One of those days

So where do I begin?I am out of words and currently lost in translation — or at least that’s what my body wants me to say. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than okay. I am just exhausted, preoccupied and too glad. The only thing that reminded me that my sanity is still intact was the extra-crunchy cereals that I had earlier. I don’t understand why I am “extra” snitty lately, I’m exaggerating by thinking that this is post PMS. Lol

Anyway, here’s what transpired during our recent Saturday Family time 🙂

Crossing the street of Bonifacio Highstreet with a lot of people made me feel like my family and I was in Singapore once again! Street lights, obedient people following the traffic lights and a serene environment! Take me back to Singapore!!

My brother Remo chose to dine in Texas Roadhouse Grill.

I love dining in Western restaurants with my family! The ambiance is homey and the food is always comforting 🙂

Was seated beside the grilling station.

Dining in a restaurant with an open kitchen is always fun! 😉

Bar station.

Complimentary peanuts!:)

The pale amused me! Very rustic 😉

Roadhouse Lite Salad

We love shrimps on our salad so I ordered extra grilled shrimps for this! The blue cheese dressing was very light and perfect for the fully-loaded salad! 😉

Will order this forever!! LOL

Seafood Basket

No words but nomnomnom

Texas Quesadilla

Meatball Pasta

Sauce was a bit too sweet but I did not mind it cause the pasta was al dente! Haha

The Baby Back Ribs

One thing that will always be present on our table when dining in a restaurant like this – ribs! My brother’s favorite! 🙂

Ol Texas Burger

El Paso Fajitas Chicken

My brother ordered additional grilled shrimps for our fajitas! Creamy mashed potato = yum!

We did not ordered much cause we all  know we are bound to Mercato 😉 But all in all, it was a great dining experience! 😉

We had almost 3 hours to kill before the Midnight Mercato so we spent it wisely…by shopping! Lol ;))

Blurry picture c/o my brother Renzo

Mama and I in Mercato! 🙂


Mio Gelati’s truck! <3

Pistachio gelato <3 <3 <3

All of us were teasing Renzo cause he chose alcoholic flavors! He has been consuming a lot of alcohol lately. Yay or nay? Just as long its in moderation we will let him be. :))

Another blurry picture c/o my brother Renzo

My Sissy and I 😉

Black cover up: Topshop

Tube top: F&H

White Jeans: Zara

The shameful mirror shot! Lmao. My Dad and I had a brief conversation about him wanting to buy me a better camera. He observed that I have been taking lots of food shots lately whether at home or when we dine out. THING IS, I don’t want him to buy it for me. I’ve been planning to buy myself another camera since last year but up until now I haven’t “really” decided which to get! I do not want a DSLR. It’s too high maintenance for me. I have to make up my mind fast before my Dad insists to pay it for me..again! So yeah, less blurry and shameful shots..soon?;)




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