Dora wants to go out..again.

A month and a week overdue post. Yikes. :)) Since I am yearning to get out with my girlfriends since we last saw each other, I’ve decided to work on  this post today! <3 🙂

Here’s how my girlfriends and I celebrated our annual Christmas dinner 🙂

c/o Jho

We booked a room in Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. The view from our room oversees the entire vicinity of Eastwood! We all fell in love with it!

Peeping out the window reminded me of my Singapore trip with Leigh. The city lights and our hotel room made me feel that I was in Singapore.

Diane made the night extra fun by suggesting to have a “costume party” with Disney as the theme. We only had less than 24 hours to prepare for an outfit so everything that I wore was from my closet.

Diane as Minnie Mouse (A++++ for effort! Hahaha)

Chelsey was “transformed” into different characers that night.. From Pocahontas to Jasmine to Tinkerbell! Hahaha :))

c/o Diane

Me as the “modern and very maarte” Pocahontas!

c/o Chelsey

So happy that I was able to use the op that I bought over a year ago prior to this :))

Utilized my feather earring by adding it as a hair accessory.

Used animal print wedges to for that “jungle” feel Hahaha

Chicken Charlie madness! Devoured ourselves with 70 pieces of chicken from Chicken Charlie!! <3 <3 <3

My Sissy and I

Minus Jayce, Maricor and Zion 🙁

To make the night crazier we went out and “played” truth or dare!

The weird stares that we got during the night did not stop us from walking around Eastwood haha :))

c/o Jho

c/o Jho

Tumbling is something that I haven’ done since…forever! It always leads tp me doing the egg roll instead…FAIL! Hahaha

Craaaazy night indeed!

The morning after

c/o Jho

Morning swim with the girls 🙂

Bian in heels at the pool… YOU ALREADY! hahaha

<3 <3 <3

Since we only have one bathroom, my sissy and I decided to go down to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for our brunch 🙂

Hot Chocolate <3

chubby morning fezz

My favorite breakfast meal in CBTL – Eggs Benedict!

Who wouldn’t love Eggs Benedict? It is very overloaded with awesomeness!

My sissy’s breakfast set!:)

It was an AWESOME Chrismas celebration with the girls! Our sleepovers never fails to leave a mark on our hearts <3

Cheers to the best girlfriends one could ever have! <3

I love you all girls, MZATC will always be in my mater what! <3



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