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Sweet(er) Celebration in Cafe Breton <3

My family and I went to Cafe Breton to make the sweetest day of the year sweeter. Since my parents and I were 2 hours late in picking up my sister from UST, we made her choose where to eat. For someone who is not really into “food” slash picky eater, Cafe Breton is the perfect place to go to. 🙂

Disclaimer: Most of the photos looks grainy and a dark. I was playing with my camera that day and forgot how to put it back to its normal state resulting to me resetting it. Haha :)) Noob.

Cafe Breton has a “country” style interior! Very laid back and warm 🙂

Vanilla Shake x Chocolate Shake x Mango Shake

Chella’s Crepe: Nutella x Vanilla Ice Cream x Condensed Milk

No one can ever go wrong with Nutella! 🙂 Free chocolate heart since it was Valentine’s Day 🙂

 Salad Bretonne

Since my parents and I were still full from our sumptuous lunch at Villa Cafe, We decided to go for something light.

I love mangoes and shrimp on salads! It goes well with the light flavor of the greens 🙂

Chicken Run

Open-faced sandwich served with salad. I love how this meal is smothered with veggies!The chicken was a bit dry though 🙁

Renzo’s Galette Americain

Sunny-side up egg x Beef Patty x Mushroom Sauce x Mushrooms x Tomato Provencal

The mushroom sauce was not cooked through. It was a bit grainy because of the flour. Eek 😐

Renzo’s Mango Crepe with Bubblegum Ice Cream and Raspberry Sauce

Klariz/Remo’s: Sausage in a Bun

Klariz/Remo’s Breton Mozzarella Burger


Since the night was still young, we headed to Bubble Tea for some milk tea fix.

Hot Matcha Milk Tea with Egg Pudding on the side for me! 🙂

Caution: Crazy slash A-face photos below :)) 

My Sissy and I played with our brother’s Jeje A-face on Daddy’s iPad! :)))))

Whahahahahaha one of our many favorites! Still makes me LMAO!! :)))

“He’s everywhere” “behind ze flowers”

Yummy revel bar? :))))))))

So happy that my brother and Klariz spent the day with us! 🙂

Parentals <3


Valentine’s Dinner Outfit

Wore red x floral skirt to radiate with the sweet air of LOVE <3

Borrowed this red top from my Mom 🙂

Paired it with my floral skirt from Zara 🙂

ANNOYING hand shot lol :)) “Pang-asar” according to my sister! :))

Red x Black accessories! 🙂


Just a few more days…mixed emotions 😐

R <3


Sweet is an understatement.

Valentine’s for me is a family day.  Valentine’s wouldn’t be “Valentine’s” if I don’t get to eat out with them. My Dad and my sister are the usual Vday givers. Fort his year, here are the things that they did.

Baked Red Velvet Cupcakes 🙂

Would you believe that it was my first time to actually decorate my cupcakes with picture-worthy frosting? I’ve always sucked at decorating pastries! I don’t know why but my ideas just couldn’t connect with my hands beautifully! =))) I was VERY VERY VERY elated when I was finally able to do this! I couldn’t let the joyous moment pass without taking photos! Haha 🙂

Daddy’s card for Mama 🙂 How cute is my Dad? Haha 🙂

c/o Mama

I’ll be Daddy’s baby forever!!! <3 🙂

Long-stemmed roses 🙂

c/o Mama

3 bouquets of roses for his 3 ladies 🙂 <3

Yellow bouquet for my Mom and pink bouquets for my Sissy and I! 🙂

And yeah…he calls himself COBRA!! 😐 :))))))))

I woke up that day with flowers and red balloons on our dining table! My Dad made sure that he would accomplish everything before we all wake up! 🙂 <3  I want my Dad to surprise me on Valentine’s day FOREVER! Him only. Just him would be enough! :)) Hahaha

My Dad is the BEST when it comes to surprises! He really knows how to get into someone’s heart! No wonder he is very blessed! He has the most generous heart that I know and he never fails to make everyone around him smile!

My Sister slept really late for this! <3 🙂

This made our Parents hearts really happy! 🙂

Since it was the day of LOVE, I wore my “Amour” ring during lunch! 🙂

Spread the LOVE!

R <3

100th Post: Valentine’s lunch date in Villa Cafe

Say hello to my 100th post here on WordPress! Yay <3 I am very glad that I am abiding by my words last year of sticking to this blog “forever” #OA.

Anyway, here’s the first part of my Valentine’s day for the year of 2012. 🙂

I am not the kind of person who looks forward to Valentine’s day, I celebrate it but I don’t get too excited. Maybe because of the lack of fascination and adornment that I find when it comes to receiving flowers (?), or MAYBE I am just not really into the whole idea of how couples nowadays feel that making Valentine’s day special is an obligation. I have felt this way ever since, even when I was still committed to someone #SoHindiAmpalayaBreakfastKoOkay? :))

The day of hearts fell on a Tuesday – a school day. So I had my parents for the whole afternoon. I brought them to Villa Cafe and treated them on a lovely lunch date 🙂

Villa Cafe is a bantam restaurant located in Makati. Chef Sau del Rosario was one of the great minds behind this Kapampangan restaurant, so I know it would not disappoint 🙂 #FanGirlModeOn

It’s hard not to fall in love with this restaurant, from the open kitchen, scrumptious menu, up to the very calming and lovely interiors.

The personal touch in every corner of the restaurant makes it lovelier and very homey.

I don’t have any photos of the open kitchen. Boo 🙁

Tinapa Pate 

My Dad and I loved this! The smokey flavor of the tinapa was very strong which made us finish this in minutes! 🙂

Since my Mom was not feeling well, she started with a hot cup of Caffe Latte. 

They used tablea and muscovado. No wonder my Mom loved this so much! 🙂

Mango Lassi

Yogurt blended drink = LOVE!

Native Chicken Sale

Warming up our stomach with a hot thin soup! 🙂

We did not expect it to be this huge.. Actually, Villa Cafe’s servings are good enough to share with 2-3 people. Something that you will not expect because the prices were inexpensive! It’s really hard not to come back to this awesome restaurant.

Anyway,the flavor of the lemongrass made this soup very warming and fresh. The chicken was very tender and soup was very light. Yum

Fresh Pacu and Prawn Salad with Coconut Vinaigrette

We were quite disappointed with this. The fern leaves that was served to us were not fresh anymore 🙁 The coconut vinaigrette was very tasty though! 🙂

Chicken Galantine

I’m glad I ordered this! This is a must order! Super AAAAHMAZING! <3 <3 <3

Daddy’s must order – Callos 

Baked Oysters x Fresh Oysters

My Dad went crazy and indulged with these oysters from Aklan.

Quick Tip: When you want FRESH and MOUTHWATERING oysters, go here at around 2PM. That’s when the oysters get there straight from Aklan! 🙂 My Dad is an oyster lover and has ordered from lots of different restaurants already, and he said that Villa Cafe has the best oysters in the Metro!  🙂

Daddy and his wine

Pandan Sansrival

This was really smooth and velvety! So addicting!!! <3

Homemade Cashew Tart

Villa Cafe’s second floor 🙂

It was really fulfilling to treat my parents for a lunch date. My Dad is really the perfect food trip buddy! 🙂

Relaxing here in Baguio,

R <3

Bangkok on my mind

Bangkok was my inspiration on this outfit. I love how comfy and light this whole look is!I just want to wear it over and over again.. hahaha :))  I wore this during the 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta – my last post about that weekend trip with the family 🙂

Decided to tuck in the vest 🙂

Vest from Forever21

Say Hi to my swollen face 🙁 Molar Extraction is such a pain in the…face!

Paired my lace shorts with a lace bag <3

Since it was a pre-Valentine celebration with the family, I wore my “LOVE” double rings 🙂 The other one’s not in the picture #Obviously

One of my favorite necklaces from Accessorize!!!

My dogtag! 🙂

I love everything that is written on it! 🙂

The last part is what I aspire to be! I am working on that 4 letter word already…working hard to be one! I would love to achieve that before I get married!! Hahaha

This was taken at home already.

I wore flats during the event since it would be really uncomfortable if I wear heels.

Lace Shorts x Lace Bag x Lace Shoes

..and yes, I’m that addicted to anything laceeeey! Heehee <3


Moving on to a different view,

R <3

Aling Lucing

02.12.2012: Dinner – 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Continuation

We left the event before the fireworks, the bipolar weather made it hard for the balloons to take off the ground 🙁 One thing that I was really excied about this trip was going back to Aling Lucing’s.

Aling Lucing is very famous for their sisig. It is a quaint restaurant – carinderia in Pampanga tha is worth the long trip!

We arrived there at around 6:30PM and most of their food are almost sold out! If it weren’t because of my parents’ convincing “skills” we wouldn’t have gotten a plate of grilled chicken and 4 servings of sisig! (The sisig got sold out after we ordered)

Wish I was there when Anthony Bourdain paid a visit to Aling Lucing’s! How awesome is it to have a foreign Chef visit a local restaurant? Much more a restaurant that is not located in the Metro! Just WOW – and yeah that’s how good Aling Lucing’s sisig is! Even Anthony Bourdain said so 😛

I love pairing grilled Filipino food with tomatoes,grilled eggplant and shrimp paste (bagoong)

Their “side dish combo” served with buro.

DISCLAIMER: All of my food shots suck! Don’t ask me why but they just do 🙁 

The best sisig I have ever tasted (so far). No seasonings nor egg needed!

We all loved how tender and grilled perfectly the chicken was! Nom nom nom

We ended our trip with a simple dinner! Dining in Aling Lucing makes our family trip worth remembering because of the local fare that we had. It made us all feel the essence of going on an “out of town trip”. <3


Discovered a new drink from Fruitas when we stopped-over the gasoline station! Melon yogurt drink mi new paboritooo! =))

One week to go 🙁

R <3

Less flying, More smiles.

02.12.12 – 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (Part 2)

This will be one of those posts where I hope to make sense towards the end of the entry. My head is floating in some place far (again)

Cutesyyyy! Our “picnik” mat 🙂

Some people took photos of our mat :)) Adorbs :))

Personalized dogtags for all of us!! 🙂

I love dogtags!! Simple with a touch of swag! 🙂

Got amused by the forms! They were very military-ish haha

Renzo’s = BORING


Kept laughing at him cause he look like a gangster with his gold dogtag!! :))

Got really happy when I saw a FroYo booth! Perfect for the sunny afternoon and my aching gums 🙂

The portalets stinks! It was so gross!!It smelled like pigs peed on them!! So funny cause I saw my brother about to barf already!! :))

How unfortunate for the Shakey’s truck because they were beside the stink-bombs! LMAO

There were a lot of people in line to get in the premises of the aircrafts! I was so lucky because these kindhearted gentlemen let me and my brother get in the side entrance! Less hassle, more photos! :))

Ze jejemon in his small abode :))

My Dad being cute and funny :))

Piggy Back Ride — LITERALLY! Hahaha

Remo and Klariz <3

Last Sunday in Manila this 2011 🙁

R <3

First Timers

02.12.2012 – 17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga (Part 1)

The main reason why we decided to spend our weekend outside Manila was this festival. It was our first time to attend and I am glad that we have another memory to cherish as a family 🙂 We drove down to Clark, Pampanga after checking out in Subic 🙂 I was the last one to wake up (lol) so as a result no brunch for me!! :))

There were a lot of people (and garbage) #CantGetOver

Remo and his girlfriend Klariz with the huge Canon SLR! Haha 🙂

I really really find this photo cute!! 🙂

First food for the day! Snow Cone!! 🙂

I was addicted to snow cone when I was in Cebu! Unfortunately, snow cones here in the metro always disappoints me! The ice in Cebu’s snow cones are finer 🙁

Renzo’s snow cone!

Grape flavored snow cone! 🙂 My favorite flavor! 🙂

Snow Cone aftermath! LOL

My Mom and Jollibee (Daddy) HAHAHA :))


Had Jollibee for lunch! 🙂 here were a lot of stalls but the choices were limited! 🙁 It was already in the afternoon when we saw the tent of Kenneth’s Catering 🙁 We should’ve ate there instead! The lines in Shakey’s Jollibee, Yellow Cab and Burger King were CRAZY!

How cute are these vintage bicycles? Me likey! 🙂

Heading out with the fambam again,

R <3

17th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

02.12.2012: Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark, Pampanga

Here’s a photo diary of my favorite photos from our memorable family day in Clark, Pampanga 🙂

Watching kids fly their kites reminded me of how my Dad and my Uncle would take us to the park and show us how to fly a kite 🙂

Love this photo of my sister 🙂 I love how the kites look like they are flying over her head. :))

Marriage proposal to a girl names “Ellan” (?)

Seeing these air crafts took my entire soul straight to cloud 9! <3


My sister’s hands! 🙂 haha

c/o Chella

There were a lo of people and cameras in front of us! :))

Photos by my sister 🙂



The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is an event that Filipinos look forward to every February – specially family and couples. It was our family’s first time to attend and it was indeed memorable. BUT what will really pull this event down in the future is not the weather, but rather the lack of cleanliness in the whole location. There were garbage everywhere,NO CLEAN SPOT AT ALL! It’s really disappointing how irresponsible people can be when it comes to throwing their trash/es! The photos above were just 2 of the eyesores during the affair and it really pissed me off every time I see someone throw their junk so easily on the ground. There should be more and organized disposals next year! Roaming around with wastes on the ground makes the experience less fun 🙁 SERIOUSLY!

TV Patroler – Bayan Mo, Patrol Mo #Chot,

R <3

Red + Animal Print

Last post for our 02.18.2012-Subic trip! 🙂 I always wear something comfy when we go on a trip, sitting for hours is already tiring, I don’t want to be too exhausted because of too much uneasiness #youknow :))

My sissy testing ze camera for portraits :))

After our lunch in Lagoon 🙂

Wore the cutesy wedges that my Mom bought for me immediately! 😛

blue + reddish accessories 😛

Wore one of my favorite necklaces from DIVA! <3 So sad it’s starting tarnish already 🙁

Top: Topshop

Animal Print Shorts: Random Brand

Animal Print shades from Cotton On/ Rubi 🙂


Today was AMAZING! Thank you, Lord! 🙂



Subic: Southern Flair in Texas Joe’s House of Ribs

For our dinner in Subic last 02.11.2012, we once again pigged out with some Southern flair! 🙂 Texas Joes has one of the most inviting exteriors along Subic Bay. The whole restaurant screams of “Indiana Jones”, from the menu to the servers’ uniform. The only lacking to this restaurant is some vibrant music that will really set up the mood of the guests 🙂

The interior of the restaurant speaks for the name itself! 🙂 I love restaurants that are beautifully designed! 🙂

It is not unusual to me to start my meal with a dessert! Why wait,right?:)

Chocolate Cream Pie

This was AWESOME! Very light and creamy! NOMNOMNOM

The restaurant has a low yellow lighting,so all of my phoos during our dinner were very yellow! Glad I “played” with my camera and discovered some cool features such as quick retouching/editing! Yay! 🙂

Iced Coffee

They serve the milk and syrup on the side. Nice! 🙂

We always love to start off fresh! 🙂

Nothing really special, but plus points for serving all ingredients fresh! 🙂

c/o Renzo

Chicken Quesadilla

Will definitely order this again and again and again! 🙂 The chicken was tender and they were very generous with the cheese! 🙂

Buffalo Bites

My brother Remo ordered this, but I had to finish it cause it was too hot for the rest of our family! 🙁

I liked how tender the chicken was and how the hotness overpowers the tangy flavor of the dish 🙂

Since everyone was very excited to dig in, I was only able to take photos from afar 🙁 Please appreciate my labeling! (HAHAHA)

We had 2 sets of this enormous meat set! 🙂 I forgot what it’s called (don’t hate me please LOL) But it was a plate full of awesomeness! Tender grilled steak, very flavorful pork ribs and a beautifully grilled and seasoned chicken! 🙂

I swear I did not mind my aching gums, I couldn’t resist these!! 😛 Everything becomes more perfect with sour cream + Pico De Gallo!! <3 OMGGG drooling right now!! 🙂

A huge slab of their house ribs! 🙂 Just because my brother loves pork ribs very much!

We ordered corn bread (no picture) and this – banana conrmeal bread as some of our sides! 🙂

Plus points for serving it warm! 🙂

What also makes our TJ dining experience memorable was their sauces! Smothering my food with their sauces makes every pain (gum pain) worth it! 🙂 <3

Hahahaha! Daddy’s favorite pose :p

Remo’s future figure 😛

Pool table near the entrance! Makes the ambiance scream of “fun”.

We always end our meal with Korean Ice Cream when in Subic!! <3 <3 <3

Shin Mart is our to-go place for Korean Ice Creams! <3

SHV at night 🙂

*Still trying to learn how to use my camera haha

All that my Dad and I could do was to laugh at him when he fell… HAHAHA

3 Korean Ice Creams for ze pig!


4 posts to go before this weekend is over!

R <3

Subic: Lunch in Lagoon

02.11.2012: Lunch

One thing that we couldn’t miss every time we are in Subic is having lunch in Lagoon. There’s nothing not to love about the restaurant – the location, ambiance and the food are really commendable! We do not mind the slightly slow service because the freshness and serene environment makes up for it.

A group of Korean kiddos were fishing while we were having lunch! They cheered every time they catch a fish – cuteness overload!!

Starting off my meal with something cold again 🙂 — Melon Shake <3

Chella’s Chocolate Shake! 🙂


A Filipino favorite! 🙂 The sauce was sweet and flavorful!This is perfectly paired with shrimp paste but unfortunately I couldn’t consume it because of my wound! 🙁

Grilled Squid

I love grilled squid! Lagoon grills it perfectly every time 🙂 Tender + well-seasoned!

Goat Adobo

This was really good #daw! My Dad and Remo loved this very much! I would’ve chowed down half of dish if it weren’t because of my aching gums 🙁 I love eating goat, and this one’s really painful to miss 🙁


This was too acrid than the usual buro that my Dad and I usually other in other restaurants. Will not order this again even if it’s enticing 🙁

Fried Calamari

Beautifully deep fried 🙂 Tender and crunchy that it made us go for a round 2! 🙂

Baked Mussels

The cheese was seasoned with cinnamon for added flavor. Our table had mixed reactions towards this.

Tortang Talong

I really liked how fluffy and soft it was 🙂 It was not massacred with too much ground meat which makes me love it more! 🙂

The only solid food that I ordered! 🙁 Tomatoes + roasted eggplants will always be my favorite Filipino side dishes! 🙂

Such a dismay not to order anything other than this and the melon shake 🙁 #MolarExtractionSucks

Sizzling Sisig

Remo and Klariz <3

Remo played with ze NikonP7100 during the trip! 🙂 I really love it when my siblings borrow it! Makes me feel that my my money’s worth it! 🙂

c/o Remo

c/o Remo

Mama c/o Remo

I love carnivals! They are very festive and full of colors!! <3 <3 <3

We ended our afternoon by grabbing some Korean Ice Cream!! A must when we are in Subic! <3

Next Stop: Dinner 🙂

Happy Hearts Day! 🙂 ,

R <3

Weekend on the road

Life has been continuously amazing to me since I came back from Cebu last year! 🙂 I never ran out of stories to tell (which makes my desktop an epitome of backlogs) because every weekend has been truly amazing and memorable for me 🙂

Last Saturday (02.11.2012), my family and I drove to Subic for a weekend trip. I couldn’t translate into words how glad my entire soul was during the trip 🙂

02.11.2012: Breakfast

My Dad loves having breakfast in Cafe France (former Dulcinea) when heading North, and this gets me excited every time! I love how stop-overs in the express way makes me feel that I am really on a road trip! 🙂

It was a beautiful morning! The sun shines beautifully while we were having breakfast – something that I love about life 🙂 Breakfast + Sun <3

02.11.2012 – Number 11 🙂 #SorryButItMadeSenseToMe hahaha! :))

Favorite number of my bestfriend and I!! <3

Having something really cold every morning is something that I have gotten used to since my molar extraction! 🙂

Grape Shake <3

I am still having a hard time chewing, I always end up in pain every time I do so. I keep the “chewing” minimal by consuming small amount of solid food in a day.

Spinach and Mushroom Quiche – I love ordering Cafe France’s quiche every time I’ll be departing in NAIA 2 or 3 🙂

c/0 Chella

Bacon & Eggs Breakfast Set

Breakfast Deluxe

Chicken Macaroni Salad

While the rest of my family enjoyed their respective breakfast meals, I’ve devoured myself with fresh fruits and orange juice (hoping that the viamins in those would help speed up the healing of my wound lol )

c/o Chella

c/o Chella

Mama and I couldn’t resist the quirky shoe store! <3 Bought these wedges for such a steal price!!! <3

We always stay in Subic Holiday Villas every time we are in Subic! 🙂 We used to stay in Legenda when we were younger but the system and service changed as time went by. 🙁

It’s quite disappointing though that the room that was reserved for us was not fully prepped when we arrived (maybe because we checked-in really early – ? ). The homey atmosphere and convenience of the location of the hotel made us one of their regular guests 🙂

Next stop: Lunch in Lagoon 🙂 Stay with me, will you?:)

Happy Hearts day in advance,

R <3


I really don’t know if I could end this entry with sense,my head is floating because of the 1 hour sleep that I am embracing today,plus my body is so relaxed here in Subic. But, my thoughts are overflowing that it screams to be published.

Wag ka maarte, take it”.Were the words that reminds me of how glad my heart was yesterday (02.10.2012) So yeah even my Dad used the “arte” word on me! Haha. I don’t know what hit me but I suddenly had second thoughts if I’ll be buying a new camera yesterday. I was keeping myself busy in my room when suddenly my Dad entered “like a boss” and handed me some moolah. I had to convince him big time for him to take his money back cause I just couldn’t let him shed off some moolah for something that I don’t necessarily need. He has payed for almost everything that I own, and  I really want this camera to be out of my pocket so I just couldn’t take it. My heart really melted when my Dad told me that I deserve a better camera for my food shots. Once again, he made me feel that he supports everything that I love. Such a perfect Dad!!

I was torn between Canon G12 and this, Nikon Coolpix P7100

I do not want a DSLR cause I feel that it’s too high maintenance for me and I am a “digi-cam girl”. Plus, if you have known me for more than a year, you would know that I am not the kind of person who could take care of her gadgets well,and handling a bulky unit would only make me lazy to bring it around and use it.

Fate made my decision making easier by making Canon G12 out of stock that day! Haha. I felt that this camera model was really meant for me! <3

I am glad that all of my siblings loved this camera too! I love it when they borrow it from me and take random photos! My brother Remo who is not really amused by taking photos surprised me a while ago by “playing” with it! 🙂

I am really grateful that my Dad never said “no” to me every time I tell him I want something especially a gadget. In return, I make sure that I have really earned his approval and the worth of his money when I ask for something grand. I don’t want to be a spoiled brat who just gets everything, I like the gratifying feeling of working hard for something and being rewarded afterwards.  Every gadget that he has given me has a story – I’m sentimental like that! Lol


It was a Friday, so we spent it just like how I want our Fridays to be – church x dinner.

I am lucky to have a Dad who loves so much! He exposed us to all sorts of food when we were still young. He would always tell us hat he wants us to experience everything that life has to offer. I am thankful that he raised us that way cause we are not picky when it comes to the restaurants that we go to,from carinederias to fine-dining restaurants.

Going to Quiapo, Manila often makes us crave for simple Chinese food or anything that would make us feel that we are in Quiapo. My Dad knows a lot of hole-in-the-wall restaurants around Metro Manila, so it’s always a fun food trip for the family every Friday!

We go to New Toho Food Center for their cashew and liver dish, one of their bestsellers and most raved about dish! 🙂

I played with my new baby as soon as we arrived in the restaurant, these are the few shots and some of the food that we ordered.

Cashew and Liver <3

Newbie shots 😐 Don’t hate me please. Lol. I am slowly learning, promise! :))

One of life’s surprise to me that day..someone tried to open my Yahoo!Mail account. I can’t believe I gave into changing my password for almost 9 years already!! 🙁

My new baby and I 😛

HAd to covery my fugly x puffy x haggard face a while ago!! 🙂

My internet connection here in Subic is really s……l……o……………..w! 🙁 Was supposed to publish this entry 4 hours ago.Yikes! 😐

Anyway, I can’t wait to go to the 17th Hot Air Ballon Festival wih the fambam in a few hours!! Yay <3 🙂

Have a happy weekend,

R <3

The bittersweet weekend.

Here’s the “sweet” part of my weekend last week. (Read about the “bitter” part here ). We spent our Saturday last week like it was 07.24.2011 again( Shopping x Chilis x Movie). I’ve realized that I was not able to blab about that day, (not that I need to LOL) I would’ve cared less but being refreshed by lovely memories makes it hard for me not to post some snippets about it,so I’ve decided to start this entry from the past.

First time I wore that dress 🙂

Dinner at Chili’s Powerplant with the family 🙂

The only food photo that I have from that night! Which explains why I did not bother on posting an entry about that day. haha

Steak x Grilled Chicken x Shrimps – One of our favorites in Chili’s 🙂

One of our silly pictures that night!

P.S. The reason why I realized about the similarities of 07.24.2011 and 02.04.2012

We ended that day by watching the second installment of Harry Potter 7!  One of the best movies EVER! I remember missing it already right after I stepped out of the movie house! 🙁


We had dinner in Chili’s Powerplant again last 02.04.2012. My family and I loves to try new restaurants every time we go out, but since we have already tried most of the restaurants in Powerplant already,we decided to dine in Chili’s again.

My new looove! The weekend bake fair in Rockwell always excites me! There are lots of good finds every week! 🙂

Chicken Quesadilla

My siblings and I love this! The onions are caramelized perfectly, not too mushy and not signs of bitterness!

I love smothering it with hot sauce, tomatoes and sour cream! YUM

We love having salad as one of our starters 🙂 Too bad I forgot to upgrade this salad with stir-fried mushrooms 🙁 It would’ve been perfect..again 😐

Grilled Pork Chops

I loved the mashed potato and gravy that comes with it!  Chili’s gravy is really perfect for their Southwestern food! )

Remo’s Oldtimer. 

He finished his meal in less than 10 minutes! Big meal for someone who has a huge appetite.. TABA!

Chicken Crispers

My boring sister ordered this. This originally comes with french fries, but since have a lot of FF left-overs every time we dine in a restaurant like Chili’s, I’ve decided to upgrade the fries to a fully-loaded mashed potatoes. It was a good move cause it was awesomely loaded with cheese and bacon! YUM!

My boring sister (again) did not like the honey-mustard  dressing that came with her meal,so I asked for a cup of hot gravy.. *totally craving for Chili’s gray NOW*

Fajita Trio

Steak x Grilled Chicken x Shrimps.. this one is very hard o resist every time we are in Chili’s! Awesome babies in one plate! YUM

Guacamole, Pico De Gallo, Sour Cream and Cheese

I love paring every meal with this! Very refreshing and add extra texture in every bite 🙂

Clams in Oyster Sauce from Banana Leaf

Stir fried Kangkong

My Dad loves Banana Leaf,so every time we are in Rockwell, he orders in from Banana Leaf wherever we are eating! 🙂

Mi parents <3

Mi Sissy and I

Wish I could say the other word that comes with this every time we kid around, but it would be too offending so I’d just settle with “wattup” HAHAHA LOL

CBTL before heading to the movie house! 🙂 Ze boys with Mudak! =))

We wanted to watch “The Darkest Hour” but there was no schedule for that movie that day. Since we all love Liam Neeson, we decided to go for this movie instead.

The movie is not something you would really enjoy with the family, but Liam Neeson gave life to it. If it was another actor, the movie will be dead in just days after it’s premiere. I had weird realizations during the movie, one of which is that I am grateful that Philippines is a tropical country. I never wished for snow to happen in the Philippines cause that’s what makes our country more special, the diversity of the weather from big countries like USA. Also, snow is something the we look forward in experiencing when we travel, having it in the Philippines will make travelling and life a little less exciting (though I know there are still lots of reasons to be excited about).


What I wore: Pink x Green/Teal x Black

Top: Seventh Sreet

Bandage Skirt: Pink Manila

I love this necklace from the Vintage Chick!

2 of my favorite rings! 🙂

L: Parfois

R: Yhansy’s

both bought in Diva, Singapore (2011)


The awesome finds:

Topshop / Topman day with the fambam! 🙂 <3 One looty for each one of us! 🙂

How amazing it is to have a shopaholic Dad! 🙂

I fell in love with this instantly! Everything about it is PERFECT! I just couldn’t look for anything else when I had my hands laid on it! Heehee <3

Just because I love bangles and gold accessories! <3 🙂

One of the best Nail polish brands!:)

Bought this for my sister..and in return (not that she has to…)

But since she is sweet like that,she bought me on of my favorite desserts of all time from Sweet Life by Ange! <3 <3 <3

One of the best coconut macaroons that I have tasted! Very gooey inded!! <3

She bought cupcakes from all of us too!

We both loved the packaging! Very Juicy Couture like! <3 🙂

Tell me how to get rid of this swollen cheek fast please?


Where art thou, Tooth Fairy?

One of the things that does not excite me about February is my molar extraction. I had one removed last night and boooy it was a whirlwind ride! I spent 3 hours on the dental chair while listening to some loud music (just so I wouldn’t hear the drilling and “pulling” HAHA). It took me a loooong time to finally set an appointment for this operation,and I am glad I made it through last night. I am blessed that my Dad has wonderful and smart sisters who held my hand during the operation. I wouldn’t have made it without a jar of tears if it weren’t for them.

It was my first time to be under anesthesia, have a tooth pulled by a Dentist (I pulled all of my teeth when I was younger LOL) and get sliced by a medical knife. I know that life has prepared me for this, if it weren’t of the pain and misfortunes that I encountered prior to this operation, I wouldn’t be brave enough to call my Aunt for an appointment.

I was psyching myself and praying throughout the operation. When “Cheater’s Dilemma” played on my playlist, I told myself that the pain that I experienced when my long-term relationship with someone ended is much more painful than the operation. It helped a lot cause all I could think about was how tormenting that was and how I got through it! Thinking about how I got through all the emotional burden that I’ve had before made me realize that I am much stronger now, that maybe, one of the reasons why I had to go through those is to realize that “I can get through anything” with strength and faith. I love how bad situations unfold to me beautifully through time, in ways that I least expect it.

Meet my impakta

It took us almost 3 hours because of this “huge” tooth! My impacted tooth’s position was horizontal or in a “punching form” aka planking position! #chot

When my Tita Susan(my Dentist) finally removed the molar,after 4-5 vials of anesthesia,and a lot of Tita Jen squeaked like I just gave birth to a baby. We were all so happy that it is finally removed! It was a strong and big tooth that it keeps on resisting and pulling back to its place every time my Aunt pulls it out! Such an exhausting operation indeed.

I saw the most horrifying face when I woke up today — my face 🙁 #SayaNaNgHaterKoNito

I look like I’ve been punched by my brother Renzo. My left cheek is 2-3x “puffier” than my right, which makes me look like I am still in Culinary school.. FAT!

I spent the day hugging my bed..and I am not liking it! I want to do a lot of stuff.. like burn some cals perhaps?

I am officially on cold soft food diet! My Mom is such a sweetheart for buying me a cup of taro FroYo and Taro Milk Tea from Cha Time this morning. Oh the joy of eating anything cold! Hence, FroYo and Gelato! <3

Lastly, I just hope this swollen face will be gone by tomorrow (keeping my faith intact) or if not, by Wednesday morning. Time is flying and there is just too much to be done! Can’t let those important stuff hang on a thread 🙁

Hoping to do a lot of stuff tomorrow,

R <3

Cebu Diary: La Delica + My day summarized

Today is such a w.e.i.r.d day. I’ve done a lot of tasks (organizing my stuff is always at the top of my routine) but I feel like I haven’t done anything for the entire day. I feel lazy to the point that I just want to stay in my bed for the entire night and watch anything that is downloaded on my laptop, but every time I do so (even for just a minute or two) I feel like I have something else to do. Aaah, what a weird weird day. Lol

Anyway, I started my day by cooking. I love jump-starting my day in the kitchen! 🙂 Will make an entry about the new recipes that I’ve tried today! 🙂

I’ve noticed that most of my perfumes are about to say their farewell to me, so before they do so, I’ve decided to “play” with them and my camera. Since it was a beautiful afternoon,and the lighting from my window is perfect.. I had a mini photo op at around 2PM this afternoon. Will post the photos soon, though as you can see from the details in the picture, I only used my point and shoot camera so I hope I gave justice to the stuff that I photographed. Haha :))

I always find weird and funny stuff on my “search engine” tab here on WordPress. One of the slightly eccentric term that I saw was “birthday greetings of rianna galvez” and “rianna galvez dress” + “rianna galvez bandage skirt”. I always get curious every time I see my name being searched on the web.

This is one of the awesome things about WordPress, the “search engine terms”.


Last Cebu ’11 entry 🙂 I am so happy to finally disclose this chapter on this blog.

Some of the realizations that I have made while talking to Him a while ago at the church was about my almost 3-month stay in Cebu. There are things that I wish I could change, but there’s no point in dwelling on the past now.I know that those mishaps will be my tool in navigating my future so I’ll just use those wisely and carefully.

I’ll end that chapter by talking about my favorite place in Cebu – La Delica 🙂

I love this place so much! From the food, staff and the ambiance! 🙂

I love spending long hours here cause it’s al fresco. I visit this restaurant 2-3 times a week when I was there and I order the same dishes every single time! :))

I am not really a “shake” person when I was younger, I would just opt for something that was not processed in the blender cause I have sensitive teeth, but afternoons in Cebu are hotter compared to Manila, so I’ve decided to refresh myself when I was in La Delica by ordering a shake.. and booooy my whole perspective about drinking shakes has changed because of their watermelon shake! Haha

The best quesadillas that I have tasted in Cebu! Mooon Cafe’s quesadilla is nothing compared to this!

I officially want to take the earliest flight going to Cebu today with the family just to eat La Delica’s Quesadilla!! Insaaaane

..and lastly, their SALSA! I will never get tired of saying that I LOVE TOMATOES! Great salsas hypes my entire being..I could eat their salsa, everyday!! Nomnomnom

I could survive in Cebu for a week just as long I have these 3 on my side! LOL =))

Happy Friday everyone…or should I say,Saturday?



February First

Today is the first day of February. As most of you are counting the days till the day of hearts, I am now officially on a plight where agony and uncertainty is shaking me while I try my best to get a grip of myself,stay strong and attract every positive energy to my soul. I know everything will unfold beautifully once I reach “certainty”.

Only a few days left until I get the most dreading result of all, but truth be told, above all these jitters and uneasiness due to over-thinking, I know that the quandary ahead of me is something that I shouldn’t worry about but rather, something that I should prepare for.

I find it a bit funny that there is only a thin line between me and my dreams,that no matter what happens I am still leaning towards to everything that I have planned and aspired for in terms to my career.

Everything was different 5 years ago, remembering the words that I have said during that time frame made me wonder..”How did I end up doing things differently?”. The plans that I have engraved to my heart and mind were the complete opposite of what I have envisioned for myself 5 years ago, BUT here I am, loving myself more than ever, complacent with the decisions that I have made and more than satisfied on how my life has turned out to be. What more can I ask for,really?

source: We Heart It

So.what happened to “I must fly with the whole family when travelling outside Asia”.

My Dad giving me the opportunity to travel alone to refresh myself and as a gift was not something that I have to think about for long, I turned it down immediately cause there could be no gratifying moment even with all the luxuries and experience if they are not there to share it with me. I’d rather wait for the perfect time to do so, just as long we are together.  I’ve traveled a couple of times outside the Philippines, it was frolic but never satisfying. I would end up ending the long day in tears because I terribly miss them, I would even get all sentimental when something beautiful comes my way. I remember being very emotional at Singapore during my trip with Leigh after purchasing a camera in Funan Mall, I just wished that my Dad was with me to guide me.

Nothing can ever beat travelling with the whole family– NOTHING. The joy of getting lost and not minding it cause you are together, experiencing a different culture together and capping a long day TOGETHER. All these has happened to me and my family every time we travel.  The experience of travelling together is priceless, supreme satisfaction indeed. Though time does not permit us all to do it every time we feel the urge to do so, I am thankful that once God frees up a schedule on the calendar for all of us, he blesses us with prime travel experience.

Though my plan this year is somewhat contradicting to what I ave said above, God knows how much this plight differs. On his book, everything is fine and will be great. Time will fly and before I know it.. I’ll be freezing every moment with my family again. <3

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