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365 days of blog lovin’

Today is the 1st year of my WordPress site. Yaaaay! 🙂 <3 Before I share how happy I am of being able to stick to this blog and update it regularly, I will blab about our recent dinner in Burgoo, Powerplant first before it can rot and turn into a “long-overdue-post” again! 😛 So much for backlogs! I should really keep up with time and keep my phase in posting (one thing that I should work on before my second year in WordPress heehee).

My siblings and I in Burgoo 🙂

This was one of the best family days ever! Very laid back and full of fun! 🙂 Delicious food really makes our family tighter! haha 🙂

Daddy and I <3 🙂

Burgoo Stew

We all loved this 🙂

The level of sweetness is a bit above of the regular tomato based stews BUT it’s perfect for young families 🙂

Seafood Caesar Supreme

This was so gooood!!! Will keep ordering this in Burgoo!

Four Seasons

Chocolate and Strawberry Milkshake

Chella and Renzo’s 🙂 Both heavenly!! nomnomnom

Boneless Buffalo Chicken

Very tender and not too tart 🙂

Supreme Sampler


I love them equally! Dipped my food alternately in these. Hahaha

Shrimps and Ribs Platter

Huge platter of awesomeness! It was so bountiful that the 6 of us called it quits instead and opted to have the leftovers wrapped :))

Thumbs up to Burgoo for serving my Dad’s extra order of celery with ice! The freshness and crisp was preserved 🙂

I can’ really remember anything that we did not like from the dishes that we ordered. Everything is just too delicious and delighting for our family dinner. Comfort food at its finest indeed!

What I wore:

Top: Forever 21 | Overused bandage skirt from Zara | Wedge from SO! Fab

I made some minor revamps on my page to commemorate the first year of my WordPress! 🙂 One of which is to change my header! I remember listing down those words in class and going home immediately to put up a decent header. I’ve already dwelt with those words and kept them in my memory box. Since it’s a new year, I will challenge myself with more exciting stuff and new words to live by! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who has been viewing my page! Those page views and comments really inspires me to update this site 🙂

To more and more and more blog posts,

R <3


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