Cebu: Dessert Factory


Since Cebu has just celebrated the Sinulog Festival a few days ago, I’ve decided to post something during my stay in Cebu last summer.

I spent my first Friday in Cebu by going to Ayala Mall..for the first time! I was feeling a bit depressed and lonely already at that time. Depressed cause I miss living with my family and the “easy-breezy” life that I have back home,and lonely cause I miss being surrounded by anything urbane. Don’t get me wrong, I am a City girl (and will always be). Living in a rural place where wearing heels is like wearing red in a funeral,and where the population of goats and cows are higher than the vehicles is a bit dejecting for me. I lived in Lapu-lapu,where SM and Ayala is almost an hour away and almost everything is brown and green,so get the picture.

Had dinner with a friend in Dessert Factory. One of the most posh restaurants in Ayala Cebu! I loved the whole interior of the restaurant 😉

I tend to order a lot when I get too excited and amused! Entering in Dessert Factory made me feel that I was in Manila, so I’ve savored every minute of it by indulging with food.

I sometimes prefer to have my dessert as my first course. Everything looks delicious so I ordered 4. I couldn’t remember anything that did not satisfy my sweet tooth. 🙂 nomnomnom

3 drinks for me,and 1 for my friend. Lol

Just for the sake of eating something “healthy” for dinner! Haha

Chicken parmigiana – wrong move! This made me miss home terribly! Mama’s chicken parmigiana tastes better!

When I returned to Manila from Cebu, I asked my Mom to cook this for dinner. It made me feel that I was definitely home..not dreaming or something!

My friend’s burito. blaaah HAHA


Chicken Quesadilla – our second best quesadilla in Cebu! 🙂


So yeah, basically I’ve just defined what gluttony is in photos and lame captions.




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