Where art thou, Tooth Fairy?

One of the things that does not excite me about February is my molar extraction. I had one removed last night and boooy it was a whirlwind ride! I spent 3 hours on the dental chair while listening to some loud music (just so I wouldn’t hear the drilling and “pulling” HAHA). It took me a loooong time to finally set an appointment for this operation,and I am glad I made it through last night. I am blessed that my Dad has wonderful and smart sisters who held my hand during the operation. I wouldn’t have made it without a jar of tears if it weren’t for them.

It was my first time to be under anesthesia, have a tooth pulled by a Dentist (I pulled all of my teeth when I was younger LOL) and get sliced by a medical knife. I know that life has prepared me for this, if it weren’t of the pain and misfortunes that I encountered prior to this operation, I wouldn’t be brave enough to call my Aunt for an appointment.

I was psyching myself and praying throughout the operation. When “Cheater’s Dilemma” played on my playlist, I told myself that the pain that I experienced when my long-term relationship with someone ended is much more painful than the operation. It helped a lot cause all I could think about was how tormenting that was and how I got through it! Thinking about how I got through all the emotional burden that I’ve had before made me realize that I am much stronger now, that maybe, one of the reasons why I had to go through those is to realize that “I can get through anything” with strength and faith. I love how bad situations unfold to me beautifully through time, in ways that I least expect it.

Meet my impakta

It took us almost 3 hours because of this “huge” tooth! My impacted tooth’s position was horizontal or in a “punching form” aka planking position! #chot

When my Tita Susan(my Dentist) finally removed the molar,after 4-5 vials of anesthesia,and a lot of drilling..my Tita Jen squeaked like I just gave birth to a baby. We were all so happy that it is finally removed! It was a strong and big tooth that it keeps on resisting and pulling back to its place every time my Aunt pulls it out! Such an exhausting operation indeed.

I saw the most horrifying face when I woke up today — my face 🙁 #SayaNaNgHaterKoNito

I look like I’ve been punched by my brother Renzo. My left cheek is 2-3x “puffier” than my right, which makes me look like I am still in Culinary school.. FAT!

I spent the day hugging my bed..and I am not liking it! I want to do a lot of stuff.. like burn some cals perhaps?

I am officially on cold soft food diet! My Mom is such a sweetheart for buying me a cup of taro FroYo and Taro Milk Tea from Cha Time this morning. Oh the joy of eating anything cold! Hence, FroYo and Gelato! <3

Lastly, I just hope this swollen face will be gone by tomorrow (keeping my faith intact) or if not, by Wednesday morning. Time is flying and there is just too much to be done! Can’t let those important stuff hang on a thread 🙁

Hoping to do a lot of stuff tomorrow,

R <3

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