February First

Today is the first day of February. As most of you are counting the days till the day of hearts, I am now officially on a plight where agony and uncertainty is shaking me while I try my best to get a grip of myself,stay strong and attract every positive energy to my soul. I know everything will unfold beautifully once I reach “certainty”.

Only a few days left until I get the most dreading result of all, but truth be told, above all these jitters and uneasiness due to over-thinking, I know that the quandary ahead of me is something that I shouldn’t worry about but rather, something that I should prepare for.

I find it a bit funny that there is only a thin line between me and my dreams,that no matter what happens I am still leaning towards to everything that I have planned and aspired for in terms to my career.

Everything was different 5 years ago, remembering the words that I have said during that time frame made me wonder..”How did I end up doing things differently?”. The plans that I have engraved to my heart and mind were the complete opposite of what I have envisioned for myself 5 years ago, BUT here I am, loving myself more than ever, complacent with the decisions that I have made and more than satisfied on how my life has turned out to be. What more can I ask for,really?

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So.what happened to “I must fly with the whole family when travelling outside Asia”.

My Dad giving me the opportunity to travel alone to refresh myself and as a gift was not something that I have to think about for long, I turned it down immediately cause there could be no gratifying moment even with all the luxuries and experience if they are not there to share it with me. I’d rather wait for the perfect time to do so, just as long we are together.  I’ve traveled a couple of times outside the Philippines, it was frolic but never satisfying. I would end up ending the long day in tears because I terribly miss them, I would even get all sentimental when something beautiful comes my way. I remember being very emotional at Singapore during my trip with Leigh after purchasing a camera in Funan Mall, I just wished that my Dad was with me to guide me.

Nothing can ever beat travelling with the whole family– NOTHING. The joy of getting lost and not minding it cause you are together, experiencing a different culture together and capping a long day TOGETHER. All these has happened to me and my family every time we travel.  The experience of travelling together is priceless, supreme satisfaction indeed. Though time does not permit us all to do it every time we feel the urge to do so, I am thankful that once God frees up a schedule on the calendar for all of us, he blesses us with prime travel experience.

Though my plan this year is somewhat contradicting to what I ave said above, God knows how much this plight differs. On his book, everything is fine and will be great. Time will fly and before I know it.. I’ll be freezing every moment with my family again. <3

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