Pancakes and strawberries on my mind.

One of my dream jobs is to work in a breakfast diner. I want to make pancakes,french toasts and fry eggs all day. I want to do a lot, I even aspire to be a  Starbucks barista and a baby sitter. These are just some of the weird facts about me. Before you conclude anything irrational, these are at the bottom of my list, the bigger visions are better left unpublished for now 😉

Anyway, here’s how my family and I spent our Friday last week 🙂

Pre-dinner with ze parents and mi brother Renzo at Mary Grace while waiting for Remo,Chella and Klariz 🙂

Peach Iced Tea and Sangria

Seafood Chowder

Tasty and comforting BUT where’s the “seafood”?

Grilled Ensaymada

Dining in Mary Grace wouldn’t be complete without a plate (or two) of grilled ensaymada and grilled cheese roll 😉

Prawn Salad with Mango Papaya Vinaigrette

Had to send this back cause the size of the greens seemed like it was just harvested. I would’ve let it pass,but the fact that it was warm did not give justice to it. I prefer having my salad chilled.

Loved the vinaigrette though the amount of toppings couldn’t suffice to the huge serving of greens.

Fili Beef and Grilled Tomato

My brother’s sandwich. The beef was overcooked (period)

Headed to Sumosam after an hour of strolling.

Sumosam,John & Yoko, and Mr. Kurosawa is under one company. I’ve already dined in the 3 restaurants,and their rolls always disappoints me so I skipped the sushi’s on the menu.

California Maki Salad

Loved this! Had to order another batch of kani and mangoes to make it more refreshing 🙂

Oysters with Bacon and Spinach

My Dad loves crustaceans! A must on our table every time it’s on the menu 🙂

Oyster with a savory flavor..yum!

Oyster Tepan

“nothing special”

Chicken Teriyaki

forever mi love!

Back Ribs

Brother’s favorite

Bacon Kani

Sweet and savory. Should’ve ordered the bacon wrapped dory instead 😛

Shrimp Tempura

What is a japanese dinner without a tempura, right?:)

Southcoast Gindara

A bit overcooked but the sauce saved the bad doneness of the fish.

Seafood Yakisoba

A must order when dining in Sumosam, Mr. Kurosawa or John & Yoko!!! <3

New babies!! 🙂 I love buying kitchen tools!! It makes me a happy kid <3




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