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I’m a movie junkie and an avid series watcher. I spend most of my time watching flicks or episodes. And no, I don’t just sit like a pig while watching. I can watch while doing some important stuff –whether I’m burning some cals,plotting on my planner or doing whatever I have to do on my laptop and at home.

Since I am deeply corrupted with thoughts of the movies/series that I have watched lately, I can’t squeeze any words out of my warped my mind as of the moment. So what better way to clear my mind? Talk about it and let it out.

This movie has opened a new idea and goal for me. After watching this movie, I found myself eating up my own words of  not wanting to go to India (don’t ask me why). The movie is so rich in flavors literally that made me want to fly in to India immediately and learn intensively about spices! I am actually in search for an authentic Indian spice house here in Metro Manila.

One of the movies that touched my sensitive heart was Love Actually. Same plot as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

Love Actually and Valentine’s Day is better than New Year’s Eve. Liam Neeson was so adorbs and so is Hugh Grant!!

I am not here to convince you or write a review about these movies. I just want to unleash the fan girl in me! Haha #chos

Julian McMahon of Nip Tuck!

I am now at the boring part where Michelle enters the scene and makes every episode rated R and so is Matt’s annoying pathetic decisions since S01E01!!

Gordon Ramsay.. need I say more? Really!


I updated my “Hello,Stranger” page today! Yay 🙂

Check it! http://riannagalvez.wordpress.com/about/




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