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Since just celebrated the Sinulog Festival a few days ago, I’ve decided to share an experience during my stay there last summer.

I went to Ayala Mall on my first Friday in Cebu. I was feeling a bit depressed and lonely already at that time. Depressed cause I miss living with my family and the “easy-breezy” life that I have back home, and lonely cause I miss being surrounded by anything urbane. Don’t get me wrong, I am a city girl (and will always be) so this lifestyle is very new to me. Living in a rural place where wearing heels is like wearing red for a funeral, and where the population of goats and cows are higher than the vehicles makes me somehow feel dejected. I lived in Lapu-Lapu, where SM and Ayala are almost an hour away. and almost everything is brown and green, so get the picture.

Had dinner with a friend in Dessert Factory. One of the poshest restaurants in Ayala Cebu! I loved the whole interior of the restaurant. I tend to order a lot when I get too excited and amused! Entering into Dessert Factory made me feel that I was in Manila, so I savored every minute of it by indulging in food.

I sometimes prefer to have my dessert as my first course. Everything sounded delicious so I ordered 4. I couldn’t remember anything that did not satisfy my sweet tooth. 🙂 nomnomnom

3 drinks for me, and 1 for my friend. Lol

Chicken Parmigiana 

Wrong move! This made me miss home terribly! I remember when my Mom learned how to cook chicken parmigiana, she was so excited to make us try it. The look on her face when we told her we all loved it was priceless.

My friend ordered this giant burrito. It was okay — nothing special. I think this is something you could skip when visiting Dessert Factory.

The menu said bibimbap but I actually this is bulgogi. 😛

Cream of Corn Soup

Chicken Quesadilla

Our second best quesadilla in Cebu! 🙂


The desserts were really good! In case you were wondering if we finished everything…. we almost did! I have half portions of the cake in my fridge right now but the drinks, I was able to finish. We had a great experience and we will definitely go back again 🙂



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