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Since “Page 5 of 366” is trending on Twitter, I’ve decided to use that as the title of this entry. Haha 🙂

Today is worth remembering,definitely one for the books. Once again,my heart is overflowing with joy.It’s like Christmas and New Year’s eve combined. I know I’ve been using the words “blessed/blessing , amazed/amazing” A LOT. But,there’s just too much to be grateful about each day and the least that I can do for Him is to share and inspire others by sharing how he touches my life everyday — either by words or through actions.

Nothing can be more exciting than the miracles of life 🙂 ♥ Let your soul walk with Him each day and every goodness of the heart will follow! 🙂 #MidnightThoughts

I posted that last night,cause that’t what I feel everyday ever since I’ve surrendered my entire heart and soul to Him. One gift that I offered to him when I’ve decided to be a better person was to submit to him. And believe me when I say that it has been and will always be the best decision ever. Blessings has been pouring over me since then. Every pain is being enveloped with pure happiness. Happiness that is enough for me not to worry about any endeavor that will come my way. Happiness that can make every pain and suffering bearable.

I like to visit the past once in a while.It reminds me of how blessed I am right now,and how amazing my life will be in the future. The past reminds me of how life gets better with Him.

I walked through memory lane today,and these are the stuff that I realized and was reminded with:

1. Miracles happen through Him. Life alone is a miracle,but it is not the only miracle that he shows us. Getting over pain and being extremely happy is a miracle. Walk with God and he’ll tell you why I am saying this 🙂

2.I’ve finally came up with a list of the blessings that I value the most: Family; faith ; life ; time ; curiosity..and my heels! #chot

3. I don’t know if this goes to all of us,but to me,curiosity goes hand in hand with passion ; inspiration and motivation. Our mind translates the words from our hearts. Curiosity helps me: know my passion ; find my inspirations and keep me motivated.

4. A person that is beautiful inside and out will never let anyone suffer.No matter what the other person’s role is in her life.

5. True success comes to those who truly work hard for it. Hard work comes from passion and faith. Without these,you are just cheating on yourself.

6. Lastly,today, I was reminded on how I fabricate stories to my Dad just to cover up my sneaky deed of commuting. Hahahaha. Funny how I was too eager to try every public ride before. You’ll never learn if you don’t try.

Talking to people that reminds me of how blessed I am is a gift. Meeting people who inspires me is a blessing.

Don’t you just love life?

R <3


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