Cebu Diary: La Delica + My day summarized

Today is such a w.e.i.r.d day. I’ve done a lot of tasks (organizing my stuff is always at the top of my routine) but I feel like I haven’t done anything for the entire day. I feel lazy to the point that I just want to stay in my bed for the entire night and watch anything that is downloaded on my laptop, but every time I do so (even for just a minute or two) I feel like I have something else to do. Aaah, what a weird weird day. Lol

Anyway, I started my day by cooking. I love jump-starting my day in the kitchen! 🙂 Will make an entry about the new recipes that I’ve tried today! 🙂

I’ve noticed that most of my perfumes are about to say their farewell to me, so before they do so, I’ve decided to “play” with them and my camera. Since it was a beautiful afternoon,and the lighting from my window is perfect.. I had a mini photo op at around 2PM this afternoon. Will post the photos soon, though as you can see from the details in the picture, I only used my point and shoot camera so I hope I gave justice to the stuff that I photographed. Haha :))

I always find weird and funny stuff on my “search engine” tab here on WordPress. One of the slightly eccentric term that I saw was “birthday greetings of rianna galvez” and “rianna galvez dress” + “rianna galvez bandage skirt”. I always get curious every time I see my name being searched on the web.

This is one of the awesome things about WordPress, the “search engine terms”.


Last Cebu ’11 entry 🙂 I am so happy to finally disclose this chapter on this blog.

Some of the realizations that I have made while talking to Him a while ago at the church was about my almost 3-month stay in Cebu. There are things that I wish I could change, but there’s no point in dwelling on the past now.I know that those mishaps will be my tool in navigating my future so I’ll just use those wisely and carefully.

I’ll end that chapter by talking about my favorite place in Cebu – La Delica 🙂

I love this place so much! From the food, staff and the ambiance! 🙂

I love spending long hours here cause it’s al fresco. I visit this restaurant 2-3 times a week when I was there and I order the same dishes every single time! :))

I am not really a “shake” person when I was younger, I would just opt for something that was not processed in the blender cause I have sensitive teeth, but afternoons in Cebu are hotter compared to Manila, so I’ve decided to refresh myself when I was in La Delica by ordering a shake.. and booooy my whole perspective about drinking shakes has changed because of their watermelon shake! Haha

The best quesadillas that I have tasted in Cebu! Mooon Cafe’s quesadilla is nothing compared to this!

I officially want to take the earliest flight going to Cebu today with the family just to eat La Delica’s Quesadilla!! Insaaaane

..and lastly, their SALSA! I will never get tired of saying that I LOVE TOMATOES! Great salsas hypes my entire being..I could eat their salsa, everyday!! Nomnomnom

I could survive in Cebu for a week just as long I have these 3 on my side! LOL =))

Happy Friday everyone…or should I say,Saturday?



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