Christmas Spirit on Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Truth be told, the only thing that excites me about this celebration is receiving tikoy. Though we have a Chinese bloodline,our lifestyle is nothing like it. Studying in a Chinese school (where all I can really remember was the way my Chinese teacher cusses me for doing anything not related to her class) was the only recognition to this heritage.

Anyway,here’s another backlog. Since we are celebrating a holiday today, I’ve decided to post a holiday entry from last year. One thing that hypes the month of December is he shopping streak that my family and I engage ourselves to. December is such a busy month,especially to my Dad! We try not to plan any family trip on that month cause we’ll end up getting disappointed because of last minute changes due to my Dad’s schedule. We try not to, but we still end up planning something “just in case” yeah, the former always happens – last minute changes hence cancellations!

Memorable dinner in Teriyaki Boy because of the conversation that my Dad and I had.

One thing that I love about my Dad is that he does not expect too much from us. He gives the best of the best to us but does not expect anything in return. He is the most generous person that I know so I see to it that he gets all he love,time and care that he does not need to ask for every time. Telling him that I’ll accompany him puts this overwhelming joy on his face,and I love seeing it. It warms my heart every time,to see him light up and say how happy he is to work and spend time with me or his family both at the same time.

Every year, I help him buy gifts for the people that are associated with his business. And booooy,I just love every minute of it! We spend long hours away from home, looking for the perfect gift for each person. I always end up wanting to keep everything that he buys for them so it’s no easy task 😛 Also, it has been a tradition that I open every present that my parents receive during Christmas! Lol

We love shopping in Duty Free! Lots of great finds and super hassle free! 🙂

Duty Free makes every balikbayan made each balikbayan feel the Christmas spirit! Beautiful lights and a choir <3

Here are some of my favorite finds from our Christmas shopping extravaganza in Duty Free!

Grourdo’s paella pan (used this during New Year)

Microplane cutesy zester

Wilton mixing bowl

— I was very excited to use these when I got home! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Happy toolbox!!

I loved these cookies when I was a kid! Especially the apple pie! nomnomnom

Scored an iPhone case in Mac at Duty Free!

We had dinner in Dampa. I remember my Dad bringing us there once in a while when we were sill younger, and I would love the feeling of eating with the sound of airplanes taking off. It’s been years since we last ate in Dampa Paranaque,and dear it has changed already. The restaurant that we always go to has a different owner already and the choices of seafood were too limited!

We headed to Newport o watch Ghost Protocol! We all love Tom Cruise!! As expected, our eyes were all glued to the screen. I find Mission Impossible 3 better though because of Michelle Monaghan – fan girl right here!

At the beautiful Christmas tree in Newport! 🙂

Lace on lace. –wore a lace blazer and Jeffrey Campbell inspired lace shoes. 🙂

Top: SeventhStreet

Skirt: Forever21 (so in love with this skirt!!)

I look like I cried a bucket of tears when I got out of the movie house! Yikes.

So delighted to see Vila del Conte in Newport! I would always buy my Dad and I a small bag of their heavenly praline balls in Greenbelt! So delicious!! 🙂 <3

How was your long weekend,everyone?

R <3

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