Texas Roadhouse Grill (Philippines)

So where do I begin? I currently lost in translation — or at least that’s what my body wants me to say. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than okay. I am just exhausted, preoccupied and too overwhelmed. The only thing that reminded me that my sanity is still intact was the bowl of extra-crunch cereal that I had earlier. I don’t understand why I am “extra” snitty lately, I’m exaggerating by thinking that this is post PMS. Lol — sooo I feel like I just wasted 2 minutes of your time by typing something that does not make sense…like really.

Anyway, here’s what transpired during our recent Saturday family time.

Crossing the street of Bonifacio Highstreet with a lot of people made me feel like my family and I were in Singapore once again! Street lights, obedient people following the traffic lights and a serene environment.

My brother Remo picked Texas Roadhouse Grill. He loves american food — I blame Food Network! lol

Western vibes all the way! Felt like we left Manila for the night.

The bar is stocked with lots of goodies! 

Complimentary peanuts!:)

Roadhouse Lite Salad

We love shrimp on our salad so I ordered an extra serving of grilled shrimp! The blue cheese dressing was very light and perfect for the fully-loaded salad! 😉

Will definitely order this again.

Seafood Basket

No words but nomnomnom

Texas Quesadilla

Meatball Pasta

The sauce was a bit too sweet which means a lot because traditional Filipino spaghetti sauce is sweet so we are used to it.

The Baby Back Ribs

One thing that will always be present on our table when dining in a restaurant like this – ribs! My brother’s favorite! 🙂

Ol Texas Burger

El Paso Fajitas Chicken

We had a great experience at Texas Roadhouse. Service was great and the food was exceptional


We went to Mercato after shopping — we always leave room for midnight snacks or dessert on weekends! 😛

Got so excited when I saw Mia Gelato’s truck!

Pistachio gelato <3 <3 <3

What happens when I ask my brother to take pictures of us… 😐

Black cover-up: Topshop

Tube top: F&H

White Jeans: Zara

The shameful mirror shot! Lmao. My Dad and I had a brief conversation about him wanting to buy me a better camera. He observed that I have been taking lots of food shots lately whether at home or when we dine out. THING IS, I don’t want him to buy it for me. I’ve been planning to buy myself another camera since last year but until now, I haven’t “really” decided which one to get! I do not want a DSLR (yet). It’s too high maintenance for me. I have to make up my mind fast before my Dad insists to pay for it..again! So yeah, less blurry and shameful shots..soon?;)



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