Mama’s 42nd Birthday

This is a loooong overdue post (and I have piles of folders yet to publish dated 6-8 months ago *yikes). If it wasn’t for my second visit in Blue Water Day Spa, I wouldn’t be “working” on this entry :))

Anyway.. here’s how we celebrated my Mom’s 42nd birthday last October 7,2011. Refreshing my memory from the past once again! 🙂

Flowers for Mama from Daddy 🙂

I made dinner reservations in Romulo’s for her birthday 🙂

One thing that I love about Romulo’s is their lounge. Very posh! 🙂

Romulo’s has different dining areas.

I am so glad that the General Manager showed me the private rooms when I went there a few days before my Mom’s birthday.

Unfortunately..all rooms were already reserved so we had to make a table reservation instead.

Chick Flick

My siblings and I loved their signature mocktails! 🙂

This one’s my favorite! 🙂 Milkshake in a martini glass!


Banana Milkshake

c/o Renzo

Pomelo Salad

I felt like I was having dessert and appetizer both at the same time. Loved how the strawberry vinaigrette blended with the subtle flavors of pomelo and the greens 🙂

c/o Chella

Ensaladang Filipino

Ensaladang Filipino never fails each Filipino dining table whether for breakfast,lunch,dinner or merienda! 

c/o Chella

Tito Greg’s Kare-Kare

I swear, Romulo’s and LJC’ group’s Kare-Kare is at the highest point of my favorite Filipino dishes of all time!! This was beyond great!

Pancit Puti

My Dad was quite hesitant about this because it lacks sauce BUT this dish was such a revelation that up until now he can’t stop raving on how simple yet very flavorful this dish turned out to be! 🙂 A must try definitely!

c/o Chella

Bagoong Rice

Just because I love bagoong rice!

c/o Chella

Flying Tilapia with 3 sauces

My brothers loved this! It goes perfectly with the Ensaladang Filipino 🙂

c/o Renzo

Bagnet Pakbet

Our table wouldn’t be complete with a vegetable so we ordered Renzo’s favorite vegetable dish — pakbet.

c/o Renzo


My Dad misses my late grandmother’s callos everyday! So glad he loved Romulo’s callos 🙂

Remo and Klariz

Mama with Lolo and Daddy



For dessert, we decided to go to Bubble Tea since it was nearby

Oreo Cheesecake

Matcha Green Tea Cake

Taro Milktea <3 <3 <3

Klariz and Remo’s birthday gift to Mama — Estrell’s caramel cake! 🙂

A must on every birthday! 🙂

I treated my Mom in Blue Water Day Spa as my birthday gift to her 🙂

We both had a relaxing and serene time in Blue Water Day Spa 🙂




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