Sugar, spice, and a pinch of GLAM

Made this lovely dessert yesterday – 1.11.12

I prefer having fruits as my snack than junk food.I eat it with my cereals,pancake or anything that I can pair it with.Peaches is at highest point of the fruits that I love, so my Dad and I makes sure that we have a bottle or two stocked up in our refrigerator every week. One of the brands that we’ve tried is Kirkland. Unfortunately, it is not to our liking. The tartness of the peaches were dominant and a bit mushy compared to Dole’s, Del Monte’s and this Chinese brand (my favorite) that we usually buy. Plus, Kirkland’s syrup were too sweet and thick. I don’t want to put it to waste so I decided to do something about it. First that came to my mind was Peach Melba.

Peach Melba is a classic French dessert. Consisting of: peaches,raspberries and vanilla ice cream. I wanted to challenge myself by trying a new recipe so after an hour of researching, I’ve finally found the perfect recipe for my peaches – Peach Melba Bars.

40th minute in the oven.

Peach Melba Bar with Raspberry Sauce and Merry Moo’s Quezo De Bola Ice Cream

I made some minor adjustments to the recipe that I used:

 I reduced the amount of sugar by 20% and substituted it with the peaches’ syrup (I don’t have anything to do with the syrup so I’ve decided to use it plus to add more peachy flavor)

It turned out really lovely! The tartness of the peaches compliments the flavor of the raspberry and the saltiness of the ice cream balances the sweetness of the bar! What makes it lovelier is the crunch in every bite because of the almonds! Yum

And of course! I had to let the most honest “critics” that I know give the verdict to this baby – my Dad and my favorite Uncle.

They both loved it and finished one plate immediately! Yaaay!

And no, they don’t sugarcoat.


The Mistress of Spices is still on my mind and so is India! I have a bag of Tostitos waiting to be massacred and I don’t want to eat it as is so I thought of a way to “spice” it up. “Tomato and spices” are the ingredients that I wanted to use and first that came to my mind? Chili con Carne!!

Though Chili con Carne is not a staple from India,it uses various spices so I still felt like I was a costumer of Tilo from TMOS who just bought a bag of  spices from her Spice Bazaar. Anyway, Chili Con Carne traditionally uses ground beef BUT since I am very maarte, I used ground chicken instead.

I know how I want my chili to taste like. I love chili con carne and it disappoints me when it lacks flavor and spice! 

I wanted to make it “extra hot”. Bu since it was my first time to do this, I can’t take that risk “yet”.

I was very happy with the outcome! Spicy and very flavorful! My kind of chili definitely 🙂

My Dad liked it as well. Yay!

Will wait for my Uncle’s feedback tomorrow!! 🙂


I don’t get everything right on the first try.Trying a new recipe is a hit or miss thing. But when I “hit” it, it really warms my heart and motivates me more 🙂

Nothing can be more amazing than doing what I love and sharing it with the people I love! 🙂 <3


So yeah, I find it very weird that every time I write a kitchen entry I feel like all this snippets about my life draws into my entire being and translates into words. Vague but whatever. All I’m trying to say is that…I’ll be ending this entry with “grateful” words again! <3

1. Unwrapped another gift from above yesterday. Such a precious blessing to be gifted with TIME 🙂

2. My favorite Uncle gives me “brownie points” every time I do something great in the kitchen. He is like my Dad, a food lover – very particular with flavor, presentation and texture! Home cooked or not it has to be according to their standards. Receiving good feed backs from him every time I make him taste my food leaves me overwhelmed every single time. What I love when he talks to me is that he sounds like my Dad – proud and happy. And that’s what I want them to feel, to be proud of what I have become. Receiving brownie points from him is just a bonus. Having an amazing Uncle is a blessing indeed!

3. Fixing papers for the “life that awaits for me” gives me chills and excitement. THIS IS IT! Aaaah.

It’s the weekend again!! Yaaay!!




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