YEAR 2012

I still feel the same until now. 🙂

Posted this on Tumblr. Photo is not mine 🙂

The last day of 2011 for me was craaaazy! I was so busy that I even forgot to eat. Yikes! Fun and worth it are the words that can perfectly describe how my day went before welcoming 2012.

A silly (but awesome) idea hit me while grocery shopping with my family – to assemble a chocolate tower!

We used gold chocolates to resemble the tradition of “luck” in welcoming a new year! 🙂

Here are the chocolates that we used:

Ferrero Rocher for the top.

Violet Kisses: Dark Chocolate

Gold Kisses: Almonds

Gold and Violet was the color motif of our tower! 🙂

Reeses’s and Hershey’s Nuggets

Gold Coins from Aji Ichiban and Goya

All of these are chocolates!! 🙂

My sissy helped me in assembling this tower! Took us an hour and a half to finish it!! 🙂

I originally planned to use my gold cupcake tower, but my Mom gave it to her friend so I had to improvise. I used baking pans and the cardboard from the tissue rolls.

My sister painted it with gold spray paint to make it look presentable :))

The outcome really made us happy!

Now we just need someone to help us finish all the chocolates! lol

Proud of our masterpiece.

Ordered Queso de Bola w/ Fiesta Ham from Merry Moo!! It was tooo good!!!

The first thing that I did when I woke up that morning was to bake!! I really wanted to do it the day before but my family and I went out so I had to cancel my baking plans.

Made 2rounds and 16 mini cheesecakes! Whew. My sister helped me by shaping the mangoes into balls and in designing the minis 🙂

So happy with the outcome of my cheesecake!! 🙂

I also cooked paella for our entire family.

White Chocolate fondue <3

Just like when we were younger, my sister and I decided to wear matching outfits.


We welcome every New Year with a bang! Literally. Super loud firecrackers and beautiful fireworks!

Nothing can ever beat spending the holidays with loved ones.I know for sure that 2012 will be amazing and life changing! I loved 2011, it was way more than I hoped for.

Happy 2012 everyone! 🙂

Lovin’ life each day,

R <3

6 thoughts on “YEAR 2012

  1. Your cheesecake looks delicious…I wanted to make one also..can you teach me how?
    is it a no bake cheesecake? Happy New Year…

  2. hello,still an avid follower..
    love the pix love the food and
    love the choice of words..
    family bonding is an A ok for me..
    though i starve after i saw the pix..
    amazing..simply amazing..

    1. Thank you thank you thank you very much po,Tita Analyn! It really warms my heart every time you say such <3 🙂 God bless to you and your family po! 🙂

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