less than 24 hours to prepare for an outfit so everything that I wore was from my closet.

Diane as Minnie Mouse (A++++ for effort! Hahaha)

Chelsey was “transformed” into different characers that night.. From Pocahontas to Jasmine to Tinkerbell! Hahaha :))

c/o Diane

Me as the “modern and very maarte” Pocahontas!

c/o Chelsey

So happy that I was able to use the op that I bought over a year ago prior to this :))

Utilized my feather earring by adding it as a hair accessory.

Used animal print wedges to for that “jungle” feel Hahaha

Chicken Charlie madness! Devoured ourselves with 70 pieces of chicken from Chicken Charlie!! <3 <3 <3

My Sissy and I

Minus Jayce, Maricor and Zion 🙁

To make the night crazier we went out and “played” truth or dare!

The weird stares that we got during the night did not stop us from walking around Eastwood haha :))

c/o Jho

c/o Jho

Tumbling is something that I haven’ done since…forever! It always leads tp me doing the egg roll instead…FAIL! Hahaha

Craaaazy night indeed!

The morning after

c/o Jho

Morning swim with the girls 🙂

Bian in heels at the pool… YOU ALREADY! hahaha

<3 <3 <3

Since we only have one bathroom, my sissy and I decided to go down to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for our brunch 🙂

Hot Chocolate <3

chubby morning fezz

My favorite breakfast meal in CBTL – Eggs Benedict!

Who wouldn’t love Eggs Benedict? It is very overloaded with awesomeness!

My sissy’s breakfast set!:)

It was an AWESOME Chrismas celebration with the girls! Our sleepovers never fails to leave a mark on our hearts <3

Cheers to the best girlfriends one could ever have! <3

I love you all girls, MZATC will always be in my mater what! <3




Baguio Experience in Tagaytay pt. 2

Last post for our recent Tagaytay trip 🙂 I have to make this quick and short cause we are bound for a Sunday bonding night with the family (we will make it extra fun cause it’s my Sissy’s birthday) Heehee <3

Here are some random photos from our last day in Tagaytay (January 23,2012)

Sooooo in love with mangosteen! My Dad and I loves to munch on this nomnomnom

Ate more or less 4 kilos of mangosteen during our Tagaytay trip! Hahaha

Rowena’s choco tart! My looove <3

Rowena’s “lava” cake! 🙂

What I love Rowena’s aside from the wide array of Filipino delicacies are their desserts. Most of their desserts are not too sweet so it makes me feel less guilty (..and go for a round 2..yikes!) haha

The newly renovated Rowena’s cafe! So beautiful!! <3

Had a quick stop-over at Nuvali 🙂

Went to Rockwell after cause we felt that it was still too early to go home and say hello to realiy again #chot

Animal print dress paired with Zara heels 🙂

Hehehehe <3

Fire Lake Grill

One reason that keeps me going back to Tagaytay aside from the weather and the mix of rural and urban environment are the restaurants. The thing that I always keep in mind when dining in a restaurant in Tagaytay is that,we don’t only pay for the food, we also pay for the location and ambiance of the restaurant. Tagaytay has so much to offer when it comes to restaurants, and I see to it that I try something new (wait…don’t I always do?haha) every visit.

My Dad originally planned to take us to Antonio’s.But, unfortunately, the number that we have were out of reach. My Dad doesn’t want the uncertainty of us not having a table so he brought us to Fire Lake Grill instead. I was very excited cause love going to Cliff House! It reminds me of Ayala Hillside.

Our family was torn between 2 restaurants, Fire Lake Grill and Cafe Breton. My Dad really wants us to dine in FLG altogether but Renzo,Chella and my Mom was deeply attracted to Cafe Breton’s crepes so we had to part ways for dinner. Boo!

Very serene atmosphere 🙂

I wanted to take photos of the restaurant,especially the “semi”open-kitchen, but I was glued to my seat and the calm ambiance of the restaurant makes it hard for me to walk around with my camera! haha 🙂 #ShyGirlMuch?

Pumpkin Soup

My Dad and I had to force this down to our system. It wasn’t to our liking. There were only three soup choices: Chicken Consomme,Pumpkin Soup and Tomato Soup. I told my Dad that a bowl of thick soup would be perfect for the cold weather so the consomme was immediately crossed out to our choices. It was a battle between tomato soup and this (pumpkin soup), I love anything that has tomato so I know that the tomato soup would not fail BUT being the risk-taker that I am (and the essence of me trying something new – though pumpkin soup is not really new to my palette) I went for this..and sadly it failed us 🙁

Freshly baked bread never fails to set-up my appetite! 🙂

I convinced my Dad to help me finish my meal..bu food is a different story to my Dad. Him helping me means I should take part of his meal too! He is such a the point that it makes me faaaaat. #chot

250grams of Angus Rib-Eye (grilled medium rare – my desired doneness)with 30 grams of pan-seared Fois Gras in Red Wine and Shallot sauce with Sauteed Vegetables

The picture speaks for itself..actually it doesn’t since it did not give justice to this plate from heaven! Everything on this white plate was PEEEERFECT!

My brother Remo’s plate

250 grams of Angus Rib-Eye in herbed gravy with potato wedges and sauteed vegetables

My brother wanted his steak to be well-done but unfortunately only 1/3 was accorded to his desire and the rest was medium well.

1st batch of my share from my Dad’s plate.

My order

Braised Australian lamb shank with saffron-herb risotto lamb stock reduction with roasted garlic

It was VERY tender! The sauce was very rich and the risotto was divine! I still prefer lamb chops though! 🙂

We had to force each other to finish everything to the point that I felt my abdomen nearly bursting out of too much food consumption! Haha

Blurry shot. Chubby me. But worth keeping since I am with my Dad and the dinner was memorable!

Happy tummy!

I disliked the service though. I had to repeat myself 2-3 times to our server every time I say something,our soup spoon arrived when our soup was already lukewarm. With a restaurant like Fire Lake Grill, it deserves better servers. The 10% service charge was not justified 😐

My brother’s crepe at Cafe Breton!! (my dessert) hahaha! Chot

My parents <3 <3 <3

These babies screamed out my name when we arrived at our suite..who couldn’t resist Cheeto’s Jalapenos, Cheese Puffs, Clover Chips and Ruffles?? Whoooo??

My late night snack buddy 🙂

Can’t wait for another food indulgence with my Dad! <3 🙂



Baguio experience in Tagaytay

This is how my family and I spent our “long weekend”. We originally planned to go somewhere far than the vicinity of Tagaytay,but since time was against us AGAIN and life has just poured us with responsibilities that we had to attend to, we had to cancel one night and spend it on Tagaytay instead.

When I was younger, I wouldn’t understand why my parents would plan out-of-town trips when they feel like it,I would always be the snitty daughter who would opt to say at the hotel room when my siblings were swimming (teenage years).Until I’ve started working (and yes,it was just recently when I’ve started realizing the joy of out-of-town trips with the family). I would spend my weekends at work wishing that I am somewhere far or relaxing with the family,and when an opportunity opened up, I did no think twice on grabbing it.

Listening to Sunday Morning on a Sunday Morning. Haha

First stop in Tagaytay: Mr. Moo’s

I love fresh goat’s milk! I don’t like drinking milk,my Dad would always tell me that he is scared for me that my bones might be too weak for the lack of calcium. Scared me a little bit so I consume it with my cereals. It was until my Dad and I went to Tiendesitas and found this store who sells goat’s milk, I tried it and fell in love instantly. My Dad was too happy that he even attempted to buy a dozen for me (glad I was able to stop him!)

Their bottle is sooo cute!

If it weren’t for the Jollibee drive thru that we had 20 minutes prior to this, I would’ve tried their creme brulee and panna cotta 😐

We felt like we were in Baguio because of the cold weather and the location of our unit! We were surrounded by beautiful huge trees and the architecture of the units reminded me of Camp John Hay,specially Manor!

Some blurry pictures of our suite! 🙂

Shared this room with my siblings 🙂

My brother Renzo played with my camera and took some random photos. I’m glad he took a shot of the beautiful view from our room! 🙂


Do not forget me! 😛

R <3

Christmas Spirit on Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Truth be told, the only thing that excites me about this celebration is receiving tikoy. Though we have a Chinese bloodline,our lifestyle is nothing like it. Studying in a Chinese school (where all I can really remember was the way my Chinese teacher cusses me for doing anything not related to her class) was the only recognition to this heritage.

Anyway,here’s another backlog. Since we are celebrating a holiday today, I’ve decided to post a holiday entry from last year. One thing that hypes the month of December is he shopping streak that my family and I engage ourselves to. December is such a busy month,especially to my Dad! We try not to plan any family trip on that month cause we’ll end up getting disappointed because of last minute changes due to my Dad’s schedule. We try not to, but we still end up planning something “just in case” yeah, the former always happens – last minute changes hence cancellations!

Memorable dinner in Teriyaki Boy because of the conversation that my Dad and I had.

One thing that I love about my Dad is that he does not expect too much from us. He gives the best of the best to us but does not expect anything in return. He is the most generous person that I know so I see to it that he gets all he love,time and care that he does not need to ask for every time. Telling him that I’ll accompany him puts this overwhelming joy on his face,and I love seeing it. It warms my heart every time,to see him light up and say how happy he is to work and spend time with me or his family both at the same time.

Every year, I help him buy gifts for the people that are associated with his business. And booooy,I just love every minute of it! We spend long hours away from home, looking for the perfect gift for each person. I always end up wanting to keep everything that he buys for them so it’s no easy task 😛 Also, it has been a tradition that I open every present that my parents receive during Christmas! Lol

We love shopping in Duty Free! Lots of great finds and super hassle free! 🙂

Duty Free makes every balikbayan made each balikbayan feel the Christmas spirit! Beautiful lights and a choir <3

Here are some of my favorite finds from our Christmas shopping extravaganza in Duty Free!

Grourdo’s paella pan (used this during New Year)

Microplane cutesy zester

Wilton mixing bowl

— I was very excited to use these when I got home! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happy toolbox!!

I loved these cookies when I was a kid! Especially the apple pie! nomnomnom

Scored an iPhone case in Mac at Duty Free!

We had dinner in Dampa. I remember my Dad bringing us there once in a while when we were sill younger, and I would love the feeling of eating with the sound of airplanes taking off. It’s been years since we last ate in Dampa Paranaque,and dear it has changed already. The restaurant that we always go to has a different owner already and the choices of seafood were too limited!

We headed to Newport o watch Ghost Protocol! We all love Tom Cruise!! As expected, our eyes were all glued to the screen. I find Mission Impossible 3 better though because of Michelle Monaghan – fan girl right here!

At the beautiful Christmas tree in Newport! 🙂

Lace on lace. –wore a lace blazer and Jeffrey Campbell inspired lace shoes. 🙂

Top: SeventhStreet

Skirt: Forever21 (so in love with this skirt!!)

I look like I cried a bucket of tears when I got out of the movie house! Yikes.

So delighted to see Vila del Conte in Newport! I would always buy my Dad and I a small bag of their heavenly praline balls in Greenbelt! So delicious!! 🙂 <3

How was your long weekend,everyone?

R <3

SumoSam Greenbelt

One of my dream jobs is to work in a breakfast diner. I’ve always wanted to make pancakes, french toasts and fry eggs all day. I want to do a lot, I even aspire to be a  Starbucks barista and a babysitter. These are just some of the weird facts about me. People often laugh at me when they hear this. They think I am joking, but truthfully is more for the experience. These are not lifetime goals I always tell them. Sometimes, I think about being restricted to doing 1 job for the rest of my life and it honestly makes me feel like I am going to waste a lot of my time here on earth not exploring my options.

Anyway, my family and I went out on Friday. It is the best reward after a long week. My Dad told us to pick a restaurant in Greenbelt. For some reason, we ended up eating “dinner” twice because we got to the mall pretty early and decided to have “light” snack which my brothers obviously doesn’t understand.

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Cebu: Dessert Factory


Since just celebrated the Sinulog Festival a few days ago, I’ve decided to share an experience during my stay there last summer.

I went to Ayala Mall on my first Friday in Cebu. I was feeling a bit depressed and lonely already at that time. Depressed cause I miss living with my family and the “easy-breezy” life that I have back home, and lonely cause I miss being surrounded by anything urbane. Don’t get me wrong, I am a city girl (and will always be) so this lifestyle is very new to me. Living in a rural place where wearing heels is like wearing red for a funeral, and where the population of goats and cows are higher than the vehicles makes me somehow feel dejected. I lived in Lapu-Lapu, where SM and Ayala are almost an hour away. and almost everything is brown and green, so get the picture.

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Texas Roadhouse Grill (Philippines)

So where do I begin? I currently lost in translation — or at least that’s what my body wants me to say. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than okay. I am just exhausted, preoccupied and too overwhelmed. The only thing that reminded me that my sanity is still intact was the bowl of extra-crunch cereal that I had earlier. I don’t understand why I am “extra” snitty lately, I’m exaggerating by thinking that this is post PMS. Lol — sooo I feel like I just wasted 2 minutes of your time by typing something that does not make sense…like really.

Anyway, here’s what transpired during our recent Saturday family time.

Crossing the street of Bonifacio Highstreet with a lot of people made me feel like my family and I were in Singapore once again! Street lights, obedient people following the traffic lights and a serene environment.

My brother Remo picked Texas Roadhouse Grill. He loves american food — I blame Food Network! lol Continue reading “Texas Roadhouse Grill (Philippines)”

Food for the Soul: Peach Melba Bars and Chicken Con Chili

Hello, dolls!! So I spent my day in the kitchen yesterday. There’s nothing like cooking for my family and making them try something new. My parents are very simple when it comes to food so I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I am experimenting in our kitchen because if they don’t like it, I will end up eating everything! lol But really… it’s sometimes hard to please traditionalists.

I prefer having fruits as my snack than junk food. I try to pair my fruits with anything. Peach is definitely one of my favorites, so my Dad and I make sure that we have a bottle or two stocked up in our refrigerator every week (fresh peach is not easy to get in the Philippines. Often times they are overripe or just way too expensive). One of the brands that we’ve tried is Kirkland. Unfortunately, it is not to our liking. The tartness of the peaches was dominant and a bit mushy compared to Dole’s, Del Monte’s and this Chinese brand (my favorite) that we usually buy. To add to our observation, Kirkland’s syrup was too sweet and thick. I don’t want to put it to waste so I decided to do use it for something other than snacking. The first that came to my mind was Peach Melba.

Peach Melba is a classic French dessert. Consisting of: peaches,raspberries and vanilla ice cream. I wanted to challenge myself by trying a new recipe so after an hour of researching, I finally found the perfect recipe for my peaches – Peach Melba Bars.

40th minute in the oven.

Peach Melba Bar with Raspberry Sauce and Merry Moo’s Quezo De Bola Ice Cream Continue reading “Food for the Soul: Peach Melba Bars and Chicken Con Chili”

365 days of blog lovin’

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. Yaaaay! 🙂 <3 Before I share how happy I am of being able to stick to this blog and update it regularly, I will blab about our recent dinner in Burgoo, Powerplant before it turns into a “long-overdue-post” again! 😛

This was one of the best family days ever! Very laid back and full of fun! 🙂 Delicious food really makes our family tighter! haha 🙂

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Romulo’s Cafe

Hello, dolls! So I’ve been away for a couple of months for my internship so I wasn’t able to keep up on the stuff that I wanted to share here on my blog. One of which is my post about my Mom’s 42nd birthday at Romulo’s Cafe. 

We picked Romulo’s because it’s close to our house and also, it has an interesting concept. Whenever we pass by the parking lot is full so we knew it’s the perfect restaurant to celebrate my Mom’s birthday.

My Dad never fails to give my Mom flowers for special days like her birthday.

Romulo’s is situated in Quezon City. It’s not hard to miss because there are lots of cars parked outside all the time. Continue reading “Romulo’s Cafe”

Christmas 2011

One thing that I look forward to (just like all of you) every year is Christmas. Don’t you just love how it’s at the end of the year and just a few days away from starting a new year? It might not make sense to you, but really, I love how meaningful the closeness of the time is for me!


I spent my morning doing last minute errands again. I fancy going to the grocery during the holidays, don’t ask why! It’s actually not ideal because it is VERY busy. I guess it’s the fact that I see families together and the purpose of why we are all there — to celebrate the best time of the year!

When I saw mascarpone at the cheese station, I decided to make tiramisu. I never made it at home so I was pretty nervous and excited about the outcome. I watched Gordon Ramsay’s video on Youtube like a million times to prepare myself! lol

I haven’t tried Valor yet. But since it has 70% cocoa, I’ve decided to go for this.

Dark chocolate blends perfectly with the flavor of the rest of the ingredients for tiramisu, especially when the cocoa percentage is around this number 🙂

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YEAR 2012

I still feel the same until now. 🙂 Continue reading “YEAR 2012”